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  1. gusguyman

    5/26- Sox at Twins, 1:10, NBCSC

    When we traded for him, he was regarded as a guy who could play at least average defense in CF. For example, fangraphs had him at 50/55 in the field. Not sure if his hamstring injury is responsible for the apparent regression, or bad coaching.
  2. gusguyman

    Seby Zavala promoted to Chicago; Castillo to IL

    I blame the Machado thread. Got very toxic by the end. Somewhat understandable, but it hasn't gone away since.
  3. gusguyman

    Reynaldo Lopez

    How much of ReyLo's good starts were him though? His good starts have ONLY come against one of the 5 worst offenses in the league, teams that will let him get away with mistake after mistake.
  4. So start a conversation. It's an internet forum, multiple convos can happen at once, just skip the b****ing ones. Or try another thread. Maybe game threads against the best team in baseball during the 4th year of a rebuild isn't the best place to be if you don't like b****ing. Or go outside. Play golf. Watch a movie. Idk why you come on here if you know exactly what it's going to be and don't want to be part of the solution. It's tiresome
  5. And all you do is come on and b**** about the b****ing. What's new here....
  6. I think Covey is underrated. If they were willing to give him an opener, he could be a solid bottom of the rotation starter. Yeah, he'll still get blown up 5 games a year, but he'll also come out as Cy Covey and steal 3 games a year. I'll take that as a 5th/6th starter for sure.
  7. gusguyman

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    Proof before anyone disputes it
  8. TIL Southpaws are androgynous. Great share.
  9. JFC, I could roast S'mores on this hot take. RR sucks tactically, but he isn't even the worst WS manager of the last two WS managers. This poll is a clown question, bro.
  10. gusguyman

    Reynaldo Lopez

    So. How worried are we about ReyLo at this point? He seems to have regressed to 2016 Nationals Lopez. I mentioned it in the game thread, but his stats this season: vs Bottom 5 offenses (5 games, DETx2, CLEx2, TOR): 31.2 IP, 7 ER (2.02 ERA), 2 HR, 8 BB, 31 K, 24 H vs Everyone else (6 games, KCx2, SEA, TB, BOS, MIN): 28 IP, 33 ER (10.61 ERA), 12 HR, 19 BB, 26 K, 37 H It isn't like he faced MIN 6 times either. Gio's resurgence this year makes it easier to be patient with Lopez, but it is frustrating to see him taking a major step backwards.
  11. gusguyman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    If you take out the bottom 5 offenses (TOR, DET, CLE) Reynaldo has given up 32ER and 12 HR in just 29 IP (6 games)
  12. gusguyman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    The Royals were rebuilding basically non-stop for 30 years. Just because you do a rebuild does not mean you are guaranteed to be good.
  13. gusguyman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Especially after they didn't even have to pitch yesterday.
  14. gusguyman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Other than the 14K game in Det, Reynaldo has been either terrible or lucky all season. Reminds me of his polarizing 2017.
  15. gusguyman

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    "If true, you still are wrong about the thing you know way more about according to my previous statements."