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  1. mqr

    JD Martinez

    Need another starter, i'd be happy with where the lineup would be at
  2. One Hopkins catch/non-drop from going 3-0. That missed PAT fake out really hurt.
  3. mqr

    JD Martinez

    That's because Bruce Levine is a dumb ass
  4. They gave 25 million dollars to The Man 3 years years ago.
  5. mqr

    Tim Anderson Batting Average

    Do people even give out contractual incentives for batting titles anymore? And the difference between .330 and .335 in a given year means absolutely nothing for future base salaries.
  6. mqr

    Machado do-over

    I'm not trying to bail them out quite yet, because only time is going to tell, but maybe, just maybe, their process was on point and they were the ones that valued Machado correctly. It just matters if that money does in fact get spent and spent well.
  7. mqr

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Zero interest in Dave Dombrowski working for Jerry Reinsdorf
  8. mqr


    I think this says just as much if not more about the strides Moncada, Garcia and occasionally Anderson have made.
  9. mqr

    New Sox Uniform Logo Next Year

    This looks dubious at best
  10. mqr

    Question on GRF

    A handful still are cash only
  11. Putting a lot of stock into the David Montgomery train seems to have been a mistake.
  12. mqr

    Tim Anderson Batting Average

    It is a problem though. Maybe not a huge one, but it's a problem. It's going to be tough to repeat this performance from a BA standpoint.
  13. interested to see how raiders fans try to convince themselves this is actually normal
  14. Watched the NFL Films Bears season review and my biggest take away is that I would probably take a bullet for Matt Nagy if I played for him.
  15. mqr

    2020 RF options

    Not I says the fly