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  1. gusguyman

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    Let's keep Dallas on Friday night for the rest of the season, it'll be great for my social life.
  2. gusguyman

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    White Sox have got to be a bottom 5 team in fWAR* since the all star break *facialhair WAR
  3. gusguyman


    Tim didn't just save the game. He also saved Maloney's gamethread career. Can you imagine the scene if, not only had we lost today, but lost after blowing another sizable lead late? No wonder he hasn't been around the winner thread yet, dude probably entered into witness protection in the bottom of the eighth.
  4. It’s hard to understand how professional hitters can be this unproductive. The best teams have a more disciplined approach. The slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.
  5. Maybe I am just on Team Cynical, but I don't think a salary floor will do all that much to stop tanking. I think what it will do, especially in combination with a hard cap, is make salary dump trades much more common. Tanking teams still want the draft picks/high slot money, and they will happily take on terrible contracts from contending teams if they get some good prospects too. The big contracts bring them up to the floor, they improve their farm, and the contending team frees up cap space to go get someone else.
  6. This is 100% code for him having to take a shit, which makes the whole thing make so much more sense. Also somehow even more in character for Lynn.
  7. This is an extremely Lance Lynn way to get ejected. Stay true King
  8. gusguyman

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    You'd think we were back in the cornfields of Iowa with all the strawmen in this thread
  9. I really really don't want to think about where all the blood could possibly be coming from but I can't stop. Fuck.
  10. Generally I agree, but if you draft a reliever in the first round, you better hit on them, otherwise you definitely deserve some criticism.
  11. gusguyman

    8/15/21- Yankees @ White Sox- GT

    If the Sox score 3 and only 3 here, that makes it worse right?
  12. What? Why shouldn't he? A team had just erased a 3 run deficit in the top of the ninth on homeruns from two of the biggest star power hitters in the game. That is incredible and insane and any broadcaster should absolutely be excited in that moment, just like he was excited when Tim answered back.
  13. gusguyman


    Then there would only be one new team 😏
  14. TA7's walkoff is definitely a strong contender for best regular season home run, but there are levels to this shit, and most major home runs in the playoffs are going to beat even the best regular season homers. On a personal note, I went with Blum's 13th inning homerun. It has always had a special place in my heart for a weird reason - it was the only one I didn't see. I was only 11 in '05, and despite my Dad's best efforts, he eventually lost the argument with my Mom around the 11th and I was sent to bed (it was a school-night).... only to come flying down the stairs when I heard my parents erupt into cheers during that HR. At that point, they would have had to physically pick me up and carry me away from the TV, so I saw the bottom of the 13th, but I've never let them forget that they made me miss that moment. At the same time, missing it has built it up to an even more mythical status in my mind.