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  1. Articles like these show why the Grandal pick was great. Keeping McCann too. Here's to hoping they can help ReyLo, Kopech, Cease, etc. This year.
  2. Capital G

    Let's talk about the spring training hat

    That's terrible. Looks like someone at the factory made a mistake and stitched one logo over the other.
  3. Capital G

    USA Today projections

    IMO its a realistic finish. However, I think if everything goes right we will finish much better.
  4. Capital G

    Betts to Dodgers

    Such a weird debate some of you are backing. The Angels got Joc for nothing bc the current price, due to the Dodgers' needs post Mookie trade, was much less than it was before they landed Betts. Had we traded for Joc prior to LA landing Betts we would have had to pay much more (Bummer was the reported ask). So the only argument would be to have gone into February with the same RF situation as last year while we hoped LA traded for Betts and made Joc's asking price less. IMO Mazara is the perfect fit for our 2020 needs. He is only 24 and has upside. He makes us better in RF compared to 19. We can cut him if he sucks. We can still go after Joc next year if we want.
  5. Capital G

    What do you expect from Eloy in 2020?

    .850+ OPS. 40 Hrs. I think he improves more than expected in the field thanks to his extra year, the work he put in, and having Robert in center. He still wont have + value but maybe around -4 runs.
  6. Capital G

    Bench Utility Bat - Who do we want?

    My ideal person can play some SS/2nd and OF. Can hit LHP. Mainly bc I want someone that can spell Mazara is he doesnt improve his splits. Holt and Zo bc of their experience. I like Scooter too as someone that isnt that far removed from a nice season.
  7. Capital G

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Wasn't expecting this. Damn it.
  8. You don't think Bummer will?
  9. Capital G

    2020 Projection for Moncada from Brooks Baseball/Roto

    didnt he make really hard contact which contributed to his BABIP? If I am correct, while its bound to lower, I doubt it dips as much as other players would.
  10. Capital G

    Lead-off Man

    On opening day I assume TA. Once Robert is up he will. But I think RR will shuffle this around.
  11. Same. Enough to pay for MLB tv and buy a ticket to fly to Chicago and catch my 2and ever game in your city.
  12. I am hoping he gets into Eloy and Mazara's heads about launch angle. That alone would make him worth that contract. Send Collins to AAA to get bats daily and work on his D. We need him as the back-up C next year. Sign a RP or 2. Not sure this will happen but I really hope we can extend Madrigal and Robert so we can get them on OD. I really think we can compete for the division and those games may end up being crucial. I'd rather have them than Mendick and Angel/L. Garcia (or Pillar) playing on OD.
  13. Capital G

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    Get DK and then add Walker. I like the upside of Walker.
  14. Capital G

    Way past their prime as Pale Hose

    Griffey Jr.
  15. Capital G

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    At this point I would be happy with DK as SP 1 and Walker as 2. I think Walker has the most upside and should cost little. But due to injury concerns bring back Nova as an innings eater. Opening: Giolito DK Lopez Cease Walker/Nova Later: Giolito DK Kopech Lopez Cease You have Walker/Nova in case of injury. I did not bother mentioning Rodon as we have no idea what we will get from him. If anything it's a bonus.