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  1. bubba phillips

    White Sox vs Twins

    Easy solution: Make Abreu the permanent DH. Let someone who can actually field the position play 1B. I know he wants to play in the field, but he's got to realize that he's hurting the team with his glove.
  2. bubba phillips

    White Sox vs Twins

  3. How's this for an oddity? The lowest BA in the starting lineup today is a season high .240---and it belongs to Eloy Jimenez of all people.
  4. bubba phillips

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    That's at least the second game he's cost us with his errors. You would expect that these minor league scrubs that are called up due to injuries would at least play decent defense.
  5. bubba phillips


    Many posters have referred to Jimenez's "noodle arm". Eliminating loafing, proper positioning, throwing to the correct base, etc. can be taught. Can a noodle arm be strengthened or is he destined to never throw out a runner at home or at least keep base runners from running on him at will?
  6. bubba phillips

    And That's a Bill Walton/McCann Slam Deja Vu White Sox Winner !

    Highlighted items are from the movie "Airplane". Hope Walton gave them credit when he used those lines.
  7. bubba phillips

    And That's a Bill Walton/McCann Slam Deja Vu White Sox Winner !

    minor sidebar: Sox won 7-2.
  8. bubba phillips

    Random Sox Trivia

    Yea, but it was dead ball for everybody. Walsh was still the best of that bunch.
  9. Didn't somebody post just a couple of games ago that his fielding was improving? Must have meant somebody else.
  10. bubba phillips

    Random Sox Trivia

    He didn't win a Cy Young, since the award didn't start until 1956, but he definitely was the best pitcher in the MLB in 1908. Ed Walsh had the best record ever by a Sox pitcher. He was 40-15 with an ERA of 1.42. In fact, he holds the MLB record for best career ERA of 1.82.
  11. bubba phillips

    Anderson getting some national love

    As is Curtis Granderson, who has made a huge commitment to his alma mater, UIC, and the kids on the South Side.
  12. bubba phillips

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

  13. bubba phillips

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    Actually it is. The likes of Alonso, Rondon, Palka, and Reed are finally all gone. There were games when we had 2 of them in the lineup in the same game, usually one of them batting 4th. Good riddance.
  14. bubba phillips

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    Now that Castillo has inched his way over the Mendoza Line (at least temporarily), we are fresh out of sub .200 hitters on the current 25 man roster.
  15. bubba phillips

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    Just need 8 more wins to match last year's record. Should be a piece of cake. They can lose 3 of every 4 games for the next 32 games and they would tie last year's mark----and still have 11 games left to improve on it. I, for one don't think these are meaningless games. I think it's paramount for this franchise to show some improvement from last year, just to show that the rebuild is working. Damn going for a top 5 pick.