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    I have no idea of what is being told to Moncada by the Sox coaching staff. But I would tell him two things. First, forget the hype and don't be concerned about being a superstar. Learning to be a major league baseball player is damned hard. He should give himself some time and worry about accolades later. In the meantime his focus should be on developing into a solid middle infielder. Secondly, be more aggressive with two strikes. Established major league hitters will get the benefit of the doubt from an umpire. Rookies will not. Putting the ball in play should be a top priority right now. His average may go up a tad if some bleeding grounders make it through the infield or a shallow flyball drops in the outfield. Taking a third strike and walking back to the dugout gives him no chance especially when he does it four times in a game. It is too early go give up on the guy. It is not too early to be concerned.