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  1. As both an Alabama Alum and a White Sox fan, this is an excellent night for feeling excitement for, and taking enjoyment from, accomplishments I contributed nothing to. Roll Tide / Go Sox, sometimes being a fan is really great.
  2. gusguyman

    Will you forgive JR/Hahn

    "How DARE you read what I wrote!"
  3. gusguyman

    Omar Vizquel facing domestic violence accusations

    The "Hall of Fame Baseball Person" strategy is becoming more popular. Another innovation to credit to TLR.
  4. gusguyman

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    I think I am in the minority here, but I don't want to see a Lynn extension unless the the third year is an option. A huge benefit of Lynn is he is cheap, but a huge risk is that he is entering his age-34 season and has a relatively short track record of success. Only having one year of cheap obligation to Lynn mitigates that risk (financially, obviously its still a major competitive risk). I get that it stings to trade 6 years of control for 1, but I'd rather get 1 good year out of Lynn for cheap than 1 good, 1 mediocre, and 1 trash, and for more money too. Hard pass on owing 36 year old Lynn 10-15 million. That said, I hope this opinion ends up aging like the Abreu extension takes.
  5. gusguyman

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I was on a cruise a few years back and a college-aged kid near the pool made the really poor life decision to try and shotgun one of those giant 25oz cans of Fosters. He made a big deal about it, got the crowd pumped, tons of people cheering or jeering him. I'll give him a bit of credit - he gave it a real shot. Probably made it about 2/3 of the way through, though perhaps that was just momentum carrying him over the edge of the cliff a la Wile E. Coyote. Regardless, suddenly he throws down the can and sprints across half the deck for the bathroom. If you have ever been on a cruise, you will know that doors (especially external doors) are often actually bulkheads - they have a 3-6 inch metal lip around the entire thing. Well, he apparently forgot or didn't notice this (he did have some pressing concerns that may have been distracting him), because he slams his foot on the bulkhead as he is sprinting into the bathroom. He does a gorgeous faceplant at full speed into the tile, then proceeds to vomit up about 17 oz of mostly undigested fosters (as well as who knows how many oz of other drinks) all over himself and the bathroom. He lost his lunch, his dignity, and, most importantly, his open bar wristband. The rest of the trip, he would get bronx cheers anytime he emerged on to the pool deck. This isn't really relevant to anything tbh, but I will never be able to see a giant Foster's can without remembering this modern day Icarus.
  6. gusguyman

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Expecting something and accepting something are two different things.
  7. gusguyman

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Eaton is a locker room cancer, but you can survive that when you have strong, mature leadership from the manager ahhhhh fuck
  8. Underrated aspect of this trade is that it makes our bullpen better too by taking innings away from the worst guys. Hell, our bullpen practically died of fatigue after just 60 games last year. Taking away Dunning and adding Lynn's 200 innings is a MASSIVE boon for our relief corp. Suddenly, if Gio or Dallas has a short outing you don't have to wait a whole trip through the rotation just to get back to a guy who can reliably get you 6 innings again.
  9. Attention If you or a loved one was diagnosed with ProspectLove, you may be entitled to financial compensation. PropsectLove is a rare form of prospect obsession linked to rebuilding team exposure. Exposure to rebuilding teams such as the Astros, the Cubs, or the White Sox may have put you at risk. Signs of ProspectLove include mood swings, hot take flashes, insomnia, obsession with prospect ceilings, and trade paranoia (Tatis syndrome). Untreated PropsectLove can result in irrational behavior like over-valuing possible future performance, the ability to name the 37th prospect of a baseball team, arguing over the 37th prospect of a baseball team, or death. Please don't wait. Call for a free legal consultation & financial information packet. 1-800-99 Law USA ProspectLove patients call now!
  10. If you think Lynn is a total pumpkin or Dunning is a future 2 somehow, I understand hating this trade. But Lynn looks like a workhorse 2+, and even one year of that is worth Dunning. TBH, if 4 years from now we are saying we lost the Series because of a hole Dunning left, drafting and development will be the much bigger problem than this trade. Dunning is a fun guy to root for, but his skillset is fairly replaceable. That said, I would have liked this trade a lot better if we were getting 1.5 years of Lynn 6 months ago.
  11. gusguyman

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    If women are falling unconscious due to your stench you should get out of the basement and into the shower pronto
  12. gusguyman

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    The greatest coach in the history of College Football says trust the process, not the results, but I'm sure coaching baseball is totally different so the complete opposite is true here, yes.
  13. gusguyman

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP and Hank Aaron Award

    It's going to be really tough, but this MVP gives him a shot. Generally two things are needed to make a solid HoF case - a peak that was higher than any of your peers, and longevity/accumulation of career stats. Having an MVP season gives Jose the peak - he can now say that for at least one season, he was the best player in baseball. That's huge. Longevity/accumulation is going to be a real issue for him. He had a late debut (27 years old) and his best season was only 60 games. He is at 28 WAR right now, and generally 60 is seen as the bar you have to pass for serious contention. If voters are willing to cut him some slack, he still probably needs to get to 50 WAR. That means, even if he puts up two more 5 WAR seasons on this contract, he STILL has to find 12 more career WAR as 1B/DH after his 35-age season. The good news is, if he manages that he will certainly have 300 homeruns, and might even be close to 400, which would be a good milestone to add to his case. It isn't impossible, and I really really hope he does it, but it is far from definite.
  14. gusguyman

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    explain yourself coward
  15. Am I being immoral when I don't buy Sox merch or tickets because they suck? Its only immoral to affect the Sox bottom line when its for non-sports related reasons? Shit, I should have read the Sox Fan Contract before I signed it, I didn't realize there was a minimum spending limit each year.