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  1. EloyJenkins

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    very good news indeed. This makes a very big (strasburg, Wheeler, Rendon) deal much more likely since they are assuming that Vaughn is a cost controlled piece starting 2021. BOOM!
  2. EloyJenkins

    Hot Stove is Already Hot! Will Smith

    Good. Winter Meetings could be NUTS if everyone is actually making their decisions. Also...good for MLB. They need a super buzz filled off-season because this Astros thing is BAD.
  3. EloyJenkins

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Very surprised at the gamble. If dude tears his elbow... Hopefully he regresses and Twins now have less payroll to use. I wonder how this affects their offseason plan?
  4. EloyJenkins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    speculation. Sorry should have stated that this close to deadline.
  5. EloyJenkins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    2/24 guaranteed - team option for 8 million/2million buyout for 3rd year.
  6. EloyJenkins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    I can get behind this. He is a good bat if the price is right and ultimately could spell Moncada at third occasionally (or rendon ) This also is a perfect transition for Madrigal. Hot dang...we need Moose!
  7. EloyJenkins

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    After Hahn's comments yesterday about Vaughn being a quick mover...Are they going to look for a 1 year stop gap type DH then? Because Jose would HAVE to move to DH in 2021 for Vaughn...right? Not sure I love the idea of 3 year Jose
  8. EloyJenkins

    A Realistic Offseason

    Crap. You guys are right. My fat finger had a typo. I meant to say 4/60. I still think that is life altering money not to walk away from.
  9. EloyJenkins

    A Realistic Offseason

    Weird tactic. With Record breaking deals possible and teams that lose out looking for a fall back....why do this and risk injury? He gets 4/80 at the VERY minimum on Market. I cannot believe his agent and WIFE would support losing so much. That is family altering money if his arm falls off.
  10. EloyJenkins

    Rendon Thread

    What teams will be willing to give that high of contract to him? Rangers, Phillies, Angels? Mystery team? Nationals offer is 7/210, right? so 30 m AAV. Sox max offer in the 7/245 range, that is 35m AAV. Is that enough to sway him? Maybe. 6/220 is 35m AAV also...but would he really take that to leave a team he just won a series with? 5/200 just isn't happening with this ownership.
  11. EloyJenkins

    Rendon Thread

    I don't think Strasburg is unobtainable...it will just be very difficult. And I would argue that Rendon and Grandal are Perfect gets for year/value in the window of competing that is forming. Machado/Harper were nice fits but would have been wasted 30 million assets last year and quite honestly...performed just OKAY. I very much prefer Rendon to Machado if he can be had for a 6-7 year and less than 32 million AAV contract.
  12. Talk about amazing timing. One of two teams that would be an annual threat to the Sox rise in the AL (yankees other obviously) is going to potentially get penalized and will be under the radar in a MAJOR way the next season or two. I would imagine the team BA goes down at least 10% next season and Free Agents are definitely going to think twice about going there if they care about the optics. While I doubt MLB comes down too hard, this can only help out the Sox over the next 3-4 competitive seasons. Also...Screw the Astros - glad they lost this season and I have lost massive respect for their success.
  13. EloyJenkins

    A Realistic Offseason

    Why are my pants so tight after reading Twitter...?
  14. EloyJenkins

    Rendon Thread

    I love that this is a thing. Some laughed at me when I suggested this as a really aggressive off-season idea. I know it won't happen, but seeing it thrown out there is fantastic. Rendon is simply the best FA not named Cole...and arguably the most realistic to steal
  15. EloyJenkins

    Rangers might trade lefthanded hitter/outfielder

    If Eloy can get better in the field (it's a stretch, i know)...then Robert can shade to RF a bit and mitigate a mediocre defender. Then Castellanos is viable. But they really seem to be pushing for a LH guy no matter what the skillset is.