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  1. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Theres no way a business man is anti analytics.
  2. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    If you're comparing this to your business, it doesn't work. By your business sense, the White Sox are likely outstanding. Regardless of what they say, they worry about the bottom line. They're not trying to win the game of value if the value costs more than their break even point. Teams that go into the luxury tax very clearly aren't worried about maximizing profits and the bottom line when constructing their team. They take it into consideration, but there's a value to winning to them. No one can say one player pushing you over the luxury tax warrants the penalty because he gives you a better chance to win the World Series. Winning a World Series really isn't all that much more profitable than losing a 1st round wildcard game.
  3. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Old people hate change. Especially old people who got where they were without the change and pre-change.
  4. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    Here is someone explaining better than I. https://community.fangraphs.com/on-war-its-linearity-and-efficient-free-agent-contracts/
  5. Look at Ray Ray Run


    This is the first Sox forum I have posted on - I guess reddit as well a few times. Censorship destroys forums. I'm a big believer in, if it's not personal information or racist/bigoted/threatening, then it's fine. Over censoring pushes people away.
  6. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Octavio Dotel arrested in largest organized crime bust DR history

    Do tell Dotel. Luis Castillo also involved. You never know, but my money is on them laundering for him.
  7. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    Yes. This.
  8. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    As I said youre using a horribly efficient number to asses Coles contract number. A number, that if anywhere near accurate or believed by teams would be leading to much larger contracts for free agents than is currently taking place. 6 WAR players aren't betting 60/million a year salaries (even on short terms). As you scale the system up, the cost per WAR gets lower. As you scale the system down, the per WAR cost gets lower. A 3 WAR player doesn't earn 30 million on the FA market.
  9. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    No big free agent is signing for a discounted rate. Manny and Bryce didn't sign for a discount. People need to do way with that thought process. Machado wouldn't have gotten 330 million if the Yankees and dodgers were involved. The Yankees and Dodgers are two of the most analytically driven organizations in baseball. They're not overpaying someone just to acquire them. If it goes over their value of the player they'll simply move on.
  10. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    According to what? The WAR/dollar number used by fangraphs is high. Even if you to buy that number and say it is 9.5 million per WAR, you get 230ish million not 270. That number does not scale evenly below 2 WAR and above 5 WAR. If it did, trout would be signing for 80 million per year.
  11. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    People just haven't accepted the reality about these Yankees. They don't overspend just to acquire guys. I find it hard to believe that Cole is expected to generate much more than 25 WAR over the 7 years, and most teams aren't going to pay much more than 220,000,000 for 25 WAR. 25 WAR is a really reasonable forecast for Cole. People thought 300 million was the starting rate for Manny and Harper and it wasn't. Pitchers contracts have not seen the same level of inflation as position players because pitchers have an extra level of risk tied to them. I'd say Cole gets 7/220. If it's much more than that I'd be shocked and I wouldn't be interested. We'll never see another A-Rod like contract in baseball. I'm not claiming collusion but ownership very obviously wants to limit these big contract spikes beyond standard.
  12. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Machado do-over

    I would guess he lands the biggest pitching contract ever which puts him around 7 years 220 million. I would be incredibly hesitant to give Gerrit Cole 7 years and 220 million. Pitching is aging better and he's been durable so I'd consider it, but I would not go north of 7/220 even a single penny.
  13. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    No, they're worse. Smyly and Wood have been decimated by injuries - they are a shell of their former selves. Smyly really never had a former self as he's spent the vast majority of his career injured. Smyly hasnt had a FIP under 4.5 since 2015. Chacin is not getting any younger - hes gonna be 32 years old getting destroyed in the NL. It's not exactly like his stuff has high upside either. Wacha would be out of baseball in 2 years if he comes to the AL. Wood hasn't thrown over 152 innings since 2015. While he certainly has a higher ceiling, health is really important for starters - especially a guy whose job is to eat innings at a slightly better than league average rate. I dont like Nova but you've been anti-Nova since the trade and despite him being "fine" this year (meaning he's going to be a 2-2.5 WAR starter) you still won't admit that he was a reasonable acquisition. He's been exactly what the sox hoped for I imagine. Nova has done something this year to show he can get big leaguers out in the current era at league average numbers... he has shut down good offenses by pitching. Strike outs are great - especially in the current environment - but Nova is fine and certainly better than three of the guys you listed imo. He stays healthy, goes deep into games and keeps his team in a lot of ballgames. He's not great by any means but offensive numbers are so inflated in baseball that citing a 4.5-4.8 ERA from a back end starter isnt a bad thing at all.
  14. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    Also, why would Cease be on an innings limit? He went 120 two years ago and should be 150+ this year. Next year should be 190+.
  15. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    Wacha, smyly and chacin are all worse than Nova. Wood is also likely worse. I have no idea why youd want a guy like Smyly over Nova.