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  1. If your list of ifs work out, the Sox beat Houston. But those are a lot of ifs.
  2. NWINFan

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I've stopped listening to Bill Maher a long time ago.
  3. NWINFan

    Rodon may need extra rest in the postseason

    Start him in Game 5. That will give him plenty of rest.
  4. NWINFan

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    You're right. The season has seemed so long. Maybe it has been because of the injuries and waiting for players to come back. Players have returned, but the health issues still hang over the club. Hopefully they can make the Cleveland series totally and completely meaningless.
  5. NWINFan

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    Among others. It is amazing how many times this team gets pounded like this. They can look dominating one day and like the Cubs the next. Looks like another lost series.
  6. NWINFan

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    The way I see it, LaRussa has been resting them a great deal during the whole season. They should not be at the point of exhaustion. There will be time after the regular season for rest. HFA is important. The White Sox should be playing for it.
  7. NWINFan

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    I am hoping that LaRussa isn't resting anyone today. No one should be resting at this moment.
  8. NWINFan

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    I find all of this stuff strange. Even Chuck Garfein was mumbling to himself about the Anderson "injury." It would seem strange to me to shelf a pitcher for ten days if he wasn't really injured. There is something as too much rest.
  9. The title of this thread is right on. Of course, baseball is the hardest thing to predict since any team can win or lose on any day for all kinds of reasons. When I look at this year's team, there are times I think they can dominate anyone. Other times, I just wonder, especially what that offense goes dormant or another multi-run lead is blown in the late innings. I have no idea what they will do in the playoffs. I am just glad they are going to the playoffs.
  10. NWINFan

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Glad I am not watching the Bears. I am not wasting my time. Does a Bear shit in the woods?
  11. NWINFan

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    No need to scoreboard watch. Just win and make all those games in Cleveland meaningless.
  12. NWINFan


    No, he's not a regular, but he can play many positions, and that has helped in this season with so many injuries like Tim Anderson.
  13. NWINFan


    No, that was no cheapy at all. I don't get why fans don't like Leury. He has had a good season.
  14. NWINFan

    GT 9/12: Red Sox @ White Sox

    That's what I said. Of all people.
  15. NWINFan

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    Then, why not just say that? Say he is slumping and needs a day or two off to get back on track. During my long years as a fan, I have never heard of a player being benched for sore legs. It just sounds odd. And weird. Why wouldn't any player have some soreness this time of the season anyway?