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    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    Then they should let the umpires know that. Then maybe West wouldn't have tossed Anderson.
  2. To those of you defending Anderson's antics: Would you feel the same way if the situation was reversed? Say it was the KC player who showboated after hitting an HR and the Sox pitcher then plunked him on his next AB (which you damn well know Renteria would order). I would bet most of you would back the Sox. It's not about what is being done, it's whether or not it's your team that is doing it.
  3. Looks like Renteria has settled on the sequence of pitchers out of the bullpen to go the last 3 innings (in a close game): Fry, Jones, Herrera, and Colome.
  4. bubba phillips

    Anyone else want to claim Swihart / DFA Castillo

    By the White Sox? We don't fix 'em, we break 'em. Other teams fix what we break.
  5. bubba phillips

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    Don't underestimate KC. They just swept 3 from Cleveland. They're 4th in the AL in runs scored (while the Sox have the 2nd worst pitching staff in the AL). They also lead the AL in fielding, with a total of 3 errors in 15 games. Hell, we have a couple of guys who have more than that all by themselves. This series is definitely not a given.
  6. bubba phillips

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    That's not necessarily true. He can play another position and then return to the mound. I believe it was the Cubs who did just that this week.
  7. bubba phillips

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    Speaking of horrible defense, is there a more horrid outfield defense in the majors than Jimenez-Garcia-Palka?
  8. bubba phillips

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    I'll be happy with a HBP or catcher's interference.
  9. bubba phillips

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/13, 12:05

    On the other hand, Phegley (a catcher) is batting .333 for Oakland with 3 HR's in 12 games. Simien is batting .319 and playing good defense (supposedly the reason the Sox let him go). Bassett, the 3rd player in that trade is on the injured list, but a serviceable pitcher when healthy. Those 3 guys were traded for Samardzija. That sure worked out well.
  10. The Sox are 16th in value at $1.6 billion and 6th in operating profit of $76 million. That comes out to 4.75 % of profit divided by value. I haven't done the calculations for all 30 teams, but for 4 of the top 5 teams in value, that percentage is right around 2.8%. I would bet money that the White Sox are #1 in operating profit as a percentage of total value. Another reason to hate Reinsdorf if you're a fan and love him if you're one of the stockholders. BTW, I always thought it was "F you" (not FU)
  11. bubba phillips

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    Killer bottom of the order. 7-8-9 "hitters" have the following batting averages: .118 .074 and ZERO.
  12. It certainly doesn't look good at this point. It amazes me how many people think that just because you say you are doing a "rebuild" that that automatically will make you a World Series contender in 3-5 years. It would help if you had a front office that knew what it was doing. Not the case here, I don't think.
  13. bubba phillips

    Covey Sent Down

    Strange story, this one about the one they call Dylan Covey. Last year, as of June 18, these were Covey's stats: 7 starts, 40 1/3 innings pitched, 16 walks, 35 K's and an ERA of 2.90. And then he turned to crap for the rest of the year and so far this year. What the hell happened? I know baseball is a game of adjustments. Many rookie hitters start off like a ball of fire. Then scouting reports over time reveal the batter's weaknesses. He then adjusts to the pitchers' adjustments or he doesn't. He becomes a star if he does, becomes mediocre or gets sent down to the minors if he doesn't. Pretty straightforward, I think. But what about pitching? Forty innings is a pretty good size sample (20-25% of a season for a starter). If Covey did that well, nice K to BB ratio, and an excellent ERA, what happened? Adjustments by pitchers usually go the other way: a guy has trouble early on in his career: control problems, pitch location, mental toughness when things go wrong, etc. Then, if he is successful, he figures it out. Many HOFers started out poorly before turning it around. Off the top of my head, Smoltz and Glavine here in Atlanta had less than stellar beginnings to their careers but they figured it out. I've never seen it go the other way as it has for Covey---to go from an ERA of 2.90 as a starter to out of MLB as a dreadful relief pitcher.
  14. bubba phillips

    Sox and Tribe Game #2

    We lead MLB in one category, at least for today: most players in the starting lineup whose first name starts with the letter "Y" (3)
  15. There was a story in the local paper here in Atlanta about how the local teams play games with the attendance numbers. The announced attendance for games at Mercedes Benz Stadium was not people in the seats nor tickets sold but TICKETS DISTRIBUTED. So tickets given away, whether they are used or not, are counted as part of the attendance. The Sox might need to do that this year.