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  1. Fuagman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Everybody fu**ing relax. Jesus Christ
  2. Fuagman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Even though Preller is a scary wild card, he can’t be THAT crazy to spend all his money, while in a solid division, when his starting rotation is: Joey Lucchesi Robbie Erlin Bryan Mitchell Eric Lauer Luis Perdomo Yes they have a lot of solid SP prospects but they’re young with uncertainties. They don’t have a Kopech or Rodon, or even a Lopez. They need that money for SP. At least when he went crazy in 2015 (and fell flat on his face) with upton, Myers, kimbrel, they had Kennedy and Tyson Ross coming off solid years, got James shields and Andrew cashner was expected to still somebody
  3. Ender>Joc. Ender is a GG centerfielder with elite speed. They’re not replacing ender with Joc, that is such an absurd take
  4. Those who think palka is better or more valuable than Joc, please use your head. look at Matt Davidson. Same age. Same ridiculous power. Same pathetic OBP and defense. Palka is replaceable. You want what he offers, go get CJ Cron, Logan Morrison, Justin Smoak, Jay Bruce, etc etc etc. the list goes on forever.
  5. Did I take it too far?..... (don’t argue about bullpen/bench guys. It’s just a general idea)
  6. He could be back in Charlotte when Eloy is up. He may suck, who knows. Yonder has been decent consistent hitter and is a solid defender
  7. I dno. I think we’re very high on palka because yes he has ridiculous power but .294 OBP! He’s 27, are we expecting him to get better? He’s an absolute wild card
  8. Engel is without a doubt on the roster. He’s your fourth outfielder. He’s a gold glove outfielder. and Palka is DH/1B. Bench of Engel palka yolmer mccann
  9. Saw that but do not see Sox trading someone who can make legitimate impact on roster when he’s up. All those guys I mentioned will be up at the same time and blocked by the elite prospects. Bryce bush is like 19
  10. Only guy from major league roster I could see is Leury + minor leaguer. Could also see a pair of Lambert/Henzman and Cuberlo/Laz Rivera