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  1. EloyJenkins

    Sox vs. Mariners 3/5 2:05PM

    that play isn't going to go over well here... Eaton misjudged a liner pretty badly.
  2. EloyJenkins

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    i live 5 minutes from the new Braves park...I can confirm people drink quite a bit...and I am glad to see how much cheaper our beers are there! Pre and post gaming in ATL is the real problem though. the park is literally an entertainment complex with like 12 bars built into the outside of the stadium...and 10pm and later is just a puke fest.
  3. EloyJenkins

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Since AAA is delayed...you can't manipulate time at all, correct?. Looks like AV is the starting DH. You are NOT waiting until mid may/early June and taking the division seriously to play games.
  4. EloyJenkins

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    If he is willing to sign...you do it. I can't seem to find who is agent is? Anyone have that and see any reason why he wouldn't be eager to get going. He already has the 7.2 mil draft deal, this would set him up for life.
  5. EloyJenkins

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    Wanted Vaughn up again with runners on. This is silly.
  6. perennial 30 hr/ 40 steal / gold glover 265-280 career BA, and a 5-6 WAR player every year. He hits his peak in 2024 and from 24-27 he will be a top 10 player in the league with a 7-9 WAR peak a season and at least one MVP. He should be a #2 hitter in most lineups, but because Anderson/Moncada, he probably settles in as either a #3 or #5 hitter. Personally I put him #1 and watch him turn into a Soriano 40hr fastball leadoff crusher. But this team is too talented for him to bat there.
  7. EloyJenkins

    White Sox v Brewers Game Thread 2 CT

    Love seeing Anderson, Moncada 1, 2 to start. I really hope TLR sticks with that all year.
  8. EloyJenkins

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    3 innings of Crochet to start, followed by 3 of Kopech every 5th day... good luck hitters.
  9. EloyJenkins

    Spring Training thread

    Will be interesting to see if he has any lingering stamina issues going forward.
  10. EloyJenkins

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Boras is good at his job. Rosenthal gets a nice Salary even if for just a season. I guess the Mets must have pushed his price up? Getting Hendricks at a near similar price for 2021 is pretty nice (even though sox overpaid by 1 season).
  11. EloyJenkins

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Tatis extension. 14 years/340 million. 😱
  12. EloyJenkins

    Hendriks Really Wants to Play for TLR

    If TA7 gives his blessing after a couple weeks, this should be able to be put behind the fanbase...I hope. IF they come out hot and win a bunch in April, winning baseball will be the focus, not TLR histrionics.
  13. With a Covid impacted season and injuries/callups/rest, I don't see how any team will be able to "avoid" using lefties against the Sox. And the division is pretty heavy with them, so while it may affect a couple games here or there...I just don't see last years small sample size affecting strategy in that big of a way.
  14. EloyJenkins

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Which is fine. They need him more for second half of the season tbh