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  1. NWINFan

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    From what I have read, I don't see any problems here, and I am not a big fan of Coop. In fact, I was all right with what Cooper said. I would like to know how he stepped in it.
  2. NWINFan

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    He didn't look dominant at the major league level. He was hitting batters, and that wasn't because he was throwing at them. His command was not there. Hitters glared at him because he threw so hard and didn't know where the ball was going. Stats at the minor league level are not always an indicator of readiness, especially with someone this young. The guy has a great arm, we all know that. But a major league pitcher has to have more than that. He stay may have a future. We will see.
  3. NWINFan

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    No, I don't think it can be said about other prospects. The hype over Kopech was over the top. The Sox were having another boring season, they had nothing to talk about and they gushed over Kopech. Not to mention I think they called him up too soon. Nothing was going on with the team as the rebuild was crawling on. This was handled wrong from the very start.
  4. NWINFan

    Kopech sitting out 2020

    I am not going to pass judgement on Kopech because like everyone else I have no idea what is happening to or with him. But from the very beginning, I have not liked the way he was handled. There was way too much hype and he was being touted as a savior before he threw one major league pitch. Regardless, I am not expecting much from him.
  5. Not to mention that Wells hurt his back and missed a great deal of the season himself. Wells came here thinking he was a godsend before he threw even one pitch for the team. Maybe he wouldn't have hurt his back if he wasn't such a out-of-shape fat ass. Even with the Sirotka stuff, this was a horrible trade for a horrible individual.
  6. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I posted before about my daughter working at a restaurant where two co-workers tested positive for the virus. The restaurant manager went into complete denial. This restaurant is part of a corporation and is not locally owned. My daughter called Human Resources to tell them she didn't feel comfortable about returning to work and to talk about the situation as a whole. She said HR talked down to her and didn't want to address the situation. She was tempted to go to the media because she didn't think that people should go to what could be a hot spot. Then it was reported in the media that the place was closing down for a time in order to sanitize the place. They claimed all of their employees have been tested which is a lie. My daughter will be tested on Monday. I think think this symbolizes the whole situation. The business wanted to stay open, but it was becoming an increasing danger to its employees and the general public. There is no other solution until a treatment and or vaccine is developed. The only way to stop this thing is stop the spread. And opening up and pretending everything is all right will not solve anything. No, it is not going away. No, the summer heat is not killing it. No, Trump's suggestions for treatments will not work. So the country needs to face it. We need to social distance and wear masks. We will also need to do some painful things. Things are just not normal now.
  7. For a time, it looked like this team was going to the Series. In mid-June, they had a seven game road trip when they first went to Cleveland and then New York. The Sox won all seven. They returned home to a crowd of over 40,000. But came the deflating playoffs. Big blowhard David Wells came the next year and things went south. 2001 was nothing but a bad memory. It was great when Iguchi homered off of fat ass Wells in the '05 playoffs.
  8. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My daughter lives in Evansville, IN and works in a restaurant there. Two of her co-workers called in to the manager and said they couldn't come in because they each tested positive for the virus. The manager said they were making it up, and it was all a hoax. My daughter has had little contact with the two but will get tested to be on the safe side. We will see if testing is easy to get as the doofus-in-charge has said. I advised her to quit the job. The manager was playing the stupid game of denial. Say something isn't true because it makes him uncomfortable accomplishes nothing. Meanwhile, he pressured the employees to come in, and possibly infect the rest of the staff and some of the customers. Yeah, that is a real solution. It's all a hoax. The manager does want to keep his business thriving and open. That can be understood. However, if his place becomes known as a hot spot, the business will suffer anyway. Also, not to mention, who knows how many more will be infected. If that is magnified all over the city, another shutdown will happen, and his business go down with it. The denial game doesn't work. Not wearing a mask doesn't work. Throwing caution to the wind doesn't work. Is this so hard to understand?
  9. NWINFan

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Will there be a 2020 season? Yes, it will start. I have doubts that it will finish.
  10. As much as I loved the movie, I am not really into this game. But if they are going to have it, next year would be better. Hopefully, then, things would be much safer and the event will be more fun. I still have doubts that any real baseball will be played this year.
  11. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    This was the method from the start and people got their backs up. My point is wearing a mask is nowhere near as bad as someone reading your e-mails and listening to phone conversations without cause. There should be no controversy here. This is just plain stupid.
  12. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    According to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, there will be no social distancing and masks will not be required for a July 3 event at Mount Rushmore. I don't understand why some Republicans think not taking precautions is a political statement. They didn't care when George W. Bush wanted to read people's e-mails after 9/11.
  13. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Yes, workers still have to go to warehouses and meat processing plants. But those conditions can be made safer. That would mean that there would be less profit but so what? So it would be nice if workers wouldn't be treated like robots by putting them in impossible situations. Also, people wouldn't have to hide in basements, as you put it, if others did wear masks and practice social distancing but, for some reason, so many didn't want to do that. And Italy completely shut down the northern part of their country, and they are doing better. You are right about one thing: there is no utopia. But we could have done better and we didn't. Over 125,000 and counting. It's time people stop calling this a hoax.
  14. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    It would have helped if we faced up to facts from the beginning instead of crawling into a hole of denial. Saying that people should die for the sake of the economy or that the whole thing would simply go away only made a horrible situation a lot worse. Obviously, there are no simple solutions to this but going nuts over wearing a mask is ridiculous. And opening up way too soon just because people wanted to go a bar or visit the beach didn't help things either. I have said this in other posts: We are not in this together. If we had been, things would at least be somewhat better.
  15. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I have no intention to fly any time soon. There is no way I am getting on a plane under these conditions. Flying before the virus stunk. Now it can only be worse. I think consumers should send a message to the airlines that packed flights are not acceptable. But right now that doesn't seem to be happening.