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  1. Cashman

    Rodon to get QO?

    Everyone better get ready for an offseason of no spending. There is no way Jerry gives Hahn more money if he offers the QO as well as Kimbrel's option.
  2. Cashman

    What now for this series?

    We are getting swept.
  3. Cashman

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    For the love of GOD, can Rick DFA Goodwin to take away that option for Tony?!?
  4. I think Madrigal has a high floor and low ceiling with injury concerns.
  5. Someone said he had a GG. Yes, in a shortened season. You already have good defense in Adam Engel. I would rather play Sheets in RF for his bat and sub Engel in as a replacement than give up a bunch of prospects for a 1yr and 2 months of control.
  6. You already have that in Engel.
  7. I've already seen the Adam Dunn show, and I don't want to see it again.
  8. Cashman

    Jake Burger 4 DH!

    LOL.....No! That's an injury waiting to happen. If he keeps this up, and Eloy is ready to return, maybe a conversation with Moncada going to 2B needs to be had.
  9. Cashman

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    Take the catcher.
  10. Cashman

    One Trade Chip for every team

    Nothing on the trade block would warrant that return.
  11. Cashman

    One Trade Chip for every team

    I would not being giving up Kelley or Thompson, unless something blew you away. I don't think Stiever is going to be anything more than a AAAA pitcher.
  12. Cashman

    Vaughn to IL, Sheets up

    Step 1: Call up rookie Step 2: Don't start him
  13. Cashman

    The Bullpen Problem

    I think Stiever is nothing more than a AAAA guy. I see him as Erik Johnson.
  14. Cashman

    The Rookies

    I would take the over. I think he is going to hit 15hrs this year. I think after this season, he is going to be a 20-25hr every day player.
  15. Cashman

    zack collins

    And we could of figured this out in 2019 instead of playing Machado's brother in law.