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  1. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    Unacceptable is an MO for this organization.
  2. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    Absolutely disgusting. And sadly, this is all par for the fucking course.
  3. RagahRagah

    Thank You Everyone

    This feels like the only true White Sox forum on the whole damn internet. Love you guys.
  4. RagahRagah

    Do we need to acquire a closer?

    Colome made us nervous quite a bit but always got the job done. No reason not to seek him for one more year. Bummer will be there for whatever role we will need him for.
  5. RagahRagah

    The Blake Snell Thread

    Yeah, I'm open to a lot of proposals being thrown around here but we are looking for more than just one quality starter and giving up more than one of Dunning, Crochet and Cease might prove too costly. I would be open to trading Vaughn but very hesitantly. We would have a future 1B/DH problem really soon.
  6. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    Again, not sure why so much hyperbole with Ozuna's defense lately. Also, virtually all contracts are an overpay these days. I'd rather overpay for a really solid OF than pay peanuts for a bad/mediocre one. That's the way this team has operated for years and it really needs to change.
  7. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    I have never understood the mentality that Ozuna is a "butcher." On top of that, the offensive production we would get from those guys would be well worth it. I think if you look at the season Ozuna just had and don't want that guy on your team you are over analyzing just a tad. Why is Springer a risk?
  8. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    Springer, Brantley, Ozuna for starters. Sorry you're not keen on an idea most of this board is behind. We're past the "cheating" part of this and I really don't want to have to go over the obvious reasons you should be overlooking that AGAIN because it's been done to death but either way for you to act like there aren't any options is ignorant. There are some really prime RF options available this offseason. Joc would be a mere consolation prize.
  9. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    No reason for this to be a serious question.
  10. RagahRagah

    George Springer Thread

    Dude was a legend. His presence on this forum was similar to what Trump's 4 years were in the pantheon of Presidencies.
  11. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    This should be the end of the discussion.
  12. RagahRagah

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    Obviously WAR is important but simply using WAR as the lone foundation of so many arguments against Jose as if it is the only stat that matters is essentially lying with statistics. He's also played more than *2* seasons. There's a reason you have a really bad rep on this issue.
  13. RagahRagah

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    You pretty much always WERE wrong about him.
  14. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    I'm not really worried about that, but doesn't that also enforce the possibility that we get less value for him anyway?
  15. RagahRagah

    Offseason Targets

    The obsession with trading Madrigal (usually for players with question marks) on this board is so irritating. No one apparently wants Brantley or various other players due to "injury concerns" yet we cant wait to offer up a young, cheap, controlled potential all star who just hit .340 in his rookie season AND MORE for a definitely injury prone pitcher. I want a star SP too, guys. But trading Nick is not the answer.