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  1. RTC

    Spring Training thread

    Rick Hahn can bite me
  2. RTC

    Spring Training thread

    And JR’s budget is the walls .....
  3. RTC

    TA7 on Hanging with Hurt

    Don’t disagree with anything you said. I was just reacting to the idea that athletes couldn’t behave like children
  4. RTC

    TA7 on Hanging with Hurt

    You’re right. People are acting as if a grown man would do something as childish as cut up a jersey he doesn’t like.
  5. RTC

    TLR publicity train

    Yeah, but his disrespect was sincere, so it’s okay.
  6. And you don’t trust the guy that wants to run a Chevy dealership when he tells you he’s offering a Lambo.
  7. If you can’t afford a weak bat from a position that is 1/9 of your lineup and primarily defensive (and often better D than the starter) then the correct answer is : “we didn’t build or roster correctly”
  8. RTC

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    Poppy, I can’t tell if you incessant optimism wears me out or is wearing me down ...
  9. RTC

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    RH: “something something insular something”
  10. Is everyone assuming at this point that 40% of the rotation is going to be cobbled together from 4-5 different guys over the course of the season? On a team with WS aspirations? That’s the plan? The thought of that just brings back nightmares of Ozzie’s whole DH-by-committee extravaganza.....
  11. How does a guy who hasn’t thrown over 120 innings in 4 years solve the need for innings in the back end of the rotation? Everyone talks about “bridge to Kopech” but then what also happens when Cease hits 130-140 innings or so?
  12. Just dawned on me: let’s assume for a minute that the “it’s a business” argument holds water. If that’s the case, and a decade ago you were top ten payroll and now you’re middle of the pack, what does that say about the way you managed your “business” relative to your competitors?
  13. Are we talking about the same Bob?
  14. RTC

    Musgrove to Padres

    My kingdom for an owner that: a - knows how to build an organization b - give a fuck
  15. But there’s some stiff competition.