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  1. mqr

    Pitching woes

    No one, that is happening to every team for pretty obvious reasons
  2. mqr

    Can this team just flip the switch come Oct 7?

    Can they? Yes, absolutely Will they? No idea, and neither does anyone else.
  3. mqr

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    He's obviously still extremely young, but god damn has he been bad.
  4. mqr

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Rand Paul is the only one I'm aware of.
  5. mqr

    Tim Anderson most entertaining in MLB

    Was going to say, no way it's not Ohtani
  6. mqr

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Is this a bit?
  7. mqr

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    Stacy has no idea what he’s talking about either(obviously) but he at least has some personality
  8. mqr

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    Stacy is better at this than Beckham
  9. mqr

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    At the end of the day the real issue is we're still not getting shots into kids
  10. mqr

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Ignoring voting results, I'm not really sure Florida is all that more red than Illinois in terms of the actual makeup of people. Regardless, It's hard to ignore how much better the large municipalities are doing right now pretty much across the board. But you're right the minority hesitancy is real.
  11. mqr

    Daddy Like

    Cuz it rules
  12. That was one of those bad first innings that makes you think they’re still going to get after this guy
  13. Romy Gonzalez looks like his name should be Joe McSmith
  14. mqr

    Sox TV ratings up 123%

    That first part is Very Bad! But that second part is Pretty Good!
  15. 2020 made people forget how fuckin streaky he actually is