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  1. Oh how I miss the simpler times of waiting to hear back from that dude who was getting Machado updates at a 2 yr olds birthday party. How the times have changed lol
  2. Would y’all prefer Darvish, Heyward, Colome with no financial room for moves the next 2 years or Lynn, Pederson, Hendriks and room to make a move mid season/next offseason
  3. Gtrams42

    Len Kasper is new White Sox radio play by play announcer

    His voice is so annoying, once Brenly left I put the games on mute.
  4. Gtrams42

    Sox vs. Tigers. 9/11 - 7:10

    I remember when I was young being at a game where Paulie hit a homer off him to walk it off or tie it. Can’t remember exactly but the Sox did win, even when I was young the aura Mariano had was pretty cool to watch
  5. Gtrams42

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    Need to see Dunning against a team that’s not the Tigers or Royals. Not a knock on him as both teams are hard outs but if he can do well against The Twins/Indians/Cubs then that’s when the convo should heat up
  6. Gtrams42

    8.31.20 GT | Sox @ Twins | 7:10PM CT

    This will be the 6th loss in a row for the Twinkies, that’s pretty crazy
  7. The thing with the Brewers is that they need help everywhere besides RF and 2nd base. Especially if the DH stays in the NL.
  8. Imagine a bullpen with Bummer and Hader. Also what do you think it’d take for Hader, woodruff, and Yelich? I think I’d do Vaughn, Kopech, stiever, Collins, and probably more.
  9. I think it’s more: 1. Robert 2. Moncada 3. Abreu 4. Grandal 5. Eloy 6. EE 7. Mazara 8. Anderson 9. Madrigal
  10. Gtrams42

    For the hell of it:

    Bellinger and Baez
  11. Gtrams42

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    Darvish has a no trade clause and has stated he wouldn’t wave it
  12. Gtrams42

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Looks like Snell is off the board. Rays signed the Japanese 1st baseman.
  13. Gtrams42

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    Honestly those who think Boston would throw in Nintendo are unrealistic. This offseason for SP has benefited them immensely. They may throw in Groome or something similar in value but with 5 teams interested that ship has sailed. For all those complaining about Mazara, let the kid play before you fail him. Y’all overreact and once you hear it’s a bad trade start to jump ship. Honestly it’s sad to see all the hate and somewhat embarrassing. Let the offseason play out and continue to think of hypothetical trades but R-E-L-A-X.
  14. Gtrams42

    Sox considering a trade, per Chuck.

    Don’t know if Myers is useful anymore. We could take his contract and get some good prospects back from SD to flip. Could platoon with Mazara
  15. Gtrams42

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Since RF is sorta filled, I’d take on Price’s contract along with Groome/ another top prospect and turn that into a trade for Snell adding Dunning, Steiver, Basabe and Collins. Whatever it takes with out including Madrigal and Vaughn