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  1. mqr

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    Arguing about lineup construction remains the most annoying part about baseball analysis.
  2. mqr

    Rendon thread

    I just cannot imagine a National League team having any interest in more than like a 1 year deal.
  3. Teams always want more money. It still doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things if people show up.
  4. mqr

    Rendon thread

    I honestly don't know where else he would go other than here or Texas
  5. mqr

    2020 White Sox Team Builder

    Did you default the check box next to abreu? lol This rules though, well done
  6. mqr

    A Realistic Offseason

    They Red Sox for sure would like him to. I haven't seen anything from JDs side
  7. It's honestly probably just as bad if not worse than Shields.
  8. mqr

    A Realistic Offseason

    I remain very unconvinced that JDM will opt out but if he does I think there's a very good chance he ends up on the Sox because I'm not sure there's another fit. Which is also why I don't think he opts out.
  9. They really can't though
  10. Maybe if a guy is signing a one or two year deal it matters how good the team is. The Sox don't miss out on free agents because they're irrelevant, they play in one of the premier cities in the entire world, let alone country, they miss out because they NEVER offer the most money to the top guys.
  11. They're the same in that the only thing that matters is money in the bank.
  12. I just cannot being myself to care what some sleazebag attention whore has to say about a sleazebag billionaire. He’s probably telling the truth but honestly what does it matter. We’ve all known this to be case.
  13. Minneapolis - St. Paul is roughly 30% of the Chicago market. I think you could say 30% of the Chicago market baseball fans are Sox fans, not to mention the fact that Cubs fan eyeballs are still eyeballs. The White Sox are broadcast to millions of more homes than the Twins and that's a fact.
  14. mqr

    Kopech hit 100 today

    He was probably hurt when he was called up
  15. mqr

    White Sox Outright Charlie Tilson

    What does this have to do with Charlie Tilson?
  16. mqr

    Who would still want Maddon?

    Ross smells an awful lot like an RV hire, except worse because he's probably buddies with half those guys
  17. Yeah, I'm much more concerned that they find players who aren't useless.
  18. mqr


    I'd love to see it, but feels like a pipe dream to me.
  19. I still think, should there original teams have given them the contracts they wanted last year, they would have still dipped their toes in the water.
  20. Mookie is great and I would love to have him here, but the price is probably way to high for 1 year of great player in a window that still might not quite be open. If you want him pony up the dough next offseason.
  21. mqr

    The Official Too Soon Mock Off Season Thread

    Too many good players is a problem I want to have
  22. mqr

    Hahn SOTU

    Their most important function at this point is to be a lightening rod tbh
  23. mqr

    Hahn SOTU

    What's encouraging though is that he feels the need to point at that these holes need to be filled NOW. Not oh we'll have a DH when Vaughn comes up, or oh well see which one of these outfielders can handle right eventually. Also, I'm happy to hear they'll be looking to add two pitchers as opposed to one.
  24. Hahn's comments seem to indicate that