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  1. The Critic

    Ballpark Experience at G-Rate Field so far in 2021

    I went to Tuesday night's game by myself and they sold the seat right next to me to a total stranger. That was the last thing I expected after the big to-do and the self-backpatting they've done about their social distancing, sectioning off the crowd, and zip-tying of seats. I won't be going back unless I go with others, I don't want to be made uncomfortable like that again.
  2. The Critic

    Vacation/Travel Thread

    QUOTE (Sonik22 @ Jul 26, 2017 -> 11:13 AM) The past two years I've taken a two week vacation by myself in July. It's pretty freeing if your comfortable by yourself. It's always great being able to do whatever you want at any time so I can't recommend it enough. The last two years I've done solo Vegas vacations, and I love it! I miss my wife and daughter, no doubt, but it is so great to not worry about anyone else's schedule or being ready or being tired (or if I get tired or want to cancel something). There are pluses and minuses to traveling solo, but for me there were more pluses.
  3. QUOTE (iWin4Ron @ Jul 23, 2017 -> 11:02 AM) Critic, I like your storyline much better than what WWE laid on us. Tonight is "battle ground" more like rematchamania. Not a single match up excites me. Aj Styles vs. Owens should be good, and there should be some decent wrasslin' going on, but my God, there is not a single feud on that PPV that is worth my time. Worst one might be Cena/Rusev part III. Is it possible that the Mahal Experiment ends tonight? As little as I like Orton, this Mahal thing has been beyond boring.
  4. QUOTE (Brian @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 05:08 AM) Angle playing the proud dad has won me over already. Finally something for him to do outside the scripted GM stuff. I'm going to fantasy-book for a second. If they were going to do the son storyline, I thought it might be a better long story if Angle became American Alpha's manager on SmackDown (to avoid conflict of interest on Raw). Eventually, they start losing some matches and Angle places blame more and more on Gable. Then it comes out that Angle is Jordan's father. The story can then go a few different ways - Gable fumes over the favoritism and turns on Jordan, Jordan agrees with Kurt blaming Gable and turns on him, or Jordan rejects Angle, which leads Kurt to keep trying to win him over. I would have avoided the fake dad story entirely, but we'll see where it goes and if it can possibly be any good.
  5. The Critic

    Vacation/Travel Thread

    I'm going to Vegas for 4 days in late May. Staying at Excalibur because it was dirt cheap and I wanted to be nearer to the Strip than I was last time. I don't need a "better" hotel, it's just a bed and a place for my stuff. I stayed at the Westgate last year - it's a very nice hotel, but even with the monorail stopping there, it felt far away from any of the places I wanted to go. I'm going to spend more time at Fremont/downtown this time - I was there for a short time a couple of days last year and it's a very fun area.
  6. The Critic

    Lopez and Kopech Starting Tomorrow 2/28

    I'm in no hurry for any of the prospects to be called up. This is not going to be a quick turnaround, so why rush anyone? Obviously if they determine that someone is ready, then yeah, call them up, but no one should be hurried for what is going to be a low-expectation season.
  7. QUOTE (Brian @ Feb 28, 2017 -> 09:41 AM) Going to FastLane and actually kind of excited. I'm looking forward to Braun vs Reigns. Reports say their house show matches have been good and I thought the last segment last night was good. Miz is so underappreciated. He's been good in almost everything they've asked him to do. He's going to be one of those guys you look back and remember as better than you thought he was at the time.
  8. QUOTE (Soxfest @ Feb 5, 2017 -> 08:49 PM) I see Lucha Underground season 1 and 2 going on Netflix Feb 15. I am going to check it out. Seasons 1 and 2 were a lot of fun. The show is losing steam now in my opinion.
  9. Yeah, now reported as torn MCL, 6 to 8 weeks. The Twitter stuff must be a way to keep the rivalry going during the rehab. I wonder if HHH shifts to fight anyone else at Mania (Foley, maybe, building off a beef with Steph?) or if they just scrap it for now?
  10. Joe is taunting Rollins about the injury on Twitter, so it smells like storyline to me.
  11. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Nov 30, 2016 -> 06:25 PM) Looks like Ric Flair just signed a new deal to be on the Raw roster for a while so that's cool. No it's not. Flair as an onscreen performer nowadays is a "New York Met Willie Mays" situation.
  12. The Critic

    2016-17 NHL Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Nov 23, 2016 -> 12:44 AM) Vegas Golden Knights. Would have preferred Nighthawks, and the logo is a little too LA Kings for me. No one will use the "Golden", they will unofficially be the Vegas Knights.
  13. This is what you get in the Network Era. Imagine the outrage if people were still paying 40-60 bucks or more for pay-per-views and they got a 90-second main event. (I know some people still buy PPV's, but I can't imagine why they would) But now that the PPVs are basically just an add-on to the Network subscription, they mean nothing and are treated as such. If Brock's not leaving WWE, I don't understand what good any of this does.
  14. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Oct 12, 2016 -> 10:03 AM) Paige and Del Rio will do very well on the Indy's I'm sure. I bet Paige is gone from WWE semi soon but I'm also sure she'll be back in a few years when she matures a little bit. Burned bridges are never burned bridges in WWE. Unless you are Chyna (RIP) or Jeff Jarrett.
  15. QUOTE (SoxFan562004 @ Oct 11, 2016 -> 12:26 PM) I guess we've all been young and misguided, but not sure what her endgame would be. Obviously there's TNA and indys/conventions where I'm assuming she'd do OK, but she's come out and said she needs back surgery. She's much better off getting her downside while she's sidelined, especially since she's already going to miss 1/4 of her pay this year with the two suspensions. She's very young and not thinking clearly. This all started when WWE separated them in the draft. The relationship with Del Rio has been very detrimental to her. She'd better hope she doesn't burn her WWE bridge too badly, unless she doesn't care about wrestling or is okay with wrestling on smaller stages.