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  1. Pal

    Ballpark Experience at G-Rate Field

    Not very different. They try to keep you contained to certain sections. Concessions same. Parking same. Bathroom same. They dont bust your balls about the mask.
  2. Pal

    Corbin Burnes

    Vaughn was the late ask.
  3. Pal

    Trade Targets

  4. It's wild, people from St. Louis told me, if anything, TLR will always put out the best lineup to win that game. So I read his book "3 Nights in August" where he agonizes over lineup construction in a three game series against the Cubs. Then he gets here and immediately does the same bullshit that Renteria did to piss us off all last season.
  5. What channel is this debacle on?
  6. Pal

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Might fuck around and go straight to a beer and dog every inning, in my first game in 2 years.
  7. Pal

    4-1 GT: CWS @ LAA (9:05 PM CT)

    Dont be shocked to see Leury at 2b tomorrow.
  8. Pal

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Crochet is viewed as best pitcher on team by seasons end.
  9. Pal

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    Not sure he got low balled (probably did). But SEEMS he is betting on himself. Should be a good thing.
  10. Pal

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    No idea, just haven't heard anything new and think we would have by now if it was getting done before the season.
  11. Pal

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    Not sure what the deal is. Sorry I got hopes up with Vaughn.
  12. And he's only about half way through building back up to full strength as a starter again. Very promising.
  13. Rodon is for real. Would be incredible if this Collins is too.
  14. Youelqui Cespedes is gonna be here way to quick
  15. Pal

    Colas is coming

    Knocked out carbs. Desperate times.