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  1. Pal

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    Gio, Cease, Kopech, Bumgarner, Strasburg. More and more I'm in on going after Stras. Dont think he'll opt out, so big money next 4 years. Sox can take on most/all remaining $$$ and not have to give up the farm to get him.
  2. Ar that price I dont think they can expect a haul. Probably more than that though. He's intriguing at this stage.
  3. Pal

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    Agreed. Switching a young guy around like that can screw with him mentally.
  4. Pal

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    Been seeing alot of Rendon talk, and I'm a fan too, but where would he play on the team?
  5. Pal

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    Giolito a top five pitcher in the AL ( along with 2 other Sox alums Sale and Montas) just about a third of the way through 2019.
  6. Pal

    Rodon to IL; Giolito activated

    They have the assets to trade for a good pitcher. Damn sure have the cash to get Bumgarner in the offseason. Pair those moves with what we have, pitching staff will be fine.
  7. With ya. Allegedly he's on the block too. Wouldn't have to give up much, and when fully healthy,he's a hunk.
  8. Pal

    Fantasy Baseball

    I'd be down if we played for some cash. I have no pride left to gamble with.
  9. Pal

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I have no idea why, but I buy Mr. Robertson.
  10. Pal

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Brother, I'm on board. There is a coyness from the Sox end when it comes to this. I'm convincing myself that they are trying to get Machado at a premium to pull this off. Harper is on standby to see if it happens. Based on the leaked footage from the UC, this may have been part of the presentation to both. And it has been hinted at multiple times over the last 3 months how blown away Harper was by the Sox presentation. It doesn't make sense why they came so hard at Harper (unless he told them straight away it wasnt happening) and then immediately pivoted so hard to Machado. Maybe Harper was presented this and told them if they get it done, he's on board. Had to move quickly to Machado.
  11. Pal

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Its gonna get done soon. With the Lindor injury, the window opened a little more. Hamstring can linger. Sox have to get this done and get the other couple of moves done.
  12. Pal

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Who the fuck is Marwyn Fernandez?
  13. Pal

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Didn't pay much attention to him until this offseason. Wanted to believe he knew things, but looking like a clown. Possibly a D-bag clown at that. 👀
  14. Pal

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Brother, I will make a $100 bet that doesnt happen. Loser meets winner at winners favorite watering hole with the $$$