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  1. NWINFan

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    The simple fact is that the Sox have well with the little talent they have. But a long baseball season exposes a bad starting staff, and that is what is going to happen now.
  2. NWINFan

    Sox sign Hector Santiago

    This signing is an indication of several things. First, it obvious. Starting pitching is thin. Secondly, the Sox will need to address this problem in the off-season in some manner. And this team is still at least one more year away from being a serious contender.
  3. NWINFan

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    I will allow myself one day to gloat. I have had to deal with enough bad karma from Cub fans in my lifetime. I realize this is just one game, but I will enjoy it. I know the White Sox still have a long way to go. Meanwhile, when Cub fans treat me with some courtesy, I'll let you know.
  4. NWINFan

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Went to a Cub fan site for the fun of it. They're fuming about the Eloy trade, saying that Theo got fleeced. They're also pissed at Bennitti for something and really are pissed about their anemic offense. I am hoping the Cubs dynasty is over and that Eloy has another homer in his bat tonight.
  5. NWINFan

    Harry Caray Book...

    The scum statement was one of Reinsdorf's worst moments. The White Sox had just won their first division title and had gone over 2,000,000 in attendance, a first for a Chicago baseball team. Instead of enjoying the moment, he spewed out bitterness. Whatever his differences with Caray, this was not the moment to air them publicly. At times, Reinsdorf blames the media for any bad image he has, but many times he does it to himself. This was surely one of those times, and it was another one of his quotes that stick in the memory of fans for the wrong reason. And then he named Hawk as GM. You have to explain that one to me. This a good book, but over the years, I lost some of my admiration for Caray. To say the least, he could be insensitive at times. You can't say a team is playing well when it isn't, but Caray just got full of himself.
  6. NWINFan

    Hawk on Wrigley

    Wrigley has been over-hyped for years. It has that stupid basket, and it is just plain old. I have no desire to go there. Fenway's "Green Monster" is absurd. Routine flyballs get turned into hits. Line drive hitters are robbed of home runs because of that 37 foot piece of idiocy. Bill Melton used to say he hated playing in Fenway because the monster ruined his swing. Some on the newer stadiums are too big and fans sit far away from the field. So many call Wrigley a "shrine." It reality, it is a building that is over 100 years old and needs to go. The Cubs and their sick traditions need to go, too.
  7. NWINFan

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    I agree that we overreact at times. But routs like the one with the Yankees happen too often because the rotation is so bad. And yes, yanking Despaigne is not the answer although the inability to do so is part of the problem. It would be nice to deal for a starter, but I don't know if the Sox will have the leverage or will to do so. Regardless, pitching is the main thing to address either now or in the off season.
  8. NWINFan

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    It hurts just thinking about the starters. And you're right. 2020 will be developing years for Cease and Kopech. At the very least, the Sox need to get one credible arm in the rotation during the off season. Even during a rebuild, the team can't go on with the situation like this. There are simply too many blowouts like the last two games against the Yankees. Like I said on another post, money is going have to be spent. The team is looking better and it is not fair to send some of these guys out to the mound.
  9. NWINFan

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    Yes, once again the starting pitching got exposed again. And Cease is not the answer yet. You can see how good a team the Yankees are, and how far the Sox have to go. Too bad about Moncada. You don't need another young player's progress set back by injury.
  10. NWINFan

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    For the last three games, the White Sox have drawn over 100,000. I think the team would take that anytime. This will date me, but it takes me back to the days at old Comiskey when the Yankees would come to town and the park would be packed. Can we truly allow ourselves to be optimistic about this team?
  11. NWINFan

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    The rebuild is starting to take shape, and there has been nice crowds for the Yankee series. But the team still has a long way to go. At one point, the franchise is going to have spend some real money. Okay, I can live with not getting Machado and Harper, but there has to come a time when a risk has to be taken and money has to be spent. Not all of the young players are going to make it, and young teams don't win championships anyway. This next off-season is important. Sitting on their hands and hiding behind the rebuild isn't going to make it. And fans have to realize they can't depend on Cease and Kopech-yet.
  12. NWINFan

    White Sox Winner! .500!?!

    This can be a fun year if the Sox can finish at .500. That would be an improvement of 20 games over last year. Now that would be fun.
  13. NWINFan

    Disco Demolition T-Shirt Night

    It is a stupid promotion. If fans want to wear a shirt to remember one of the most embarrassing moments in franchise history, that's up to them. I may use it to wash my car, but that's about it. The Tribune had a large photo and story on the event today. That's the most coverage the White Sox have received from the paper all season. And why it is being remembered in June? I thought Disco Demolition happened in July not June. Regardless it has been talked about way too much, and it is the same old thing.
  14. I think it's safe to say that we can be more than optimistic about Eloy. We can even be somewhat optimistic about the team as a whole. Yet both have a long way to go. About those who like to vent Iike I do: the team's performance during this decade will make anyone a cynic. The rebuild is doing better than I ever thought it would do. Now it's time to finish the job and that means no more trading for prospects.
  15. I am with you, Greg. No more trading for prospects that won't be ready to play for at least two seasons. The Sox have some young players developing this year. They are supposed to have a wealth of young talent in the minors. I don't want the concept of the rebuild as an excuse for inaction or the same other things. There has been enough losing already. And I could care less what year of the rebuild this is. Time to show progress on the field. No more tanking.