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  1. Capital G

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    I am def on that boat. The last thing we need is to wait around trying to sign Cole, etc. while the Wheelers of FA sign elsewhere. Then not only do we not land a big name we miss out on players we absolutely need to take a leap forward and possibly contend if all goes right.
  2. Capital G

    Will Strasburg opt out? thread

    IMO, you go hard after Ryu, Wheeler, Bumm while everyone else works on Strasburg and Cole. Were not going to outbid others and I'd hate to lose out on the 2nd tier guys while we mess around with Strasburg and Cole. Then quickly focus on RF and DH. I'd like for us to strike early on SP, DH, and RF. Then move focus to BP.
  3. Capital G

    Kyle Schwarber?

    The best I would offer a DH is a 2-3 year contract. I dont want to trade any of our talent towards a DH. Only way I'd do this is if for some dumb reason they took our trash (Palka, Cordell, etc.) which wont happen.
  4. Capital G

    A Realistic Offseason

    Like who? I dont see them getting Cole. You thinking Stras? TBH, add a couple of BP arms, and I'd be excited with just what you posted even if the idea of Castellanos in RF scares me (Only bc we would have Eloy in LF). I can just see injuries to LuBob bc of those two.
  5. Capital G

    2020 Coaching Changes

    I dont see why Cooper would retire now when next year and 21 might finally have some decent teams. He is "only" 63. My guess is we see Capra gone. Bring up Omar.
  6. No. It would take too much and he would leave as a FA after next year. Unless its a trade and sign which we know would not happen.
  7. Capital G

    The Official Too Soon Mock Off Season Thread

    I would rather not trade the few chips we have. Our minors are not stacked with talent. We have plenty of $ to spend. In RF I would take any of Ozuna, Dickerson, Puig. I dont want Castellanos bc of his poor D. We dont need Eloy and him at corners in the OF. SP I' take 2 of Odorizzi, Wheeler, Ryu, Keuchel.... of course, if a FA Stras should be the first target. Cole is not happening w/ the teams that will be going after him. Grandal should be a target. Grab a couple of BP arms. Yolmer should be replaced by Mendick. Use the Yolmer $ towards the above.
  8. Capital G

    A Realistic Offseason

    Why sign Yolmer when Mendick has so far (i know, small sample size) proven himself? Way cheaper. Yolmer can play D but his bat is blah. Also.... isnt he a FA in 20? I'd take Gardner over what we have but hopefully that's not at the top of their plans.
  9. Capital G

    Game Thread 09/20/19 - Sox @ DET

    I'm bought in on TA, Moncada, Cease, Eloy, Gio. The main person I'm all about now is Collins. I want him to solve our LH OBP problem.
  10. Capital G

    Gio out for remainder of 2019

    Good move and nothing to be concerned of. Give Cease another 2 games and shut him down too.
  11. Capital G

    2020 RF options

    You don't think they'll give that job to Collins? Based on how they're are using him I assumed next year he plays mostly DH and backs up 1st and C.
  12. No sense. Let Mendick play.
  13. No Mendick in back to back games. Smh
  14. Capital G

    JD Martinez

    I highly doubt the Sox get JDM. But if we do it better not also include us locking up Abreu. I love Abreu and what he has done for us but in the end we have to make smart baseball moves. Lock up JDM and sign Abreu to a 1 yr deal. Then I want Vaughn up in 21.... Maybe I'd be OK with 1 2 yr deal for him so he can be with us when we're legit in 21. But we're too loyal and Abreu has had a good season. We will sign him to a 3 yr deal and Vaughn comes up at some point this year. Realistically we will be focusing on a RF, 2 SP with hopefully one being a TOR guy, and BP help.
  15. Capital G

    And That's a Mendick Impersonates Timmy White Sox Winner !

    I am hoping Mendick continues to play well and replaces Sanchez in '20. He can be the starting 2nd baseman until we bring up Madrigal. Then he moves to the bench and subs for SS, 2nd, and 3rd.