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  1. chitown87

    The Official Too Soon Mock Off Season Thread

    Jesus. HARD pass on trading for Schwarber, and especially for Q.
  2. chitown87

    JD Martinez

  3. chitown87

    JD Martinez

    Completely agree on a lefty power bat. Just not sure how realistic that will be.
  4. chitown87

    JD Martinez

    Robert Madrigal Moncada Martinez Jimenez Abreu RF Free Agent McCann/Collins Anderson Shew. Maybe switch Madrigal and Anderson? I'm not the best with lineup construction, but the makings are there for an absurd lineup.
  5. chitown87

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    Just like 2005 when our B team swept them and prevented them from potentially winning the wild card
  6. Some of you guys need to chill out a little bit. It's not like we haven't seen Cease bounce back well after allowing a big inning several times before.
  7. chitown87

    Jose Rodriguez potential sox hidden gem?

    So you're saying he's somewhat near those guys' level as a prospect? I kid, I kid. Thanks for starting this thread.
  8. chitown87

    7/4 Games

    I've been firmly in the camp of keeping Robert down through next April to play the service time game, but I'm getting really damn impatient to see him and Madrigal in Chicago
  9. Call me insane, but I still see some potential in Covey
  10. chitown87

    6/30 Games

  11. chitown87

    6/30 Games

    I'm fairly new at following the Sox minor league system. Can someone explain the difference in level between the DSL, AZL, and Great Falls? Is Great Falls a step below Kannapolis? DSL seems like its primarily really young kids from Latin America, so generally success there should be taken with a grain of salt?
  12. chitown87

    Anderson leaves game with apparent injury

    It is a high ankle sprain per Van Schouwen on twitter
  13. chitown87

    Jon Jay reinstated

    Fortunately, 18 months put Kopech right at Spring training or thereabouts.
  14. chitown87

    Disco Demolition T-Shirt Night

    The hell is a "men's right supporter"?
  15. chitown87

    6/5 Games, Birmingham 11am

    Will Madrigal be playing with Bham today?