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  1. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    No but I’ll bet the Cubs FO did
  2. Hopefully not for another team. Do NOT trade him
  3. Collins makes that play…..NOT
  4. SW has no first class.
  5. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Guardians getting sued for the name

    Only “white guys” have rage ?
  6. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Padres interview Ozzie for MGR job

    No “we DONT ALL have freedom of speech in the USA”. Isn’t that right Facebook and Twitter ?
  7. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Offseason Thread

    Um except for his 3 HRs seemed to get pretty airborne
  8. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Ozzie says intent doesn’t matter with Abreu beanings

    Yankees paid Cole $35 mill to pitch 3 innings…so there’s that.
  9. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    MLB Trade Rumors Release 2022 Chicago White Sox Arbitration Projections

    He was awful in the NL this year. Think he can turn it around?
  10. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    That was under Ricky though wasn’t it?
  11. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    AJ is on top of everything. Would be a great manager. Players may not like him but who cares…he’s a winner
  12. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    The really good version of Cease showed up for one in game too. Stick with the plan
  13. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar


    Racist comment
  14. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    You mean like Gerrit Cole? Doesn’t always work
  15. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Trade Bernstein and Rahimi for Joc or a jock strap