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  1. RTC

    2nd Generation Rebuild

    Somewhere, Greg’s head just exploded.
  2. RTC

    JD Martinez

    Yep. FA’s this winter that are Boras clients include Cole, Strasburg, Moose, JDM, Ozuna, and Rendon.
  3. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    You mean like how a few pages back I prefaced my post saying I was just spitballing and you spent several posts telling me why I was being too unrealistic?
  4. You mean the guy that had a whopping 79 ERA+ and led the league in hits, ER, and HR?
  5. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    Which is why I prefaced the whole post by saying I was totally spitballing on the numbers. I didn’t really intend for it to be any sort of specific plan, but rather an illustration that the Sox have the financial freedom 1)to be thinking beyond answers like Avi or Yolmer and 2) it’s not a situation where they need to spend money on pitching rather than hitting, they can do both
  6. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    OK, fine, considering this thread is titled "A Realistic Offseason", I'LL BITE but it's all about TOTAL roster construction, not just one position: PREMISE : this team has way more more payroll available that most people understand. Enough that they need to be thinking WAY beyond friggin' Avi Garcia or Yolmer Sanchez. ASSUMPTION : agree or disagree, they're going to re-sign Abreu. I'm convinced of this. I think we need to accept it. ASSUMPTION : plug the holes on offense, while upgrading the defense, but emphasize starting pitching. ASSUMPTION : Robert and Madrigal up mid-April ASSUMPTION : RF defense doesn't suck PAYROLL (spitballing here, anyone feel free to nitpick but I don't think I'm WAY off base here): $15M base (all they have is TA, Herrara, and Eloy) $20M for Arb and league minimum players (Arb is largely McCann and Colome) $12M Abreu (I'm thinking/hoping they'll do 2+1option, 12/10/opt) ------------ that's $47M, hypothetically add: $10 Gardner for RF (I like BamaDoc's idea, but pick equiv if you have better RF idea) $15M Grandal $12M Moose (2+opt, move Jose to DH, Moose can be 1B, along w/ Mendick can hold 2B until Madrigal and can provide 3B, DH, left-handed bench) $6M bullpen (because... bullpen - you better sign a body or two) $32M for 2 starters (take your pick based on this budget - I'm thinking one #2 plus an inning eater) -------------- That works out to be $122M payroll which is roughly the Twins payroll. If you disagree with my #'s and think it's $130+, fine, they can afford it. ROSTER ASSUMPTIONS: - Abreu is primary DH - with 26 roster spots you can afford to carry someone like Engel, if can at least hit .245 - McCann/Collins rotate between C/DH/1B - If Abreu needs to pay 1B a couple times x week to keep him happy, fine, whatever You've added: - Robert, Madrigal, Moose, Gardner, Grandal, to Moncada, TA, Abreu, and Eloy. Hella lineup. - 3x LH bat - 3x veterans, all with playoff experience - 3x guys with avg to above ave OBP - 2 starters - bullpen support - You've upgraded, defensively at 1B/RF/C AND ....: - you've upgraded 1B, C, and RF WITHOUT BLOCKING LONG TERM Sheets/Vaughn, Collins, or Basabe/Rutherford/Adolfo/Walker That's way better than Yolmer and Avi, and has nothing to do with chasing JDM or, Cole. Now .... do I think this organization can pull this off .....? But this is what's possible. We need to dream bigger than Avi or Yolmer.
  7. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    So: - your basing your expectations going forward based on the 1 most recent year of an eight year career? - you’re willing to accept -4.6 defensive WAR? (based on the same year you’re picking offensive stats) - you don’t think the Sox can afford better? (And no, I’m not talking about JDM)
  8. RTC

    Chris Sale

    Because it’s Saturday night and apparently everyone is drinking
  9. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    Yes. Unequivocally yes. Especially when sentimentality is involved. The time for that is past. Or, frankly, never existed if the goal is to win a championship.
  10. RTC

    A Realistic Offseason

    BamaDoc has some interesting suggestions. But as for some of the other suggestions in this thread, if this organization isn't thinking higher than giving Yolmer three years or bringing back Avi ...... lord help us
  11. RTC

    Hahn SOTU

    Two observations: - I heard no mention of C. I think those of us who want Grandal shouldn't hold our breath. - I didn't see it quoted in this thread but I read in an article that Hahn said if Jose is back "as DH or 1B". The fact that he even mentioned DH gives me hope that they see a need to upgrade defense at 1B.
  12. RTC

    2020 RF options

    Why do I have a terrible feeling this winter we’re going to hear “we feel Palka provides us the left handed power we’re looking for in right field”?
  13. RTC

    2020 RF options

    This approach will get the Sox nowhere. If you want the best of the best you HAVE to play the stupid games agents want to play. I'm not saying I like it, but that's the reality these days. If you want top free agents: 1 - you have to be patient and let it drag on, likely all winter 2 - you have to overpay for the back end of the contracts We can wish it was otherwise, but 99% of the time it's not. The top teams sometimes do both. They sign Wheeler while they're waiting for Cole.
  14. RTC


    The recent comments here make too much sense, which leads me to believe that Ricky will still be managing, they'll be attempting tons of SB's (because "we want to remain aggressive out there") while getting thrown out 32% of the time, and Moncada will be at some weird spot in the lineup (because "I need to break up the righties"). And bunting. Ugh.