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  1. scs787

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Moncada did change agents today. Kinda makes me wonder if Sox are trying to extend him and his old agent was advising against it. I suppose the opposite could be true as well.....or there could be no connection.
  2. scs787

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Jim Callis interestingly ranked our 3 youngins 1. Eloy 2. Moncada 3.Robert and he "Loves Robert".... How do you guys see it? I'd go 1. Moncada 2. Robert 3. Eloy.
  3. scs787

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    This. If they're willing to pay the money for Arenado, just wait a year, keep your prospects and grab Mookie.
  4. scs787

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    Where do you think he Vaughn would rank if he wasn't a first baseman? (That's why there are people drafted after him ahead of him to address a previous commenters post)
  5. scs787

    New Chisox Motto

    Destroy, Rebuild, Reclaim/Conquer.
  6. Spell check here, but Arodys Vizcaino needs a lil bit more love. I want him, Hudson, and Pence......Although, I don't mind Leury/Engel being the partner for Mazara.
  7. Bring back Daniel Hudson??
  8. scs787

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I was already on board with the trade because of what he did against RHP(Sox weakness), but that video got me excited. I didn't dive into his numbers to notice how much he mashed in the 2nd half either. Sox have seemingly wanted him for awhile, and I wonder if they saw what Verducci talked about and planned to have him make those adjustments.
  9. Outside the box, but what about Josh Hadar.....as a starter. Hasn't there been talks of him starting before? If he fails as a starter, you move him to the pen when other guys are ready.
  10. scs787

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    While they probably aren't on Vaughns level, the Red Sox top 2 prospects are both 1st baseman. Do we really think they'd be looking to add another one? I'm comfortable giving up Madrigal for both Price and Benintendi, but that has to be the deal. No Benintendi? No deal. You want Vaughn, or really any other high end prospect with Nick? No deal. I think the delay on this is the Sox are looking around for a guy better than Price. If they exhaust all other options, it may be revisited. In a perfect world Madrigal is used for a better pitcher or the Sox sign Ryu and Price is traded here for scraps as the 2nd piece. Giolito-Ryu-Price-Cease-Lopez/Kopech You have Rodon and Dunning for depth when the older guys get hurt.
  11. scs787

    Edwin Encarnacion

    I mean, 1B, DH, and catchers typically are indeed slow, league wide. I understand the Sox are fairly slow on the corners as well, but does that mean they should go with the "Speedy" Collins/McCann duo over Encarnacion?? Or sacrifice some power and throw an unnamed speedster at DH?
  12. scs787

    Kluber deep in the heart of Texas

    Agreed, but I'm simply stating this pretty pretty much puts the axe in any Madrigal/Vaughn talks for Price talks.
  13. scs787

    Kluber deep in the heart of Texas

    This should help with negotiations for Price.
  14. scs787

    Edwin Encarnacion

    They should be able to walk and chew bubble gum. For whatever reason, the secondary pitching market Ryu/MadBum/DK is at a stand still it seems. I'm sure they're invested in that, but while they are waiting, they shouldn't ignore other areas of the team.
  15. scs787

    Edwin Encarnacion

    While I think the McCann/Collins DH platoon could be serviceable, EE could be the Sox Nelson Cruz. Trade Collins++ for a starter and let McCann be Giolitos personal catcher while maybe getting in some games vs LHP.