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  1. Calm down, man. Harold made a tongue in cheek comment. You're smart enough to know he isn't actually in favor of tolerating drunk driving.
  2. She seems very well qualified. Congrats to her - that's a fantastic accomplishment.
  3. I'm embarrassed and disheartened. What a disaster of a hire.
  4. chitown87

    Robert Gold Glove

    That's fantastic. Congrats to Luis.
  5. chitown87

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Now that's an unexpected reference
  6. chitown87

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Sorry to be that guy, but can't watch at work. What did he say? Appreciate it.
  7. chitown87

    Rick Hahn is Sporting News Executive of the Year

    christ, guys. try using your heads.
  8. chitown87

    Offseason Targets

    God. Now I have my hopes up for a Harper addition. Thanks, guys
  9. I thought he said he hurt it rounding third, not on the slide?
  10. Collins up means EE won't be DHing, right?
  11. Yep, this is exactly correct.
  12. chitown87

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Fucking embarrassing. And is that the Cubs bench hollering after damn near every pitch?
  13. I've been pretty pro-Ricky overall but this decision was such horseshit that it's unbelievable. What in the hell could he have been thinking?
  14. Jesus. take a deep breath and get a grip, man.