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  1. gusguyman

    Accountability Starts Monday, August 10th, 2020

    This quote is the exact opposite of fire Renteria gaining steam
  2. gusguyman

    Would you add a FA starter b4 2021, and who/why?

    We have two expiring contracts at positions of depth in McCann and Colome. I don't think anyone will trade any non-expiring contracts for expiring contracts this year, this season is just too uncertain. However, I'd be curious if we could get any of these SPs with expiring contracts for a package primarily consisting of those two. For example, the Reds bullpen has been a disaster, and Colome would be a huge add for them. Additionally, I think McCann would be a pretty significant upgrade over Curt Casali. Sonny Gray and Anthony DeSclafani are throwing well and they have Luis Castillo too, plus Wade Miley should be back soon (already is?) and a promising young guy in Lucas Sims. I think a Colome/McCann for Bauer swap would improve both teams without any long-term consequences for either, but I also think CIN might say no because trading (arguably) your best SP is a major risk.
  3. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    There is no reasonable contract we can offer to McCann to bring him back. He wants to be the clear #1 catcher for a team, which is fair, he is earning it. He was clearly miffed when the Sox brought Grandal in.
  4. gusguyman


    The Dallas Streak is just getting started
  5. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    Again, they were never ever signing a second legitimate SP this off season, they are not going to displace the young talent on purpose. If you want to argue that money could have been used better on a RF upgrade fine, but Grandal or no, there was not going to be a second major SP signed.
  6. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    LMAO at Stoney completely calling out Boyd for having a substance on his hat
  7. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    Next time the Sox are in a losing streak, I will try to remember that we played a game where fucking Alen Hanson and Yolmer Sanchez were batting 1-2 and hopefully that will give me some perspective.
  8. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    I hate to root against a guy but Steele Walker better not turn into anything
  9. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    Baseball is fun again!
  10. gusguyman

    Equivalent MLB Standings

    I copied them directly from baseball reference. I am leaving them as calculated from the actual record though (For example, the 61-59 (10-8) Indians have a win percentage of 10/18 = .555 not 61/120 = .508) I am doing this for 2 reasons The standing orders are determined by the actual win percentage, and that matters a lot with so many games skipped right now. For example, if I recalculated the win%s, the Marlins would be at .513 and the Braves would be at .512. The order is still correct for now, but you can see how recalculating win %s could lead to the standings being wrong. It just seems like a lot more work to also recalculate the win% every day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which teams were wrong?
  11. gusguyman

    Equivalent MLB Standings

    With the shortened season, I have been trouble getting a sense of how far along in the pennant chase we are. Some people have been talking about standings as the 1 game = 2.7 games equivalent, but that makes the games behind really skewed and hard to understand. Instead, I think it becomes a lot clearer when you treat everyone as starting the season at tied at 51-51, and then we play the final 60 games from there. To give a better picture of the playoff picture, I am posting the adjusted standings here. W-L% is still from the actual 60 game record though, since that is how the MLB is treating it. I was planning to keep an updated version of this on the side for my own interests, but I figured I'd post it here since others may find it useful too. AL East Division Tm W L W-L% GB New York Yankees 63 57 .667 -- Tampa Bay Rays 63 59 .600 1.0 Baltimore Orioles 61 58 .588 1.5 Toronto Blue Jays 57 60 .400 4.5 Boston Red Sox 57 64 .316 6.5 AL Central Division Tm W L W-L% GB Minnesota Twins 63 58 .632 -- Detroit Tigers 60 58 .563 1.5 Chicago White Sox 61 60 .526 2.0 Cleveland Indians 61 60 .526 2.0 Kansas City Royals 59 62 .421 4.0 AL West Division Tm W L W-L% GB Oakland Athletics 64 57 .684 -- Texas Rangers 59 60 .471 4.0 Houston Astros 59 61 .444 4.5 Los Angeles Angels 58 63 .368 6.0 Seattle Mariners 58 64 .350 6.5 NL East Division Tm W L W-L% GB Miami Marlins 59 55 .667 -- Atlanta Braves 62 60 .550 1.0 New York Mets 60 62 .450 3.0 Washington Nationals 57 60 .400 3.5 Philadelphia Phillies 56 60 .357 4.0 NL Central Division Tm W L W-L% GB Chicago Cubs 64 54 .813 -- St. Louis Cardinals 53 54 .400 5.5 Cincinnati Reds 59 62 .421 6.5 Milwaukee Brewers 58 61 .412 6.5 Pittsburgh Pirates 55 64 .235 9.5 NL West Division Tm W L W-L% GB Colorado Rockies 63 57 .667 -- Los Angeles Dodgers 64 58 .650 -- San Diego Padres 62 60 .550 2.0 Arizona Diamondbacks 59 62 .421 4.5 San Francisco Giants 59 63 .400 5.0 Equivalent standings as of 8/14
  12. gusguyman

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    Apparently the flaw was hitting home runs. Its far too expensive to be losing baseballs in this economy, now Mazara is a much more economical player!
  13. I honestly can't believe y'all are still going on this thread
  14. gusguyman


    Is Dallas already the best MLB free agent signing in Hahn's tenure? 👀