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  1. NebSox36

    Hawkisms - A Reminder / Memories Thread

    I still wish they could bring him back to the booth 1 series/game a year
  2. NebSox36

    8-23 GT: Sox @ Cubs (1:20pm)

    Cancel the post game
  3. NebSox36

    8-23 GT: Sox @ Cubs (1:20pm)

    Fastball(not)... okay now a Fastball(Not).. no way he throws me a fastball 0-2.... (FUCK A FASTBALL) lol
  4. NebSox36

    8-23 GT: Sox @ Cubs (1:20pm)

    Cease is looking solid yet again.. he like many have really shook off the first week through the rotation.. Since 1-4 start rotation has stayed pretty steady
  5. NebSox36

    8-19 GT: Tigers @ Sox

    got my vote
  6. NebSox36

    8-19 GT: Tigers @ Sox

    nasty,sick,dirty... dudes taking candy from the kids!!
  7. Apparently not while he has a winning team he isn’t
  8. For someone who’s a PLAYERS manager he sure as fuck doesn’t ever say shit about bad calls! RR is a joke
  9. Same pitches to Robert were fucking strikes lol
  10. Doesn’t throw but 1 strike there, not Roberts fault on that one
  11. Poor offense from the Indians nothing to do with GIO pitching and battling his ass off
  12. I like Marshall but I don’t want him in there with a 1 run lead give me heuer
  13. Heuer is going 8th or burdi.. I would go 8/9 with a combo of those 2