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  1. scs787

    Trevor Bauer updates

    Adding a SP like Bauer is gonna be such an interesting talking point for us and the front office. Giolito and Dallas are obviously locks and Dunning has been pitching his way into that conversation as well. I would have absolutely no problem with just going Cease and Kopech to round it out with Lopez being a swing guy if needed. The Sox have also discovered they have a TON of depth in the pen, especially if they ride out Crochet, so, if the injury bug really hits and a guy like Steiver still isn't ready, they can go with bullpen days if need be. Or, maybe you do trade a Cease or a Kopech for a long term solution to RF and then add a guy like Bauer.
  2. scs787


    To add to that dream, I still wanna see Cleveland play good enough or Toronto to play equally bad so the Sox can avoid Cleveland in a 3 game series vs. their rotation.
  3. scs787

    Nick Madrigal

    You got it all jumbled. In honor of the best backup QB in Bears history, Big Dick Nick, Nicky, whose unmentionables are unknown thus far, shall go by Big Stick Nick.
  4. scs787

    The George Springer Paradox

    At this point, with McCann continuing to look like the goods behind the plate, Yaz still being being here, Abreu having an MVP year, and Vaughn being on the cusp, I think the Sox need to seriously consider seeing if Vaughn can hang in RF. On paper Eloy and Vaughn on the corners sounds gross af defensively but with Robert in CF it could be passable.
  5. scs787

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Just for funsies I put money down on the Mavs to win it all. 50 bucks to win 1500... I love Luka and a more aggressive KP has been balling out....but another reason I decided to throw a little coin on them was Boban. Whyyyy does he not get more rub?? I watched that last game before the shutdown and he looked dominate! Now hes not getting any playing time. What gives? Are they saving him for the playoffs? I'll admit, I haven't watched much basketball this year, which is why I added the "For funsies" part. #FreeBoban
  6. scs787

    2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Love the Kmet pick. Chris Sims did a video on him that made me fall in love with the pick. I'm a little surprised at anyone hating the pick.
  7. scs787

    2020 Workout Thread

    Didn't see the 2020 edition of this thread so I thought I'd make a new one....This is essentially a home edition. I've been going strong for a solid month now, down 22 pounds from an extremely large and sad 394 pounds. It's been straight diet and lifting thus far and I wanna mix in some cardio. My question to you as I'm shopping around for treadmills, are weight limits really a thing or more of a precaution? I'm 372 right now and that's going down. Most fairly prices treadmills have weight limits of 300 or under. There are more costly ones with higher limits but they may be out of my current price range. Do you think it'd be safe for me to use one of these 300 pounds weight limit treadmills? What's everyone else doing as you are without a gym?
  8. scs787

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    If I'm the Bears, I'm going after Jacoby Brisset. With this defense I just want someone who isn't gonna turn the ball over. He's also cheap and would allow you to invest more into the team.
  9. scs787

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I work for a company called Mom's Meals. We deliver meals for the week to the elderly through Medicare. Last week we were informed to no longer take signatures and just leave boxes inside the door whenever possible...It kinda breaks my heart because a lot of my clients legitimately can not move these boxes or bend over take the meals out one by my one.... Not sure what else can be done here.
  10. scs787

    McCann Trade Speculation

    Being around Grandal should help in that regard. The Sox are in it to win it these next 5 years. If they can get a player back that's gonna help more than 40 or so games probably in the next 5 years, you do it. I'd feel a whole more comfortable with another arm in the pen, and if they can get that for James, do it.
  11. scs787

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Yeah, it's gonna be realllly tough to put a team around Brady if he's getting 30+. Cutting Floyd gets you to right around that 30 number. Extending Robinson could probably get you, what another 10 million? Who's your number 2 CB? Your other ILB? Your other OLB? Your other Safety(I think HaHa was a 1 year deal right?)? All of a sudden, the elite defense you're selling Brady on has quite a few question marks before even addressing the 2 or 3 holes on the OL and lack of TE.
  12. scs787

    So excited for the new season

    Probably could have started another thread for this but meh. I too am excited for the season, buttttt, as a cord cutter who foremly used Sling, I'm wondering what my best bet to watch White Sox baseball is? Hulu Live? I'm local, so At&T Now or whatever?
  13. scs787

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Moncada did change agents today. Kinda makes me wonder if Sox are trying to extend him and his old agent was advising against it. I suppose the opposite could be true as well.....or there could be no connection.
  14. scs787

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Jim Callis interestingly ranked our 3 youngins 1. Eloy 2. Moncada 3.Robert and he "Loves Robert".... How do you guys see it? I'd go 1. Moncada 2. Robert 3. Eloy.
  15. scs787

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    This. If they're willing to pay the money for Arenado, just wait a year, keep your prospects and grab Mookie.