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  1. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    Not all 4 even need to pan out for those to be solid trades.
  2. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    The dinky trades? I think getting Gio, reylo, dunning, Eloy, cease, Kopech and moncada out of three players is pretty good. Lost tatis and lost Samardzija.
  3. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    Hahns won more than hes lost in the trade market, imo.
  4. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    So apparently, Passen was pissed about a Jeff Pasan account that got 5k+ likes on a fake "Cole to the Yankees" report. I was hoping it was Joff as well lol
  5. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Sox Claim Tayron Guerrero

    Strikes do not = Command.
  6. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Reportedly, that 5/200 offer was what they floated at Bryce last off-season. Rendon is better than Bryce, and supposedly (hard to say for sure with baseball rumors) the Dodgers are prepared to offer Rendon something similar. Trout got the 37.16 over 12 years. By reducing the contract to 5, I think Rendon will set an AAV record but we'll have to see. I'd be shocked if he signed a deal longer than 5 years - max 6. He has been pretty adamant that he has no desire of playing baseball into his late 30's. Edit: Also, people cite the Nationals offers frequently - did so with Bryce as well. That offer supposedly had like 50 million deferred - similar to the offer they made to Bryce. Those figures aren't a real great representation of what was offered. 7/210 with 0 deferred money is worth a lot more than 7/210 with 50 million deferred paid out 10 years from now over a 5 year window etc etc.
  7. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    I wanted to like this post, but you have a nice round 420 points so I don't want to change that. Agree wholeheartedly. Excited to see Madrigal, and think he's going to be a very enjoyable player to watch for years to come. Enjoyed watching him at Oregon State.
  8. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    According to the source, Fiers, the cheating started in 2017. In 2014/15/16 Springer had a wRC+ of about 128. If you take out Mookie's incredible 185 year, over the other 5 years of Mookies career his wRC+ is 128.
  9. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Honestly think Rendon is going to get a 5/200 type contract. Springer would cost a fraction of that - probably similar years, but significantly less in AAV. 5/150ish.
  10. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Would love to have Springer. Think between the two of them, with the expected prices, I'd rather have Springer because he won't demand the years (he'll be 31) and I think Springer's bat projects better going forward than Mookies. I'd run Daniel Palka out there every game this year if you guaranteed me they'd sign Springer next off-season.
  11. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Yeah, I'm furious. That's why I am following you thread to thread quoting your posts solely for the purpose of attacking you. Oh wait... Pal, the day I get mad over an internet discussion will be the day I call it quits.
  12. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Sox should sign Springer and Betts next off-season. DISCUSS!
  13. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Yes, it's always good to have in depth discussions about things that will never happen. Sox should sign: Rendon, Stras, Cole, and trade for Mookie. Discuss!
  14. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    Try posting to the post and not the poster, bud. Give it a go, and maybe you won't embarrass yourself calling someone an idiot and telling them to check their math when you apparently can't read. If our opinions turning out wrong meant we should stop posting them, you would have been knocked out of conversations eons ago. Nothing funnier than when a guy attacks someone, is 100% wrong and instead of apologizing and moving on they double down and continue to ridicule said poster. Internet is a great place.
  15. Look at Ray Ray Run

    Rendon Thread

    So the Phillies were willing to go into the luxury tax to sign Rendon, but they settled for Wheeler instead of Cole/Strasberg? Yeah, I'll go ahead and call BS on this one.