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  1. chitown87

    Kopech update

    Greg's reputation goes as Abreu goes
  2. chitown87

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Not to derail the thread with positivity, but could the Sox win all of the following: Manager of the year Executive of the year ROTY MVP
  3. chitown87

    Cease feature on FG

    Probably a stupid question here - if something like a grip could potentially dramatically improve his spin and make him a much more effective pitcher, why hasn't the organization done that at some point in the minors or last offseason? Do organizations track this kind of spin rate etc for high end pitching prospects? I don't mean that as a critique of the organization or of Cease, just curious.
  4. chitown87

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    If the Sox don't have $6 million to spend in a year where $45 million is coming off the books and they're legit contenders, then they might as well just fold it up. I get what you're saying - covid, etc. But man, I can't describe how infuriating that would be.
  5. chitown87

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    I'm a tad bit drunk (oops) but if the sox find a way to land Ninmo without giving up Dunning/Kopech, and sign Bauer - they're the 21 WS favorites in my mind. That's an automatic grand slam offseason, and there's really no reason it shouldn't be possible.
  6. chitown87

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/13 - 1:10

    Rough first inning - looked like jitters leading to loss of command. The game thread was absolutely ridiculous. He looked really solid other than that, though I do think it's fair to wonder why his velocity wasn't quite as high as advertised.
  7. chitown87

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/13 - 1:10

    Tuned in to the 9th for the potential no-no. Cubs announcers are awful. Wow.
  8. chitown87

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/13 - 1:10

    I love game threads.
  9. Yep. And Kopech opting out this year gave them the perfect excuse to do it, too. No chance he breaks camp with the team.
  10. chitown87

    Nick Madrigal

    Pretty sure there isn't a speed bias for short white dudes
  11. chitown87

    Reynaldo Lopez Optioned to Schaumburg

    I missed this. What did he say?
  12. chitown87

    Y'all need to chill

    You're both correct. For me personally, a lot of the frustration these last two games is that we just NEVER seem to play well against the Twins and it drives me insane.
  13. chitown87

    FS: Midseason Top 30 Prospects List

    Awhile longer is probably like 4+ years from the time of being drafted, right?