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    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    If women are falling unconscious due to your stench you should get out of the basement and into the shower pronto
  2. gusguyman

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    The greatest coach in the history of College Football says trust the process, not the results, but I'm sure coaching baseball is totally different so the complete opposite is true here, yes.
  3. gusguyman

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP

    It's going to be really tough, but this MVP gives him a shot. Generally two things are needed to make a solid HoF case - a peak that was higher than any of your peers, and longevity/accumulation of career stats. Having an MVP season gives Jose the peak - he can now say that for at least one season, he was the best player in baseball. That's huge. Longevity/accumulation is going to be a real issue for him. He had a late debut (27 years old) and his best season was only 60 games. He is at 28 WAR right now, and generally 60 is seen as the bar you have to pass for serious contention. If voters are willing to cut him some slack, he still probably needs to get to 50 WAR. That means, even if he puts up two more 5 WAR seasons on this contract, he STILL has to find 12 more career WAR as 1B/DH after his 35-age season. The good news is, if he manages that he will certainly have 300 homeruns, and might even be close to 400, which would be a good milestone to add to his case. It isn't impossible, and I really really hope he does it, but it is far from definite.
  4. gusguyman

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    explain yourself coward
  5. Am I being immoral when I don't buy Sox merch or tickets because they suck? Its only immoral to affect the Sox bottom line when its for non-sports related reasons? Shit, I should have read the Sox Fan Contract before I signed it, I didn't realize there was a minimum spending limit each year.
  6. You've somehow let a Billionaire owner convince you that he has no autonomy, no free will, no choice in this matter. He does. If fans put enough pressure on sponsors, they'll tell him the Larussa is bad for business right now, so they are terminating the deal until he's gone or until a couple of years go by and it all blows over. He then has a choice, a legitimate choice with a glaringly obvious answer - fire larussa or suffer revenue losses. If he CHOOSES to take losses (a stupid, selfish, and irrational choice) and then CHOOSES to fire every other employee except Larussa, that is on HIM, and only him! Your argument is like saying we can't put someone in jail because their innocent family will starve to death if they choose not to work. Your argument is like telling someone who got sucker punched not to fight back or its their fault that they got in a fight. Your argument is exactly the same one billionaires use (and spend millions on amplifying) to paint workers going on strike as the villains. Its bullshit, its bootlicking, and, unless you are a Billionaire yourself, its counterproductive to your own success.
  7. The 8 hour work day will be a disaster for workers! It will cut into company profits leading to massive layoffs! And striking will just make it that much worse! Support your innocent local workers and tell your congressman to vote NO on the Fair Labor Standards Act!!!
  8. In 2011, the Boston Red Sox under Terry Francona finished 90-72, and even that record might undersell their talent since they ended the season with a ridiculous 6-18 slide. in 2013, under John Farrell, the Red Sox finished 97-65 and won the World Series. In between those two years, they somehow went 69-93(!!!!) under Bobby Valentine. I agree that, in general, most managers make only a small impact on a team. But the exceptional managers on either end of quality spectrum can have much much larger impacts, with the bottom of that spectrum probably yielding a larger impact than the top. And FWIW, Bobby V had proven himself to be at least a competent manager throughout his career. It turns out, even a normally fine manager can have a catastrophic impact if he has lost touch with the game or if he is a terrible fit for the roster. I'm not arguing either of those are sure things for TLR, but its a real possibility, so I don't think you should say with certainty that the Sox will be just fine. They could be. Maybe its even likely they will be. Its far from a sure thing.
  9. gusguyman

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    If you didn't hate WSD before, his failure to use a "Katz out of the bag" joke here should finally convince you. Absolute incompetence.
  10. Pretty sure this was already posted in this thread, I can't believe it has to be trotted out again already
  11. gusguyman

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    I don't think Bochy would be offended we went with LaRussa when we never even officially interviewed him. If we had hired Hinch or an unproven guy like Fuld, had that blow up in our faces, and then went back to him I could see him being angry at being the 2nd choice. But he is a contemporary of Larussa and a baseball lifer, I am sure he is familiar enough to be comfortable with owner cronyism, and I don't think he's going to be insulted that we went with a guy who was considered the gold standard of managing for much of Bochy's career.
  12. The thing that gets me - how the fuck did the Sox not have plans in place for this??? They knew it was happening, and they didn't have a PR gameplan ready? The best they can do is TLR barking "I have nothing to say" and hanging up? They should have had his pre-written statement framed besides his phone (because I assume he is old enough to still have an actual house phone), and had numerous plans ready to go depending on the backlash. This franchise is shockingly incompetent
  13. Not just that - do you know how hard it is for a famous celebrity to get two DUIS? There is a reason celebs either seem normal or like major addicts - selection bias. They only get in trouble enough to get booked when they have major problems. How many times did Tony get pulled over in St Louis with no repercussions because he is Tony LaRussa?
  14. I really really hope there are fans in the stand in 2021 so I can see the look on Tony La Russa's face when the White Sox's season starts with fans greeting him with roaring boos.
  15. gusguyman

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    I also can't wait for TLR to be a memory. A distant memory.
  16. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Makes sense since his trolling is high effort but low skill
  17. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

  18. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    fellas, is it feminine to have a shitty boss?
  19. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    I was going to disagree with you but I consider you one of the worlds foremost experts on stupidity so now I am not sure
  20. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Guess we don't have to worry about COVID killing Jerry or Tony, Sarah Spain beat the roundbois to it
  21. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Tray wants respect just for surviving a certain number of trips around the sun? Sure sounds like a participation trophy to me...
  22. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Good guys wear black? #CHANGETHEGAMEOWNER no, while I wouldn't shed a tear for him I don't actually hope JR dies. I hope he loses 99.99% of his money and has to sell the team tomorrow though.
  23. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

  24. gusguyman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    General Assistant to the Manager
  25. gusguyman

    Rick Hahn is Sporting News Executive of the Year

    This should be a fun thread