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  1. Cashman

    Ricky's inspirational message on the line up card

    I think he is suggesting a promotion in order to be "nice". He takes this promotion to keep the loyalty instead of firing.
  2. Cashman

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Dye, specifically said, someone offered him more money, but he gave the Sox his word. AJ said he wanted X amount, but the Sox only had less than that to spend. They traded Lee because they would have to re-sign him, had nothing to do with changing the top of the order. Also, are you suggesting they knew they would win the WS?Really, you are gonna split hairs with Jay/Herrara? If you remember that Buehrle contract, they didn't wanna re-sign him, until the backlash.
  3. Cashman

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    I would LOVE to hear them.
  4. Cashman

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Why did they let Belle walk? Why did they put a diminished skills clause in Thomas' contract? Why did they let Ventura leave as a player? Why did Dye/Pierzynski take less money in 05 to come to the Sox? Why did they trade Lee before the 05 season? Why did they go to Paulie and AJ when trying to get Dunn and have them delay their salary to sign him? Why do they seem to trade for guys with 2-3yrs left on their contract rather than singing a guy for 5-6yrs in FA? Why did you just dump money with the Nate Jones trade? What happened in this past offseason? Jon Jay was your biggest FA acquisition... Let that sink in. We met with Bryce at the beginning of FA, had the United Center photo leaked and never another word. The amount of Jersey sales/ticket sales would of paid at least half his salary and that is not counting the endorsement money from being on the cover of games. And the Machado thing... He literally said he wanted $300M and the Sox literally had no competition all offseason until it was leaked their offer was under $200M. And what did he do? Signed for $300M like her said. They saw early on backlash from the fans, and then they had better play from Moncada/Giolitto and the rest of the team. And people got excited and went to games. And they are trying to sell us the same garbage as last offseason. And people are gonna buy it. And we are gonna go into next season with the same results, but this time Robert and Madrigal are going to be on the team doing what Eloy/Moncada/Giolito did this year. And it is just a big circle jerk. This teams problem is pitching, and they REFUSE to pay more than 3yrs to a pitcher. So you are not being "objective" by thinking this is gonna change. People DO NOT CHANGE, they just don't. Jerry cares about money. There is a reason FAs do not sign with the Bulls, and it is not because they have to live up to MJ. It is because he is cheap and puts dumb clauses in contracts. Why? Because Jerry is cheap!
  5. If his FB is in the low 90s, that isn't good.
  6. Cashman

    How long before a Cease promotion?

    I want Cease up ASAP with what is happening with all these TJ's and he already having one. The problem is, the amount of innings he has thrown as a pro, and I wanna say he was around or a smidge over 100ip last year.
  7. Cashman

    Santana will start TUE

    $4M for a low level prospect IF they are able to trade him.
  8. Cashman

    Luis Robert to Start Season in A+

    He's not gonna stay healthy for that.
  9. Cashman

    Ian Happ

    Steele Walker/Nate Jones for Happ/Chatwood
  10. Cashman

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    I think if we are looking for players to take steps forward, correct. Not a terrible amount are going to be ready. I think Eloy is up opening day, after that maybe a RP out of need. I think Madrigal might be up at some point, I say that because of the move of Moncada to 3B for him. After that, maybe Cease at the end of the season like Kopech. Maybe...... Collins gets a look, I think he has an MLB bat, not sure on that defense, nor a position since we have enough DH/1B on this team. IF Robert makes it a full season without getting hurt, I think he could be up in 2020.
  11. Cashman

    Dallas Keuchel time is now.

    Boras has over estimated the market for his guys. Moose got a 1yr deal and has to play a different position in Milwaukee. Everyone thought Harper was gonna get $400 mill, but settled on $25M a year. My guess, he signs a 1yr deal.
  12. Cashman

    Have we hit bottom?

    The Sox hit rock bottom, when they failed to land a major FA this offseason. We have become the Pirates.
  13. Cashman

    Garpax vs KenHahn

    Isn't the bigger question, what is the same in both cases? I think it starts with a J and ends with an erry.
  14. Cashman

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    It was a joke, he should of been up in July of last season. Kenny has targeted both Adam Jones as well as CarGo, so that is why I made the joke. Kenny always gets his man!
  15. Cashman

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    How about both, and keep Eloy down another year? His defense needs work!