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  1. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Fire Tony Chant

    Tony has to be trolling at this point.
  2. Even in a game where leury gets a hit he finds away to make 4 outs in 4 abs.
  3. Obviously in a 0-0 game in the 6tn after an off day the first guy up is tanner banks lol
  4. He really worked that count. There's more to baseball than scoring runs and winning. Those kind of results are easy to see as being good; only the greats can see the value in taking a called 3rd in order to show their teammates what a strike out looking looks like so they don't do it themselves.
  5. I am absolutely shocked leury didn't do anything. Awful luck.
  6. I'm honestly disgusted at white sox fans for not understanding that leury garcia has earned this playing time through sheer grit and tenacity. Tenacity that if white sox fans had it maybe the team would be winning more games. Instead were stuck with you all who don't appreciate who are holding players like Leury back. Makes me sick to my stomach!
  7. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    What question that I proposed would get access pulled?
  8. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    At what point is it fair to question leadership for the product on the field, given how they've clearly underperformed your expectations that you presented to fans at the beginning of the rebuild and during the most recent off-season? What do you think is the main driving factor, beyond injuries, for the team taking a significant step backwards this season; where has all the power gone? Do you believe that there needs to be some accountability for anyone in leadership for how things are unfolding? Why all of a sudden are players being activated and on the 26 man roster who are incapable of hustling without injuring themselves? Why rush unhealthy players back and risk reinjuring them?
  9. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    Actually, sports media members could absolutely chose to not be the sports PR wing; there are media members who have great access and sources who light up teams, the game and leaders. They haven't lost access or anything. People in local sports media merely work in PR for the local organizations most times. Acting like it's reasonable to not put pressure on an organization in the name of "access" means ones certainly not a sports journalist.
  10. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Yeah, I saw the screenshot posted elsewhere and was curious if anyone here had seen or heard anything since I'm not on social media and don't follow players/etc. That said, his instagram was pretty much wiped clean and all what you said was true and then he was out of the lineup. May have just been a personal tragedy that made him upset and it was unrelated to the Sox and they're giving him time away, but clearly something was up.
  11. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Fire Tony Chant

    Lololol Tony not looking at or caring about results explains a lot
  12. It's honestly fucking hilarious that he pinch hit for his catcher with another catcher with no one on base down 4, but he didn't pinch hit for leury with Andrew vaughn down two with men on 1st a d 3rd. You just can't make this shit up if you tried.
  13. Yup, and they just kept swinging because when you have big sticks like leury and gavin, you can't take walks and waste hour opportunity to drive in runs.