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    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Is it just a foregone conclusion that ReyLo and Giolito are gonna suck? I love me so Rodon, and he really looked to turn a corner last year. Nova is a fine #4, and Santana, if healthy, could be a very solid #5. Bullpen could be particularly nasty if everything breaks right. Who knows, Manny B is getting some love too and if he has an Arrieta like resurgence, then the Sox could really be cooking with fire.
  2. scs787

    8/22 Games

    What is "On brand?" I've never heard that expression.
  3. scs787

    A Fake GM's Rebuild To-Do List

    I know I'll get a lot of "Jerry is too cheap" responses, but I really think they go all in on Machado. Some will say it's too early, but I see this as a Lester to the Cubs type of deal. That's the one item on my check list. If they can't land Machado then I think they really need to make a push for Arrenado the following year.....Me being a big guy, I'd love to see Burger be the guy at 3B but there's some serious doubt. I love what I've seen from Bush so far but the kid is just 18. I may also look into acquiring a CF who can be a quality leadoff guy. 1. CF 2. Machado 3B 3. Abreu 1B 4. Eloy LF 5. Palka DH 6. Avi RF 7. Moncada 2B 8. Narvaez C 9. Anderson SS Rodon-Kopech-Lopez-Gio-Stephens
  4. scs787

    White Sox vs Yankees 8.6 game thread

    It's kinda weird to say it, considering he is near the top in strikeouts, but Moncada just needs to be more aggressive. I'm not so sure that's really that difficult of an adjustment to make. I would tell him that unless it's clearly a ball I want you hacking. If you can get to it, swing at it.
  5. scs787

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    I think one things for certain, while they may not be great, this team SHOULD be a lot of fun to watch. Especially if White can do anything. 4 wide sets with Robinson and Allen on the outside with Miller(who I love) and Gabriel in the slot and Cohen coming out of the back field should create at least one favorable matchup somewhere. Then you throw in Burton and Shaheen to the mix and if Nagy is who we hope, and he can take advantage of mismatches, this offense, if healthy could be scary. I think the Bears are at the same place as the Bulls right now. Assuming health they will be at the very least a fun team to watch.
  6. scs787

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    In regards to the bulls chances of signing 2 max guys next year.... Let's say Lauri continues to develop and turns into the star a lot of people think he'll be, Lavine proves to be a good player, and WCJ looks legit..... of the 11 teams that can add 2 max players, is there a better core already in place? If Kyrie and Jimmy wanna play together, is there a better fit than Kyrie-Lavine-Butler-Lauri-Carter?