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    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    They have $130 mill on the books next year. That isn't considering the Arb of Bryant, Baez, Hendricks, Schwarber, Contreras, Happ, Almora, and Edwards. There will be substantial Arb contracts next year. That $130 or $93 million, whatever you want to use, will sky rocket. They will then need to fill the holes of whatever they lose next year in addition. They won't be able to afford them unless they blow past the luxury tax again.
  2. palehose05

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    They do, but the Yankees will not be in the market for a 3B or OF. They will be seeking starting pitching. The Cubs will also be looking for starting pitching, but they will not have the payroll they we do. The Sox will still be able to outbid the Cubs for Machado. Not to mention, if that were to be the case, the Sox would be entering their window to compete in 2020 so they will outbid anyone for him then. Playing for the Cubs may sound more appealing but by the time of 2020, all of the Cubs core will slowly be coming off their contracts. They would be signing a long term contract with a team who will fall into the bottom of the standings after 2 years of the multi-year contract.
  3. palehose05

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    They won't sign to 1 year deals. Nothing will change from now to next off season in terms of how the market is going to operate. By signing a year deal, they will be risking injury or a down season. Also, their agents won't let that happen. If two of the biggest agents in baseball allow their top players to not get a good deal and let them sign 1 year deals because they were unable to produce a contract for them, that would look awful for them in terms of business. Why would any other player hire them as their agent when those two top agents can't produce for the leagues premier talent? The less talented players wouldn't sign with these two agents who take bigger %'s out of their contracts to get an outcome that any other agent can get. A one year deal will not happen. The market won't change next year, there is too much risk involved, their agents, and their agents ego will not allow these two generational talents to do it.
  4. palehose05

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Neither Harper or Machado are going to the Yankees. If they did, they would run into the same exact issues that the Cubs are. They wouldn't be able to keep Judge and buy pitching when Paxton is a FA in 2021, Tanaka is a FA in 2021, Happ 2022, Sabathia is done after this year, and Severino is going to be looking for Ace money in 2021. You also have to factor into that these guys are going into their arbitration years. Based on how on how the FA market is now, players will make more money in Arbitration because there is an actual arbitrator who will determine their salary. The Yankees will eventually need starting pitching and a lot of it. Andujar allows them to save money to eventually have to go out and get pitching they need. Not to mention, Andujar is a very good player and to have a player at that cost isn't worth the price of Machado. Now that Clint Frazier is healthy and if he plays to expectations Harper isn't worth the cost either. Not to mention, they can find a cheap OF to fill that spot so they can splurge on the starting pitching they will eventually need. Yankees aren't signing either. It doesn't make sense long term for them UNLESS they literally fall right into their lap below a $200 mil mark.