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    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    that makes no sense at all. both him and mazara only hit against righties, and jbj is worse at it. what is the point of JBJ at all?
  2. Kiebs13

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    both...depth wins championships.
  3. Kiebs13

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    If it makes anyone feel better, Rangers fans are just as, if not more, pissed on Twitter lol
  4. Kiebs13

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    Don't set the bar too high.
  5. Kiebs13

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    I implied as much. kopech and moncada were both more highly regarded at the time of the trade than either madrigal or vaughan.
  6. Kiebs13

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    this is where my pipe dream of signing rendon comes into play lol. just daydreaming.
  7. Kiebs13

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    you get 4 years of a cost controlled ace. sox got more for 3 years of sale. this is definitely less than the sox received.
  8. Kiebs13

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    madrigal, vaughan, + mid tier for snell who says no?
  9. the guy with a road era over 5 and flyball rate near 40% is in no way, shape, or form a better fit for the Wsox and guaranteed rate field. just wrong.
  10. Kiebs13

    Sox in on MadBum

    Oh fuck me.
  11. maybe the brother in law thing would have worked here? lol
  12. when does Bob leak the sox offer? any minute now, right?
  13. @raBBit does this imply they met with wheeler? We've all seen them linked in the media, but the only team I have seen reported to meet with him has been the rangers, even if they are now out.
  14. Must be nice to be part of the negotiations. Any other updates?
  15. convinced this is Katy Perry's Bootyhole disguised as a sour fruit. Wheeler to the white sox confirmed.
  16. Dudes a nobody. Look at his history lol.
  17. yolmer...wonder if this means it is official?
  18. these are the important things we must know.
  19. Kiebs13

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    white sox put yolmer on waivers. addition coming soon? open 40 man spot.
  20. Kiebs13

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I feel dumber for finding it.
  21. Kiebs13

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    we have moved onto a fruit tweeting white sox rumors lol
  22. Kiebs13

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    thought he was the guy that had the scoop on the Pederson deal last offseason that, in turn, killed the deal.
  23. Kiebs13

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I mean, the MLB video says 1 of the 3 lol. Reading is a skill.