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  1. Bulls are said to be in on Andre Drummond. Idk the cost, but id prefer they just wait and sign him as a free agent.
  2. What does Lauri fetch in a trade? I'm still a fan, but this stretch without him tells me they might be better without him. Bulls 2nd round Euro stash guy has been playing really well and I hope AK gets him over here next year. The reports of him as a Joker type player intrigue me, especially with the way the team plays with Thad being somewhat similar.
  3. Only way I'm trading him is if its for another star player. Or maybe like a top 2-3 pick in a draft with 2-3 cant miss players. Even then I think its a bad look. They have more than enough cap room to keep him and add another star to go with him.
  4. scs787

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    What do we think of Jaime Newman?? I really think with the cap issues and the OL issues, OT in the first then Newman in the second is my ideal situation.
  5. I still like Drummond for this team. He's a little bit of a dinosaur, but I think his presence would add so much. Depending on the price, I wouldn't mind swinging that deal now to see how it plays out. Bulls, to me, are "Too good" right now to be thinking about the lottery so they might as well add.
  6. scs787

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Orlando Brown Jr. is seeking a trade. 24 year old Pro Bowl LT.....He def gets a first rounder right?
  7. scs787

    Bears Draft Needs

    Really surprised to see OG 2nd in the voting. Between a returning Daniels, Whitehair, Mustipher, and Barrs, I feel pretty good about the interior. I certainly wouldn't mind adding one on day 3 though. OT is the most obvious need if they go the veteran QB route. Idk what drop foot is, but if it's something that lingers, I think you gotta upgrade Quinn. "Worst" case scenario, Quinn goes back to himself and you have a situational pass rusher. I think the rest of the needs are TBD. Who do they have to cut to make room? Is Robinson gone? I'm gonna mess with the simulator here in a min.
  8. scs787

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    At this point last year, our pal, and Mr. Reliable himself, Hector Gomez was reporting the Sox were in on Puig...... Why not now? What if Hectors been playing us this whole time...its Puig he's been talking about.
  9. scs787

    Cease could be the best P on Sox, per Lucas Giolito

    Absolutely. I've been an avid bowler all my life and there's another analogy there as well. It wasn't until I started doing towel drills until I started to really come around. I feel like this velocity belt is akin to the towel drill I was doing with bowling. You can tell me to stay tight all you want but forcing myself to stay tight with the the towel really changed everything.
  10. scs787

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    I still dont think my Kopech/Crochet piggyback idea is something that would be so fire. 3 innings a piece to start out with then ramp it up to 4. You do that for 30ish starts and you get them the innings they need. Idk if thats ever really been done before or if its really that outside of the box or what. I think it's brilliant. I think they have enough high quality arms in the pen to use 2 spots on 1 rotation arm....especially since 1-3 in the rotation should really be able to eat innings.
  11. scs787

    Cease could be the best P on Sox, per Lucas Giolito

    I've been absurdly hopeful all my sports life, I'm an optimist for sure. That said, I don't think its that crazy to think Cease has a Giolito like jump...and I dont say that merely because of Katz either, just a different perspective at pitching coach period changes things.
  12. scs787

    Cease could be the best P on Sox, per Lucas Giolito

    Nah man, I'm not gonna hope he can be a solid 3/4/5 pitcher. This guy not that long ago was a top 50 prospect, and we all viewed him as having TOR potential. I'm gonna hope he can be a solid 1/2/3 pitcher. Same goes for Kopech. I spent years dreaming of a Kopech/Cease top of the rotation...and then when Giolito turned into the guy he is now??? Woof. I also think the whole "Too much pressure on Katz" thing is a little silly.
  13. scs787

    Arenado traded to Cardinals

    https://www.denverpost.com/2021/01/30/kiszla-nolan-arenado-rockies-trade-dumbest-colorado-history/amp/ I don't read a ton of articles, but I feel like this is the heaviest I've ever seen a report bash a front office....And I've lived through a lot of front offices that fans absolutely hated.
  14. The Kopech thing is a little befuddling to me, I get it. I just think he's a big player in this rebuild and he should be in the rotation this year and going forward. Adding a starter of any magnitude phases him out barring an injury. I suppose you could have shifted a guy like Q to the pen if need be, but I absolutely think you should look to have him in the rotation. I'm hoping we see Crochet used as a starter as well down the stretch when you shut Kopech down. I definitely understand the argument for adding a starter, but I also understand "Trusting the process" of the rebuild and having your former top pitching prospect in the league being a part of that rotation.
  15. How many teams really have good depth beyond there starting 5? The front 4 is a lock, and I don't see why Kopech shouldn't be the 5th starter very early on. I haven't looked at the schedule but typically the 5th spot in the rotation can be "Skipped" early on if they wanna hold Kopech down in the minors to get the extra year of service time....adding a high end SP this year never made sense to me. We don't know the plans they have for Vaughn so DH might not make that much sense either. Flowers still out there? He to me makes the most sense for backup catcher. There's always the trade deadline if a starter goes down for the year and guys like Lopez, Steiver(Who I thought this board liked) and Lambert dont step up and there's no plan for Crochet as a starter this year.