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  1. scs787

    JD Martinez

    I know history would tell us the Sox don't pay big for pitching, but is it possible thats just been circumstance? Also, when have the Sox been in this position before? I agree that it's unlikely, but I wouldn't automatically count them out.
  2. scs787

    JD Martinez

    For me it depends on how wide Jerry opens his wallet. If I had to choose between JD and Cole I'd go with Cole..... They SHOULD be able to swing both though. I'd love to see him go crazy and sign those 2 anddd Betances andddd a guy like Dickerson.
  3. I agree with that, but would you rather have Shaheen out there on a LB or Wims/Ridley on a #4 corner or safety. (While Trey is out).
  4. How often did Burton line up in the slot? I feel like he was there the vast majority of the time. With the depth at WR, wht not just run a lot of 4 wide sets with Robinson, Miller, Gabriel, Wims/Ridley?
  5. scs787

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Ron brought up Mark Kotsay in a reply to me a week or 2 ago about signing him to play 1B..... So i dont think he's serious. Would be an interesting hire though.
  6. scs787

    2019 Catch-All

    I need a suggestion for a restaurant/activities somewhere between Hammond, IN and the River North mall. Taking my girl to the Paranormal Circue and i need to kill some time before 930
  7. scs787

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Is Eloy another one of those guys? Hopefully he takes a Moncada like jump next year.
  8. Random irrelevant fact no will care about.....my fiancees sister is dating Chase Winovich of the Patriots. Def gonna try to get him to go to the wedding. Lol.
  9. scs787

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Are you putting Collins at 1B then?? Leury in the OF? Or are you adding a starting 1B, DH, and a RF(and a SP/RP) in the same offseason?
  10. scs787

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    That's probably what he's worth right now. Like I said, I'm not quite sure what to think of Collins right now. He's not really the player Robert or Madrigal are, so I'm kinda "scared" to just plug him in and hope for the best in a year they should be competing. I suppose with all the talent around him, you could live with Collins at DH and trade for one at the deadline if need be.
  11. scs787

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Eff it... Trade Collins+ for Mazara and sign Grandal 1. Robert CF 2. Madrigal 2B 3. Moncada 3B # 4. Eloy LF 5. Abreu DH 6. Grandal 1B # 7. Anderson SS 8. McCann C 9. Mazara LF *
  12. scs787

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I wish I knew what to think about Collins. I want Grandal, but i also wanna keep McCann and know Abreu will be back(the hope is Grandal agrees to play full time 1B). I feel like Collins value is probably too low to trade him for something decent enough to make it worth it while also not feeling good enough about him to rely on him as a full time 1B.
  13. Yeah, Belt seems to be a horrible suggestion. I'd rather keep Jose for 2 years. Belt even the year before had an OPS just a touch over .750. Hoping he might be more than that, when you're hoping to compete seems like a bad idea. If you completely give up on Jose, you're gonna have 1B and DH to fill, assuming Collins isnt an answer.....Finding 2 guys that will give you more than jose might prove difficult to find. Has Grandal ever played 1B? Would he take a DH role? I know he has really struggled in the 2nd half, but I'd really like to see McCann given another year to handle the young staff.
  14. Discounting OBP is just silly......OPS is my favorite measure and its nothing new age or anything like that so its easy for "non stat lovers like yourself." Right now among 1st baseman with 200 or more plate appearances, Jose is 20th in OPS. That's hard to discount. The issue right now is who do you replace him with? They apparently are not high on Collins or so it seems. The market for 1B/DH seems thin.
  15. scs787

    White Sox Winner!!

    Is it possible that Jose is just, oh idk, a streaky hitter? Its not like dude sucks until the end of the year when "There's no pressure." He's had plenty of good months pre all star break over the years. I'd have no problem moving on from him, but the alternatives don't look all that great on the open market next year either.