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  1. KonerkoFan1

    Tony or Ricky

    The fact we need to actually propose this hypothetical is infuriating.
  2. KonerkoFan1

    Offseason Targets

    Us "fools" clearly explained why this proposal is silly. If your whole proposal is based on an "If Sale is healthy" it only proves our point more. Let this one go. There's no point to it and there's a lot of better directions to go in.
  3. KonerkoFan1

    Offseason Targets

    So you want to abandon ship on our best pitcher and assume he will only get worse and make big trades that literally solve none of our problems. I guess you were one who didn't want to sign him in the first place. And Sale might be damaged goods anyway. Why engage in a trade with so much risk activity on both sides? If this is the case, just trade Grandal and more for pitching, sign McCann to a deal and don't waste resources on a catcher when you don't need one. Or... just don't do any of this because none of it is really addressing any of our issues, lol. Payroll should not be that big of a concern right now. We're only going to go backwards. All these gymnastics to attempt to save a few bucks and avoid a potential risk we shouldn't worry about... to take on a possibly much bigger risk? This is all one big headscratcher.
  4. KonerkoFan1

    Offseason Targets

    Yes, I do. You're missing my point. We need to acquire more starting pitching. And we can do that without worrying that much about salary; I don't think that's exactly necessary. Trading our literal best for another one is counterproductive; it doesn't address any problems at all. We should be focused on simply adding more pitching, not trading quality starters for other quality starters. It literally does nothing to fix our actual problem. Aside from that, trading Grandal is a mixed bag possibility. I still think we should try to lock up McCann. If it's established we are trading Grandal, it means McCann gets what he wants, which is a starting position job. This wold be an easily possible scenario. Why trade for anther catcher then? Pitching is what we need.
  5. KonerkoFan1

    Offseason Targets

    Dealing Dallas to get another starter kinda defeats the purpose of going after one in the first place. We take one step forward and back at the same time. We also have McCann, so why trade a star catcher and seek another catcher rather than more pitching?. Not sure what the thought process is here...
  6. KonerkoFan1

    White Sox fan taunts Astros during ALCS

    I don't think the Astros are gonna get any sympathy from anyone. They are SO lucky this year of all years we couldn't have any fans in the stands, they were going to get absolutely eviscerated.
  7. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    Again, the failure of understanding the basic concept of putting your team in the best position to win is what is at play. And it's mind-boggling to me. If you followed the right process and lose it's ok. If you keep making bad decision after bad decision then blame rightfully goes on you for a loss. That's just the way it is. And if that isn't logical to a person then there's never any reason to hold the manager accountable for anything. But this isn't exclusive. A lot of fans don't give their team incentive to improve or hold anyone accountable for anything except the players.
  8. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    Sorry I hold people to what they say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you don't, it kinda defeats the point of an argument. Everyone wants to express their thoughts but no one wants to be wrong. The lack of answers to my questions and subsequent disappearances says everything; your empty, pithy response falls in the same line. I care about making points, not quips for the sake of amusement or admiration. Someone might call this "pedantic" but again, if you can't call someone out for obvious falsehoods then what's the point of arguing in a forum in the first place?
  9. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    He had already stated he watched none this year.
  10. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    This post and the post you yourself quoted from Orlando are TWO excellent examples of the childish behavior you won't see me partaking in. I'm looking for cohesive arguments from adults. Luckily there is a lot of that on this forum. Unfortunately there are always exceptions.
  11. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    Eh, my problem is I don't do that "agree to disagree" stuff when I'm presenting factual information. It just usually ends with the the other person refusing to answer a basic question and then disappearing (it's already happened multiple times).
  12. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    No, you did not. You never stated that you understood my explanation. If you had, you wouldn't still be posting in ire against me because we'd be in agreement and that would indicate original position was incorrect (which it was).
  13. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    LOL please explain where the straw man arguments are because I didn't even talk about arguments from anybody else, I simply explained the process of making good decisions versus bad ones. I'm thinking you might not know what a strawman actually is. I asked a legitimate question to another poster and you turned it around on me. Instead of just let it be and have him answer the question I was asking him. That's a form of whataboutism.
  14. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    Ok, which fallacy did I commit? You responding before you could have possibly read the entire post and absorbed it is a little telling, too. Not to mention justifying someone else not being able to answer a question. Whataboutism. Guess what? That's a logical fallacy, bud. Nothing like committing a fallacy while accusing someone else of doing so.
  15. KonerkoFan1

    Tony La Russa

    No, they are not. It's very simple, statistics aren't even necessary. You make bad decisions consistently, you will have bad results. You make good decisions consistently, you will have good results. A good result after a bad decision is fortunate but not commendable. A bad result after a good decision is of no fault. Renteria made abysmal decision after abysmal decision, game after game. As a result, we lost the division and 6 spots in seeding in a week. It is absolutely reasonable to pin that on Renteria because win or lose, he made constant bad decisions and therefore is to blame. By your rationale the manager is never at fault It's really very simple. This is 100% objective.