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  1. Never going to happen. They’ve got a pitching coach who refuses to adopt any semblance of modern pitching thought, and had an announcer that ranted about some stupid ass TWTW and they seemed to love him. I can’t believe this never came up, but I’m convinced the whole Manny friends and family plan had it’s roots in signing-Thome-will-get-us-Konerko-back. I’m fully convinced they thought “hey, it worked before”. This organization has demonstrated no capacity for forward thinking.
  2. Definitely this. Every time I start to think maybe I’m just being too critical someone does/says something that reminds me how far they are from being an elite organization. I swear they’re trying to piss me off.
  3. I’m not so sure about that. Fans on Soxtalk? Agree. But I’m not so sure the average fan gets that outraged about all this. Even after last winters’ debacle average game attendance is up 10% this season.
  4. I understand the first half of your post, but as for the second part it's not just that they didn't spend it, it's that they were sitting in the penalty box for 2 years with nothing to do internationally but scout THIS class and they couldn't find more kids that were at least worth taking a shot?!? No one? (Acuna and Albies mentioned above as examples of what a crapshoot can look like, however slim the odds)
  5. It’s either cheap (saving a couple $M) or incompetent (not using all your J2 money and trading it for scraps AND sending cash in addition to TX) or both. I don’t know how this move can be framed as a win for the Sox.
  6. Turns out it was Drake LaRoche. Kenny came down and escorted him out of the park.
  7. 10 bonus points for making me look up the definition of miasma
  8. RTC

    Dylan Cease

    Guys having the wheels come off for an inning is typical of a young pitcher. Guys who rebound and don't let it derail their whole outing is the sign of a very good young pitcher.
  9. RTC

    Cubs Get Holland...

    So what?
  10. RTC

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Random thought for lack of a better place to put it: Given the single trade deadline and GM's needing to think a little more about roster depth and what they "might" need in September, I wonder if an uber-versatile guy like Leury might be more valuable than he would have been in the past.
  11. RTC

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Mark Kotsay 2.0 ..... Ozzie, is that you?
  12. But, but .... seat at the table ..... 50 bonus points awarded to you for actually respecting an opposing viewpoint on Soxtalk!
  13. As for the bold, I hope you're right, I really do. As far as the sentence after the bold, that's what they tried to do, so by your definition that would make them dumb. I agree, hence my concern.
  14. You won't be happy. There wasn't this past winter either but that didn't stop them. I agree for the most part, but it probably depends on if they're able to sign anyone. For instance, if they do sign 1 or 2 SP, that could make someone like Stiever available.
  15. Absolutely no. We need a RF not just with a bat, but one that can play at least middling D.