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  1. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    Yeah; I had the Bourbon County this year for the first time.. and I cant believe people compare that to KBS and CBS. KBS and CBS are so much better its absurd. Heck, I'd probably rather have a Dragons Milk than Bourbon County.
  2. Look at Ray Ray Run

    MLB cheating scandal

    I hate this response. I understand the sanctity of a clubhouse just as well as people in the MLB. I get it... and anyone who has played at a high level in the past 25 years has witnessed cheating (whether PED's or whatever) and certainly didn't speak up against their own. But, now that it has come to light there's just no reason to cite the sanctity of the clubhouse as something that bothers you about Fiers. What Fiers did was right, and it doesn't mean Keuchel was wrong (disagree with Balta here) but him not accepting that it was wrong and it's OK to tell the truth about cheating in a clubhouse bothers me a little. I understand 100% why people didn't come forward, and I don't believe it reflects negatively on everyone of them (we're all moralistically superior in our own minds than in the face of reality), but I believe it reflects negatively on you if you get angry at the one person being honest.
  3. Look at Ray Ray Run

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Ja Morant just turned 20 before this season started; despite coming out after his Sophomore year, Ja was younger than most college freshman. I point that out because I was comparing Ja's rookie year so far to some other young greats. Bron was 1 year younger, but Ja has a higher PER (not a perfect stat) as a rookie than Lebron James so far. That's pretty amazing given how damn good Lebron was as a Rookie.
  4. Look at Ray Ray Run

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I said this at the time of the draft, but Zion Williamson has the best post footwork to enter the NBA since The Dream. The way he uses his body and feet is something that should be taught to all young bigs.
  5. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    I'll say, fingers crossed, I've recommended Fin Du Monde to a lot of light beer and IPA strictly drinkers, and they have really enjoyed it. It's a little more boozy, but it hides it really well and you don't taste it. I'm not a big fan of big hopped beers; I think that's a much more acquired taste, but beligums are yeastier so if that's a taste someone absolutely hates they may not like it. Check back and let me know what you think! I love that the best belgium in the world is made by Canadians; Unibroue in general makes a lot of great beers. Before I got into my current career, I spent about 3 years running a restaurant group in Chicago and I probably sampled about 5,000 beers in that time; best perk of that job by far.
  6. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    St Bernardus makes a Xmas ale; it's good. I enjoy it. The one I'm citing above is the ABT 12; https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/259/1708/ It's not quite as malty as the xmas ale; a little more yeasty which I like. They're both quads so really similar.
  7. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    If you've never had it, give Founders Solid Gold a try for a lager/pilsner style beer.
  8. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    Appeasing the masses is much more important than niche markets when you become that large; it hurts your portfolios diversity, but it creates a far more consistent product and that's what mass produced breweries need to do; make sure their offerings are consistent and drinkable by the majority.
  9. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    I'm a beer snob, I admit it and I know it's an asshole trait. I drink Fin Du Monde religiously, Founders (pretty much anything, because for my money that's the best brewery in the world), and in general I love belgium tripels and quads. I don't enjoy drinking a lot of low ABV beers because of the calories and it makes me feel bloated and full. I like high ABV beers in general; have 2 or 3 and set for the night. Triple Karm, Fin Du Monde, St Bernardus are three of my favorites. Fin du Monde the best beer in the world for my money and imo. I think Goose Island is too passive, doesn't take a lot of chances/risks, and tend to make safe beers. I like Founders because they make amazing beer (CBS, KBS, All Day) but they also make a lot of creative beers and take chances.
  10. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Cubs signing Souza to an MLB deal; got to figure that puts a small damper on them being Castellanos suitors.
  11. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    Goose Island is a pretty bland brewery overall but I'll definitely be buying this just because.
  12. Hey guys, wanted to bump this forward to see if people were interested and if we could get a roll call of all interested with their preferred buy-in.
  13. Look at Ray Ray Run

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Yeah, I'm certainly not buying that his jumper has changed in the off-season; he still was shooting the same flat, dart, at the bucket from 3. His jumper is still too mechanical for me. He's so gifted in the paint with his footwork that his jumper really isn't that important, and it looks much more natural within 14 feet than from deep, but I just don't see how a body type like that can hold up over a season with the immense pressure he puts on his legs and lower body. I hope he has a nice career and he certainly is unique and special to watch; I just think Ja is the safer bet, and I think we will be looking back remembering Ja in 20 years as a combination of Chris Paul with the athleticism of a Westbrook.
  14. Look at Ray Ray Run

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Zion debut was fun, but Zion isn't a good shooter and shouldn't be taking 4 threes in a game - he certainly won't be going 4/4 very often. That boy is so thicccccc its absolutely wild. I don't think hes going to have a very extended career of explosiveness with his body type. I liked Morant more in the draft, and absolutely would take Morant over him for the next 10 years. Zion is exciting and fun, and the way he uses his feet and body in the paint is impeccable and exciting. I just dont see how he holds up over full seasons and multiple years. To put his size in perspective, he's the same height as Jordan but 100 pounds heavier.
  15. Look at Ray Ray Run

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    So he didn't insinuate that trans people are acting that way to abuse women and be creepy? Gotcha. He didn't insinuate that Muslims = Nazi's? Gotcha. He didn't insinuate that media members should be lynched because they don't agree with his views? Gotcha. Spare me your bullshit. Thanks. You'd be nuts to think Curt Schilling doesn't like Muslims and discriminates against them? My lord you are a blowhard clown. "Just retweeting an edgy shirt." STFU. When you have tons of followers, retweeting a promotion of violence isn't just doing something edgy; it's a promotion of the act to those who may be less "stable and reasonable." Enough with your excuses. Your blinders are on, and I'm not going to waste another second of my life going back and forth with someone promoting this BS. Nothing funnier than when someone who is close minded, racist and bigoted is critical of those who are accepting by saying "why don't you accept me!"