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  1. I think it’s more: 1. Robert 2. Moncada 3. Abreu 4. Grandal 5. Eloy 6. EE 7. Mazara 8. Anderson 9. Madrigal
  2. Gtrams42

    For the hell of it:

    Bellinger and Baez
  3. Gtrams42

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    Darvish has a no trade clause and has stated he wouldn’t wave it
  4. Gtrams42

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Looks like Snell is off the board. Rays signed the Japanese 1st baseman.
  5. Gtrams42

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    Honestly those who think Boston would throw in Nintendo are unrealistic. This offseason for SP has benefited them immensely. They may throw in Groome or something similar in value but with 5 teams interested that ship has sailed. For all those complaining about Mazara, let the kid play before you fail him. Y’all overreact and once you hear it’s a bad trade start to jump ship. Honestly it’s sad to see all the hate and somewhat embarrassing. Let the offseason play out and continue to think of hypothetical trades but R-E-L-A-X.
  6. Gtrams42

    Sox considering a trade, per Chuck.

    Don’t know if Myers is useful anymore. We could take his contract and get some good prospects back from SD to flip. Could platoon with Mazara
  7. Gtrams42

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Since RF is sorta filled, I’d take on Price’s contract along with Groome/ another top prospect and turn that into a trade for Snell adding Dunning, Steiver, Basabe and Collins. Whatever it takes with out including Madrigal and Vaughn
  8. Gtrams42

    Didi to Phi Phi

    They have Bohm in the minors and kingery. Kingery plays outfield for them as well
  9. Gtrams42

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    I would trade collins, basabe and stiever for Marte, then take Sale off the BoSox for Lopez, Walker and Sheets. Then sign Keuchel for like 3/50 tops. I like him better then Ryu due to durability. That’s alleviates the pressure on Cease and Kopech.
  10. Gtrams42

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    One thing to consider about Wheeler is the fact that he was pitching to Ramos in NY. With Grandal catching him who knows the improvements he might develop whether it be incremental or substantial.
  11. Gtrams42

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Walker, Pilkington, and Sheets for Marte?
  12. Gtrams42

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I would start off at Rutherford, Zeby, and Hansen. Don’t know if that’s too much or little. The game idea of Marte and Robert covering 2/3 of the OF is pretty exciting
  13. Gtrams42

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I’d be okay with Wheeler if he’s under 20 million. Then get Marte for RF in a trade
  14. Gtrams42

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Obviously the 31yr old with a proven history of pitching good/great seasons. Plus postseason experience is just a plus. If your going to throw $20+ million dollars at a pitcher you might as well go after the whales instead of settling for a guy that may not have hit his potential. Doing that more times than not bites you back big time. Wheeler is not worth 20+ a season
  15. Gtrams42

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I don’t get the love for Wheeler. To me he’s like that girl you ask out to prom after your 1st two options kindly tell you nah. Especially for a 29 yr old with TJ history.