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  1. Capital G

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    I'd be open to it. We need 6-7 starters next year. Can you really count on Kopech to give you 150+ coming back from TJS? Will Cease be on a innings limit? The only sure things in the rotation next year are Gio, Cease, Lopez. We need to make priority #1 getting a top 5 SP FA, but after that we still need a Nova type that gives a good offense a shot and eats innings. Gio FA (Cole > Stras >Bum > Wheeler > Ryu) Kopech (how will he come back from surgery + inn limits) Cease (innings limit?) Lopez Nova Rodon (hopefully)
  2. Capital G

    Game Thread 8/7/19 - Sox @ Detroit

    I think I would be OK with Goins replacing Yolmer as our sub. Him and L. Garcia give us some flexibility. I'd also take Abreu back if we cant/don't sign someone better to DH. I just want him off 1st base and he needs to be OK with it.
  3. Voted 21. But I wouldn't be shocked if we compete next year with a couple of additions and more development from our key guys.
  4. Capital G

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    I am pretty much in the middle of this. I get having them come up to get some MLB experience. I get keeping them down to save a year of service. But I am not so sure your argument is why I would bring them up. As you stated, Eloy has been here since day 1 and he's still struggling at the plate. Gio struggled all of last year. Moncada too. Do you think bringing up Madrigal and Robert for a couple months will make that big of a difference in how they will play in '20 when it took Gio/Yo a year and Eloy hopefully a year? IMO if Madrigal and Robert succeed right out the gate in '20 it wont be bc we brought them up to the majors for a month/2months. It'll be bc they simply adjusted to MLB quicker than the above mentioned.
  5. Capital G

    Yermin Mercedes

    Reed 0/4 with 4ks. Why are we still playing him when we could give Benz a try?
  6. Capital G

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    I want Cole. It would be amazing. But I dont think we NEED him to win. At some point into the season we should have the below team. If we add players the caliber of Bumm/Wood/Wheeler in the rotation, a RF, and a couple of set up men were fine. I would also like a Marco Gonzales type SP added. I believe RA/Jerry will make moves like these. Rotation: Gio, Kopech, Bumm, Cease, Lopez, Gonzales (you get Rodon at some point and get a Gonzales type SP to limit the innings of Cease and Kopech) BP: Colome, Bummer, Fry, Herrera........... add some more pieces. Do we put Rodon in the pen? C> McCaan/Collins 1b> Vaughn/Collins DH> Collins/FA (maybe Abreu if he accepts an extension) 2nd> Madrigal SS> Anderson 3rd> Moncada OF> Robert, Eloy, FA At best that's a contender. At worst that will be a fun team to watch that should grow into a contender in 2021 which IMO was the year we alll should have kept an eye on anyway.
  7. Capital G

    7/30 Games

    How was he at his age?
  8. Capital G

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    My prediction We get Gannet to play 2nd until Madrigal is ready then he becomes a super sub (if we fail Leury holds 2nd until Madrigal is ready) We land one of Castellanos/Puig/Ozuna to man RF. Eventual OF of FA/Robert/Eloy We land a SP the caliber of Bum/Wood. Rotation of Gio, Kopech, Cease, FA, Lopez (I would like some Nova type SP/s since Kopech/Cease will be on innings limits. We sign some BP help I could live with the lineup below and the above rotation for 2020. If we start to contend I think that's when top tier FAs may think about signing with us in '21 which is when I truly think we start to take over the central. C. McCann/Collins 1st/DH. Abreu/Collins/Vaughn DH. Abreu/Collins 2nd. Scooter/Madrigal SS. Anderson 3rd. Moncada OF. FA/Robert/Eloy
  9. Do I think we will sign Cole? No. We will try and get outbid. But I do think they will start bringing in tier 2 level FA to fill in the gaps. If we can get continued growth from the mentioned players and add Madrigal, Vaughn, Robert, etc. I feel like we can become relevant. I think in '21 we can also leverage some of our minor leaguers to trade for pieces. Trying to stay positive lol
  10. This year was always about the development of Anderson, Moncada, Gio, Lopez, Eloy, etc. With the exception of Lopez I am pretty happy. We also got a nice surprise in McCaan and Bummer. Cease has arrived and will learn from his MLB time this year going into '20. To think we were competing for anything this year was foolish. Our year will be 2021. in '20 we hopefully get another high pick. We cont to see development from the above plus likely get Kopech, Rodon, Robert, Madrigal, and possibly even Vaughn at some point. In 20/21 we should also start to open our wallets. If in '21 were not fighting for the central and/or WC that's when I will be worried.
  11. Capital G

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Our drafting really has not been solid. Who did we draft with our pics during the rebuild in the first round that worked out? Madrigal and Vaughn (albeit with a super small sample size)? Rodon has not lived up to expectations due to performance and injuries. Collins Burger
  12. Capital G

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Both I suppose. IMO, in 2020, I would rather have Colome, as an example, on the team than a prospect the caliber of Cordell. Cordell was just the first example that came to mind. If all we can get is a Cordell then I would rather hold on to Colome.
  13. Capital G

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    What part do you not understand? If you outline that I may be able to explain it to you in a different way.
  14. Capital G

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    You look and see what you can get for colome, bummer, McCann. But don't trade any for a Cordell level prospect. If that's all we can get just hold. If we can pull May from LA you do it.
  15. Capital G

    All Star James McCann

    I dont get that line of thought. I mean..... who am I to questions a billionaire lol..... but if he keeps this up we either have to pay more or lose him. at worst his a vet presence that can call a good game.