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    How do you think the Astros will line their pitchers up?
  2. What a way to boost your positive ratings!!! Clever...
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    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I mean this really is somewhat of a make or break time for the team. We have prospects debuting, young players entering their second full season... having the buzz of Manny on top of this could create a tidal wave of good results. Opposite side, we don't sign him and we either continue with the rebuild and more young guys don't perform/get injured. It could get ugly in a hurry. Obviously there's the other outcomes with the young guys, they could stink after we sign Manny, or they could be incredible even if we don't sign him. I just see this offseason as the fork in the road.
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    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    It really does sound like nonsense to me... but I thought I'd pass it on since the one saying it has connections. I actually haven't checked in for a few weeks as my friend is just returning from his honeymoon out of the country.
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    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    This is my first ever post, so I understand if it looks like a troll job. A friend of mine who lives in Chicago (let's call him Tom) is friends with a guy (let's call him Mitch) who works very closely with an owner of another prominent MLB team. Tom has gotten front row Cubs tickets, luxury box Bears tickets, etc because of this connection. Around the time of the Winter Meetings, Mitch told Tom to bank on Bryce to the Cubs. Tom had heard the same reports as the rest of us with the Cubs not being involved but the other guy said it was a done deal and just took moving salary out. He said the following guys might get traded... Heyward, Happ, Russell, Schwarber and Quintana. Mitch also told him it would probably happen soon and this was 3+ weeks ago so that part of the story already is lacking. I've met Mitch quickly when he hooked us up with some Yankees-Cubs tickets two summers ago (I despise the Cubs but wasn't going to pass up that chance) and he seems down to earth and definitely connected. Tom thinks Mitch's word is gospel but obviously a lot of BS gets floated out in different circles. Just thought I'd pass it on, it sounded like nonsense cocky Cub talk, but Mitch is affiliated with a rival of the Cubs so it wasn't wishful thinking or anything on his part.