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  1. EloyJenkins

    Reconstruction: The Realities of TJ (Ryan Burr)

    Really rooting for him. Another nice piece out of the pen would be important
  2. EloyJenkins

    Steve Stone stays in White Sox booth

    A more enthused booth is always a better booth. Stone knows his stuff and is a great compliment to benetti. Lots of winning to watch for this duo, and it should be fun.
  3. EloyJenkins

    Would you extend Nick Madrigal? For how much?

    Extend him a high five for his first hit in mid April and relish in the fact the sox saved some money for the long haul.
  4. EloyJenkins

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Im going bold. Robert puts up a 3.5 WAR, wins rookie of the year, and has a playoff walkoff THIS season. I'd kiss Hahn today if I saw him.
  5. EloyJenkins

    Here’s A Laugh

    Maybe the Twins marketing picked up on Win or Jermaine Dye Trying...
  6. EloyJenkins

    Here’s A Laugh

    I know they will regress...but regression for them probably means 90-93 wins still. Are Sox prepared to win that many? At THIS point of the off-season I say not yet. I'd say 86-89 feels about right and MAYBE a chance at 90-92 if everything went perfect.
  7. EloyJenkins

    Here’s A Laugh

    Twins will most likely win the division in 2020. So they can be cocky. But from 21-24, the White Sox should not only win the division but potentially be world series contenders. Let them have their opinions, but once the core is in place and we see progression (it's coming) then we can enjoy their futility
  8. Glad for the repost. Really cleared up some of my concerns...
  9. EloyJenkins

    ****NEW UPDATED 12/28/2019 White Sox 2020 Roster comments enclosed

    Is this the soxtalk equivalent of that Facebook gradient scroll post? I will ask though...what is Roberts 6th tool? Is dude packing more than light tower power?
  10. EloyJenkins

    Lead-off Man

    I agree that Jimenez (if September is his future) should bat third...I just don't see RR doing it.
  11. EloyJenkins

    Lead-off Man

    Robert is going to be a Soriano in his prime type of leadoff hitter...40 bombs a season ish (with juiced ball FOR SURE). Having him give the team the lead in 12-18 games a season is such a huge thing for a young pitching staff. With opposing starters wanting to establish their fastball...he is going to CRUSH some cookies. #2 spot is the one that is most interesting to me. TA, Yoan or Grandal all would be interesting, but I lean towards Yoan. Robert, Moncada, Abreu, Grandal, Eloy, Encarnacion is insane.
  12. Entrapment Zeta Jones...that's one that will make the pants tight.
  13. EloyJenkins

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Really, Really good. As in top 10 (arguably 5) in baseball good. It's going to cost for that.
  14. EloyJenkins

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Pillars defensive numbers have tanked. I'd rather just use Engel for the elite defense and solid lefty splits and save the money for something else
  15. EloyJenkins

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Plus moving to the cell may help even more. I wonder what his cubs specific numbers were playing next to almora