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  1. Capital G

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    Were not giving up on Lopez bc of this year. Gio Bummy Cease Kopech Lopez When Rodon comes back we can go with 6 SP to save innings for Cease/Kopech
  2. Another great game by Gio. I am almost on the extend McCaan train. Even if his hitting drops his D and game calling is worth extending him now vs risking that he continues to hit and demands more $/years.
  3. Capital G

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    I want Cole and Ozuna + RP. at some point in 2020 I would like to see this: C-McCaan/Collins 1B- Abreu/Collins 2nd- Madrigal SS- TA 3rd- Yoan OF- Ozuna, Robert, Eloy SP: Cole Gio Kopech Cease Rodon/Lopez
  4. Capital G


    I think others still need/have time. But until I see someone stand out I would rather play it safe and sign Ozuna. I'd be happy with an OF of Ozuna, Robert, Jimenez sometime next year.
  5. Capital G


    This is why I would like to see us go after Ozuna. Our current OF is thin. Other than Robert no one else is standing out in the minors. I would not mind starting off 2020 with Jimenez (although he needs to DH at some point), Ozuna, L. Garcia.... with Robert taking over Garcia's spot when brought up.
  6. Capital G

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    Even with the above we're not better than NY, BOS, TB. We need to win the Central.
  7. Capital G

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    I wish. I think our best chance at the play-offs is to win the division. Eventually MN will come back to earth and Cleve is not very good. Even after Cease, Collins, and if by some miracle we sign Keuchel we wont challenge for the WC bc of the 3 teams in the AL East. One of TB, BOS, NY wins the division and the other 2 get the WC. We have to win the division. Which, if we dump Castillo/Yonder, and add Collins, Cease, and another SP could be possible. Hell, at this point I'd just bring up Lambert. Gio Lopez Cease Lambert Nova
  8. Capital G

    Rainy Day Poll: Evaluate the Big 3 Trades

    I think we will get the most production from YoYo and Kopech. But the Q trade for Cease and Eloy was the one that netted us the most value.
  9. Capital G

    5/17 Games

    I wish we'd bring up Mendick to see what he's got. How's his D (lol)
  10. Capital G


    I hope we dont trade him. Even if he keeps this up the value he brings back is not as big as the value he gives us. A C with half a good year is not going to give us a great prospect. Considering we dont have a true C prospect in the minors (Zavala is doing nothing and Collins seems a better fit as a back up C and rest of his games at 1st/DH) I would rather extend him if he keeps this up. I believe he is only 28 years old and could very much be a part of our future while way less expensive than Grandal.
  11. Capital G

    FS: Robert, Walker and Burdi Promoted

    I really hope we trade one of Abreu/Alonso and move eloy to DH and then in ST next year he gets reps in at 1st
  12. HIs injury history has nothing to do w/ him getting promoted or not. If he is performing promote him (I am not talking placing him in the OD lineup in 2020). He is not going to be more or less injury prone based on what level he is playing at.
  13. Think I read he is not on the 40 man.
  14. Capital G

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    What did he say? I'll I can find is that he said a "racial slur". I assume he said "Ni&#a"?
  15. Capital G

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    He's signing after the draft. No team is dumb enough to sign a declining SP and losing a 2nd round pick. When he does sign, it will be with a contender looking for a vet 3rd/4th starter.