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  1. It's your hyperbole that makes you such a douche.
  2. Writing off baseballs players at age 23 is just moronic.
  3. They're useless because the sample size isn't large enough. How can you not comprehend this?
  4. Do you even read the horseshit you post?
  5. Your argument here seems to be "some people here think Madrigal is going to be bad but the sample size doesn't support drawing an accurate conclusion. BUT, because people do this, I can use it to justify a sample size of 1000 PA for Moncada to predict his entire career with absolute certainty." The fact is, the sample size is not nearly large enough to support any statistical predictions. And on top it of all, you make toss in your personal "I don't think" predictions based on whatever you feel supports your narrative. Go away.
  6. This is not something you could ever possibly predict. But yet you say it with absolute certainty. This is why people bait you.
  7. Did you use the new crystal ball function in that sheet?
  8. It's because you act like such a dick when you say it. That's why it's funny to shove it back in your face.
  9. default

    5/17 Games

    No can do. Rick's got to keep Yonder's bat in the lineup at all costs.
  10. default

    White Sox Sign C James McCann

    The Sox can certainly afford it.
  11. default

    White Sox Sign C James McCann

    Who can’t afford it?
  12. Even Alonso's mom has to be questioning why he's constantly batting 4th, while sporting a cool .598 OPS.
  13. I vote this to be the dumbest poll of all time.