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  1. Capital G

    Is Ozzie a candidate for manager now? No rumor

    They also have not been talking about me being a candidate.... think RH will be hitting me up soon? Its already been stated RH said no on Ozzie. Why would they then talk about Ozzie?
  2. Capital G

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    I think Bauer should be our #1 focus. While JR may not sign SP to long term contracts Bauer does not necessarily want one. We let RR and Coop go which was against what the org would have done in the past. If Bauer is down for a 2-3 yr deal I think this may be the year where JR does not mind spending a ton for 2-3 yrs vs having to try and sign a SP to a long term contract. I am OK with Heuer closing. Not sure what Colome will get in the market but I think we need to focus that $ on a SP and a RF. If Heuer does not cut it we other options and/or we could trade. My hopes is that the SP will be as follows: Gio Bauer DK Cease (he was bad this yr but he is still very young, has the tools, and we will have a new pitching coach. I highly doubt that Cease starts the season in the minors unless he is horrid in ST) Dunning Eventually, if Kopech is ready, he will replace one of Cease/Dunning. Crotchet will remain a reliever and be stretched out. He will eventually replace one of the bottom 2 but probably not until 2022.
  3. Capital G

    Sam Fuld

    As a Rays fan (live in TPA but Sox will always be my #1 team) I remember him in the OF. Hopefully he does not teach Robert to superman every fly ball lol Jokes aside I would love to have him as a bench coach and up and comer.
  4. Capital G

    Tony or Ricky

    We know what RR would give us. Id pick TLR in a heart beat over RR. However I'd rather get someone else.
  5. Capital G

    Offseason Targets

    You dont think Bauer is a TOR starter?
  6. Capital G

    Tony La Russa

    I dont know enough about him currently. has he been following baseball closely? how is he when it comes to analytics? if he has evolved by following today's baseball then I would not hate the move. but if he is still stuck in 83 then i would not touch him. ideally we not only get a good manager but someone that can mentor jirschele (i want him brought up as bench coach). All I hope is that we dont already have our mind made up and that we take the time to interview people. i want us to look at managers from hinch to quartaro. do not just focus on big names. coaches that have been w/ solid organizations and have learned from solid managers.
  7. Capital G

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    us losing game 3, if we play this well, may be a blessing. lets be honest, had we gotten by Hou no way we beat the Rays. if we won game 3 and lost to hou or TB I have a feeling RR and Coop stay.
  8. Capital G

    AJ Hinch: does it matter to you that he cheated?

    None of the options. It'd bother me slightly but I'd get over it real quick if we played well under him.
  9. Capital G

    Offseason Targets

    I do think we will go hard after Bauer. if he is willing to still take a short deal we will try. IMO we dont like giving SP long term deals. Its more about how tied up we would be for years vs spending a lot on a 2 yr deal. He has his issues w/ his personality but he studies a lot (could teach our young pitchers) and looks like he likes to have fun. Stroman is a good option as well pending what he wants. Then I want Brantley and for us to sign the Cuban kid. Have him as a stop gap then hope Colas works out. Sign a BP piece or 2. 2021: C- Yas 1. Vaughn/Abreu/Yas 2. Madrigal ss. TA 3. Moncada OF: Brantley/Robert/Eloy DH: Vaughn/Abreu/Yas Bench: Mendick/L. Garcia/Collins/FA SP: Bauer/Gio/DK/Cease/Dunning....... fight it out between, and eventually replaced by Kopech, Lopez/Stevier/etc. You cannot tell me that's not a nice ass team.
  10. Capital G

    The effectiveness of Don Cooper

    No one is being let go this year. Can anyone on here seriously tell me that if you were told the Sox would finish the season with a .583 record with: How many rookies or 2nd yr starters? No Kopech A down year from Moncada that you would have assumed RR/Coop would lose their jobs? Now, IMO they did this despite of them not bc of them..... but I would be shocked if anyone is let go after an overall successful year. However, 2021 will be different. We now have expectations after a good year and should see improvement from players. If they dont get it done (deep into the play-offs) RR will be gone (is he only signed through 2021? they would simply not resign him vs firing him).
  11. Capital G

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    I think they should. But bc of how the team performed despite of him they won't. Now mind you, to his defense, he played a season w 2 starting pitchers, how many rookies or 2nd yr players in the line up? Moncada wasn't himself post covid. Despite the above, if you really pay attention, the guy sets poor lineups and doesn't manage the BP well.
  12. Capital G

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Why Bummer instead of Foster? Whatever... I guess it doesn't matter as long as they can pitch. Crochet better not be arm issues.
  13. Capital G

    Pitchers for game 3

    I'd start Dunning and see how he does. Pull him the split second he gets hit or loses his control. Let's assume 2 inn: 2 Crochet 2 Foster 2 Bummer/Huer 1 Colome Edit: In all honesty I would mind saying f it and playing Crochet longer. Lets see if he can go 3-4 (based on pitches thrown) then go straight to Bummer.
  14. Capital G

    Pitchers for game 3

    please no rodon
  15. IMO I'd be happy if we: Resign Colome Resign McCaan (but i think we lose him and Collins becomes the back up) We fill in DH with Vaughn/Abreu We sign Cespedes and/or Colas and we grab a stop gap for 2021. Brantley, Markakis, etc? someone in that level. We sign a SP. Hoping for Bauer but I would not hold my breath. Never know though. Keep Leury/Mendick/ for the bench Sign a LR pitcher I think unless Rodon shows something this post-season (good luck w/ that) we cut our ties. I think we try Lopez in the BP on a short leash. Pray that Cease and Dunning progress next year. That Kopech comes back w/ his stuff knowing he will have limited innings.