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  1. EloyJenkins

    Ian Happ

    I think Cubs are just trying to give happy reality check. I don't think they are looking to trade him yet. If he comes up and struggles again though...I'm sure they would take offers.
  2. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    i think he has to basically. Boras really screwed him over if he thought 100 mil + was realistic
  3. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    4/60 is much more realistic to actual. the draft pick part is concerning though.
  4. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    I know that is the problem though...who makes sense? Everyone is already extending. Sox need at least 1-2 really professional pitchers when their competitive window opens in either 20 or 21...but almost no FA options are going to be around....so prices will be SKY HIGH. Bumgarner, Wheeler or Porcello will be your top options now with all moves this week.
  5. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    he wont get anywhere close to the 100 million he wanted imo.
  6. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    IF no one else is willing to give him more than 2 year deals...yet it is.
  7. EloyJenkins

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    With Sale, Archer, Verlander and Cole soon to be locked up...the Sox should be checking in on the latest asking price for Dallas. Yes...it will be a slight overpay for his diminishing skills...but the options next year will not be good and the only alternative will include trading top ten minor talent as the Yankees, Dodgers and Cubs will be desperate for arms next year. 4/64 sounds about right and he will slot in as a mainstay with Kopech, lopez and Cease for '20-22 seasons (with maybe 5th year club option). This season can be a revolving door of our #5 type starters and you can see if Giolito has what it takes and give Dunning the time he is going to need without rushing. I didn't want him in an overpay...but I think the slim pool of FA impact will be gone completely soon and he offers a chance at getting decent production for the cost. Thoughts?
  8. EloyJenkins

    Eloy officially got paid

    Honestly...this is 75% why this deal was done. Add in poor season opener ticket sales....they needed a story to motivate the fans. I think it's a mediocre baseball decision that will either be just under market value or a slight overpay. This will never be a Great deal, but the PR vibes alone was worth it for RH. My favorite part though...is they can't use the future contracts we need to sign will dictate our payroll line. They locked up their biggest asset for 8 years with a budgeted number. Now FA attempts need to be fair, not underpays
  9. EloyJenkins

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    Beer, brats n onions and a whole lot of Eloy. What else is better? Also...the idea of having an incredible third baseman could be absolutely vital to this rebuild. He has the power. He has the bat speed. He has the defensive instincts. He puts it all together, madrigal hits and the sting of Macho man is gone. Consider me overly optimistic as well, but I think at least one of the MiLB kids goes crazy this year and jumps through the system and rankings. Rodon finally stays healthy. And in case it all fails...more Beer.
  10. EloyJenkins

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    Once again...Machado's deal was a "Bargain" compared to market rate. We will never have a chance at a top 10-15 player for under 300 million ever again. But at least we will have that Eloy money saved up for years...
  11. EloyJenkins

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    My top choice for FA is Manny Machado. Can he opt out this year?
  12. EloyJenkins

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    This was a bargain hunting excercise for me. At full price...nah, it's a pass. But if he can be below market rate it really solidifies the staff and forces the fringe guys to really compete. He isn't perfect, but I would rather have him than Bumgardner, because Sale and Cole won't be in JRs price range...
  13. EloyJenkins

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Keuchel... Should we? Buster Olney's new article today shows a very limited market with no one wanting to pay or go long term. Should Sox be aggressive and offer 5/70? Value would be tremendous and he would lead the team the next few seasons and be on the team during contention window. At worst...he is a #3 on this team in a couple years and maybe can help mentor the young guns. I know 5/70 is probably unrealistic, so let's say 5/80 max offer. Just seems solid to me. Thoughts?
  14. EloyJenkins

    3/3 vs Cubs, 2pm

    A cease sighting finally. Hopefully he really puts it together this season and is ready for 2020. Sox need it BAD.
  15. EloyJenkins

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    This off-season has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. Posts like the OP sounds so silly considering what we all went through together. I haven't sworn them off and that is silly, but give people their own time and space. JR literally caused ulcers and grief beyond repair to some.