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  1. Capital G

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Getting "cock" lol
  2. Capital G

    Foodies: Other Bullpen Depth Pieces

    Don't see the point in shopping Lopez. We won't get anything. Might as well see if a new pitching coach can unlock something.
  3. Capital G

    DH Options

    My top option is La Stella. He can DH and rotate positions including shifting Jose to DH at times. Grandal can get some DH or 1st... again shifting Jose to DH. Imo La Stella gives you a LH bat, plays multiple positions to spell people and in case of injury. He also doesn't block Vaughn if he's good enough to come up in May. If we sign him we can rotate DH between: Him Jose Collins Grandal Then see what happens with Vaughn. He just makes a ton of sense for us. Hey won't be too expensive. Just sign the guy or let the guys mentioned above handle DH.
  4. Capital G

    Tommy La Stella Emoji of a Target Discussion

    If we land him and SP (any at this point that just costs $ (kubler, Richards, Q) I would be ecstatic. I don't even care about a back up C. Let Collins play there and DH while La Stella plays all over.
  5. Love it. 3 yrs is perfect. 4th year, if he's not working out, we pay him 1.5 mill for 10 years? That's a creative way to get the guy you wanted.
  6. Capital G

    Katz on our Pitcher Progress Summary

    I'm confident that Katz will be a great coach. Then it's on the pitcher to use the knowledge. I'm very optimistic with Cease. Lopez would be an awesome bonus as a long reliever and spot starter.
  7. Capital G

    Chuck loves Cease

    Yup. But probably cant give Katz a "score" on Kopech until 22.
  8. Capital G

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I follow them on FB. Not saying I could do better but they write a lot of ridiculous trade ideas and FA we should go after. The post is nothing more than them trying to get a convo started not some inside info they have.
  9. Capital G

    Chuck loves Cease

    I don't. All he has to do is get Cease to solid #4 performance and manage the BP well. If he does his 2021 will be a success in my eyes. That's not too much to ask at all when Cease has the stuff and MLB experience. We also have a skilled BP.
  10. Capital G

    Madrigal could be ready for opening day

    It's like some want him to fail. He gets on base and doesn't K. He does need to improve his D and base running which i think he will based in his previous play.
  11. Capital G

    My 5 Favorite WS Players

    Abreu TA Moncada Gio Madrigal (I'm 5'8 and have a soft spot for him lol)
  12. Capital G

    Backup Catcher targets

    Engel isn't the starter against lhp and rhp
  13. Capital G

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    There were none. Plenty, like the nut punch, prior to us.
  14. Capital G

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    I see Bauer as an AJ type attitude. I'll take him. We have a solid club house. He would also play the role of a 2nd pitching coach.
  15. Capital G

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Id much rather sign Richards, Kluber, Q than send prospects to Pitt for him. I just don't see enough separation between them to say let's trade vs spend.