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  1. EloyJenkins

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    If more than 50% of a team is infected, the whole league will have to shut down. The scheduling is too tight for a ravaged team to miss even a couple games without a major cascading effect around the league. Buckle up, this season is gonna be bonkers
  2. EloyJenkins

    2020 Schedule

    This is absolutely a winnable schedule. Yes the last 14 games are tough. But think about this: 10 against Tigers 10 against Royals 4 against Pirates 24/60 games against 3 of the worst 5 teams. Sox always win at least half of the Cubs games (3 guaranteed wins, 4 most likely) Sox play 20 of 30 home games in August when the ball flys out the rate at high numbers This schedule has so many great things going for it. 33-36 wins is ON THE TABLE.
  3. EloyJenkins

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    yeah, since it effects everyone different, I am sure a few players will have their season wiped or be very weak and ineffective. I am hopeful that the white sox will be overly precautious.
  4. EloyJenkins

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    agreed, these are super athletes in peak condition. They should be able to fight it off and the roster is pretty well set up to handle a few down - especially before the season starts.
  5. EloyJenkins

    Is Gio Gonzalez' shoulder recovered?

    If he is fully healthy...he is gonna be a great #4 and exactly what the Sox need. 1. Gio 2. Dallas 3. Cease 4. Gio G 5. Lopez/Kopech/Rodon 3-5 is going to be so competitive in a shortened season. I kinda want them to go 6 man rotation if Rodon and Kopech are fully healthy.
  6. EloyJenkins

    Top 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To

    1. Potential to win it all in a shortened season 2. Every game actually matters. 3. One of the young players has a superstar season (Moncada, Eloy or Robert imo)
  7. EloyJenkins

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    So Sox got an ace in 4-5 years if things pan out in Kelley, a solid #3 starter in Crochet (or lights out 2 inning Miller type) and another lefty reliever in the 5th that could make the majors. If they hit on all three this draft is a massive success. If they hit on 2, it's their best draft in years. If Kelley hits, then it was all worth it. Color me impressed for 5 rounds.
  8. EloyJenkins

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    I thought the same about veen. these lucky pedigree mofos.
  9. EloyJenkins

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    it's fine. He isn't BPA, so the philosophy bugs me, but after Sale, need to give them the benefit of the doubt on lefty evaluation.
  10. EloyJenkins

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    soderstrom over Detmers? I say go BPA, but it will be interesting.
  11. EloyJenkins

    Radio Broadcast Speculation Thread

    Absolutely. I know he gets a bad rap here...but him and Boers in their heyday were incredible. Between some of their feuds, who ya crapping, and the way they handled 911, he is indeed bulletproof. I always wondered why he didn't get more involved with White Sox broadcasting since baseball is a big deal to him. Interested to see who gets the gig.
  12. EloyJenkins

    RIP Ed Farmer

    My favorite Farmism. He will be missed.
  13. If it's a White Sox world championship season...No Asterisk needed...😁
  14. Trying to justify the trade?? Scouts outsmarting themselves? Just really dumb thinking?
  15. EloyJenkins

    Rangers @ Sox | 3:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Seeing Kopech break 100 that easily made my pants tighter. Is that normal?