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  1. Cashman

    Harper actually loved his meeting w/ the Sox

    He visited once, and we never heard anything after that. I wonder.....If Philly and the Sox has some under the table agreement. Sox don't offer Harper anything, and Philly doesn't mess with Machado...
  2. I think this "quarantine" will happen roughly until about Juneish. But large gatherings, probably until next year.
  3. I am gonna predict, both the NFL and MLB will cancel their seasons.
  4. Cashman

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    With the Mocada extension, I have been watching a lot of his highlights playing 3B. There have been a handful or so throws that were either high or Jose had to stretch to get. That is something I am concerned about Vaughn being 6ft and playing 1B. I am not saying Vaughn can not play 1B, just a tad concerned with how small he is.
  5. Atleast Hawkins didn't give up on baseball.
  6. Saw it too, makes no sense...
  7. Cashman

    Sox @ Royals | 2:05 PM CT | KTXR 1660

    He still has a few check marks to hit, before he can come up 2 weeks into the season
  8. Cashman

    FS: Dane Dunning throwing without issue

    Who knows, I would assume he reports to AA.
  9. Cashman

    Andrew Vaughn

    I just don't like his size.
  10. Randel Mondesi, son of Raul Mondesi, signed with White Sox. OF, 17 years old.
  11. 2 club options making it a possible $29.5M.
  12. Cashman

    Michael Kopech

    I think it is until like mid april or may when they get the control back.
  13. Cashman

    Michael Kopech

    I saw him at the start of 2018, pitch in Indy at AAA. He looked pretty bored on the mound. I think it would be a huge step back, keeping him in the minors more than the control of the 1yr they get back. He needs to be challenged.
  14. Cashman

    Michael Kopech

    Have you seen him pitch live in the minors?
  15. Cashman

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    He will be 25yrs old in September. We are kinda past the prospect stage and headed into the realm of 4A player.