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    4/17 Games

    Exactly what I've been thinking lately. They sort of get lost in the mix because there are bigger names at their positions, but what exactly do Flores and Booker have to do before we say "hmm, maybe this guy can be a solid major leaguer"? This is the second season where they're both outperforming some more hyped prospects.
  2. RTC

    What Now?

    Ahhhhh ... now you're getting to the heart of the frustration for a lot fans.
  3. RTC


    You sound like my Cub fan friends who want "good guys" with Clark the bear roaming around. I don't care one lick whether the Sox have a team full of surly bastards if they win the division every year. AJ was a total jerk and the fans loved him.
  4. RTC

    What Now?

    People often ask what the objective is, but what we have to clarify is WHOSE objective do we mean when we ask that question. Over simplification, but: A - Fan A wants another year of tanking because the Sox are still rebuilding. Their objective is to get a high draft pick again. Record be damned. B - Fan B thinks this is year 3 of the rebuild and feels progress should be apparent. In their opinion the objective should be to see improvement and maybe win 70+ games. C - Fan C never wanted a rebuild in the first place. They believe the objective for 2019, as every year, should be to try to get to the playoffs. D - And then what is the objective of the front office for 2019???? That we have no idea about. I'd guess that right now they're somewhere in the area of B above, but the problem is it's looking more like A is still happening. Hence the frustration on the part of a lot of fans. Personally, I'm probably in the range of B above. But ..... I'd feel WAY more comfortable if option A ended up happening IF I felt category D knew what the hell they were doing. Unfortunately, I'm losing more hope on that front every year. And this winter my hope took a major hit. EDIT to summarize: There are definitely C people on this board and get totally get where they're coming from. But I think a lot of us here are B people, who see A happening, not intentionally though, but by what appears to be the incompetence of D.
  5. RTC

    What Now?

    Exactly my point. When it comes to putting players on the field who are better at doing baseball things, a lot of other organizations appear to be better at their job.
  6. RTC

    What Now?

    Yes to all this. I was thinking about how other teams just look a hell of a lot more competent. - First of all, as for rebuilds, people seem to like to reference the Cubs and Astros. Those are NOT comparable at all. Those two organizations didn't just change the 25 man roster or upgrade their minor league talent. They tore everything down to the studs, up to and including a new front office and building world class analytics departments. Did it right. - I thought the Tigers were supposed to be rebuilding. I'm not even sure what moves they made, if any, but they seemed to have passed us by on the way to at least being competitive. - Tigers again, and Indians. Two mid-market teams that have had stretches of division winners while the Sox can't seem to get out of their own way. - Mariners. Whisky tango foxtrot. It sure seems like they traded away their entire roster in the last five months, and I know it's early in the season, but I'll be damned if they don't look like they might be for real. - Look what the Phillies pulled off in one winter. - Friars. Enough said. - I'm not sure what to call the A's or the Rays. Are they always rebuilding? Whatever they are, they are really small market teams that seem to be able to sprinkle in some competitive years. Hahn hasn't even been able to pull that off. And the worst part: none of those teams listed above had ANYWHERE NEAR the assets the Sox had to trade away to start a rebuild, let alone the surplus value attached to them because of extremely team friendly contracts. This organization is a friggin clown show.
  7. RTC

    Someone is going to get fired.

    No one will be fired. But if they are the next yes-man in line will just be moved up the chain, so no real change either way. The similarities between this team and the Bulls are striking, and there's one common denominator.
  8. RTC

    What Now?

    Spot on. It's a rebuild, I get it. But when it comes to talent allocation in the front office, dugout, or on the field this organization acts like they either don't care or are just totally Incompetent. And I'm beginning to worry that it's actually both.
  9. RTC


    As long as we can all agree to stop making up stupid nicknames.
  10. That’s what most people overlook when comparing this to the rebuild of either the Cubs or the Astros: they didn’t just rebuild their roster. Both franchises not only tore the entire organization down to the studs (not just the front office), but did the same with their organizational philosophies, including majorly building up their advanced stat departments.
  11. RTC

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    This is spot on. Might be time to head to Nineveh son.
  12. The biggest piece of BS in this is his line about not being able to re-sign the core because they'd lose financial flexibility (assuming there is a core, which is an unknown at this point) and he's said it twice now. Let me get this straight: committing $30M of your annual payroll to Manny or $25M of your payroll to Bryce somehow ties your hands in constructing a roster more than committing the $31.25M per year you offered? Silly me.
  13. RTC

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    Yep, that's why this is so insulting and I'm so pissed. (and honestly, I'm surprised, but the feeling is not going away) - You see that quote from the Phillies front office : Don't want to let the fans down. (And if you want to hear more, read the Phils press release this morning and you'll get a sense for how much they understand the marketing benefit of having Bryce. Heck they sold 100,000 tickets in the first 24 hours after they signed him. How many milliions of dollars is that?) - The Giants front office looked at Harper as solving a problem with ticket sales and fan interest: "panic and desperation about season-ticket sales and fan interest has become the overriding factor" https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/02/28/bryce-harper-free-agent-giants-dodgers-phillies/3014206002/ - White Sox front office: can't spend a dollar if we only have fifty cents. Hey, but they're not cheap. They don't seem to care either. Other organizations realize they need to put a product on the field to attract the fans (i.e., don't worry about not spending fifty cents, spend the dollar you might not have and you'll get three back) while the Sox want the fans to pay up first. Most org's seem to have a "build it and they will come" philosophy. Sox : "we might build it IF they come first". I've been a Sox fan for over 40 years. I have bled black and white. I'm not going to go root for the Cubs or anything crazy like that, but I don't know to what extent I can support this ownership anymore. I just don't know. Somehow, some way, they need to get the message. I'm just not sure they ever will. I'm sick of this shit.
  14. RTC

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    What you say makes sense in theory, but the reality is that these are the risks a team has to take if they want a top free agent. There's only a handful of tippy top FA's and if you want one of them, the truth is THEY have the leverage and opt-outs are part of the game these days. Heck, most people were stunned that Machado's opt-out wasn't until year 5.
  15. RTC

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Exactly. Think of it this way: What if someone told you “Bryce Harper is actually looking for only a 3yr/$105M deal and the Sox can beat out the rest of the league and get him? He’s theirs. Oh, and by the way, if you sign him to a 3yr contract there’s a possibility that you’ll have him for 7 more years.” I’d take that in a heartbeat.