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  1. Pal

    Michael Kopech

    I saw Baseball America this week believes his ceiling is being a #3.
  2. Pal

    Yoan Moncada switches agents

    Makes sense, following a move like this.
  3. Pal

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Baffling offseason by Braves. 3 years to Will Smith, 1 year and giving up pick for Ozuna, and the pitching they grab is Hamels and King Felix? Castellanos must have let the league know he's waiting on a Chicago team. Waiting on Bryant move, pivots South of that doesn't happen.
  4. Pal

    MLB cheating scandal

    Beltran's niece put on Twitter that she had to come clean and that Bregman and Altuve had buzzing devices on their shoulders that buzzed letting them know the pitch from the tech guys in the clubhouse. Says she has pics. Deleted the tweets.
  5. Pal

    Would you extend Nick Madrigal? For how much?

    Not pre-arb cheap.
  6. Pal

    Would you extend Nick Madrigal? For how much?

    No. Keep some of the cheap young talent, cheap.
  7. Pal

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Heard yesterday Abreu was leaning on him hard to sign the deal and be on the Opening Day team. That dude's value is so high off the field, starting to think he's the next manager of the team.
  8. Pal

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    If its Red Sox JDM makes no sense. Mookie would be unreal. Who else fits the bill for an OF that could be moved? Haniger, Mancini, Marte?
  9. Pretty much a lurker for a couple years. Merry Christmas gang! Sox life is looking good for the next decade. Patience has paid off!
  10. Pal

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Yeah, doubt that too
  11. Pal

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Anyone see TA's tweet from this morning?
  12. Isn't Vizcaino still on Seattle? If he's available, love taking a flyer.
  13. Pal

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    No need to banter, this is a Boras ploy.
  14. Pal

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    Only thing catching my eye is he said 72 hours, the article essentially says they want it done in 72 hours.
  15. Pal

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    Wait...is there actually smoke to this bullshit???