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  1. Gordon Beckham would qualify as the player who was King of fouling off hittable fastballs
  2. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Comparing Sox young guys to past players

    Tim Anderson is what everyone hoped Shawon Dunston would be for the Cubs back in the day. Similar skill sets but Tim has his game at a level Shawon never attained.
  3. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    White Sox v Royals - Cease vs Duffy - 9/3/20 GT

    Abreu gonna win it so you saved $20
  4. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    White Sox v Royals - Cease vs Duffy - 9/3/20 GT

    The Royals can just sit dead red and hit rockets if he can’t get the off speed stuff over
  5. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar


    Adam Eaton hit a HR tonight. LOL
  6. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    8-19 GT: Tigers @ Sox

    Love how quickly he works
  7. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    8-18 GT: Tigers at Sox

    Food battle and hustle by Mazara there
  8. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    YES Abreu is part of the problem. We signed him thinking/ hoping he could be the “Big Papi” for these young WSOX players. Instead hes setting an example swinging at a bad 3-0 pitch and grounding out meekly to the pitcher.
  9. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Jake Arrieta called out Harper and some of the the Phillies efforts last year in his first season. Didn’t end well for Kapler and probably won’t for Ricky either
  10. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    More testing = More Positives even on those “low risk” young healthy players. More testing is Positive for the owners, many of whom may not want a season at this point.
  11. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Luis Aparicio

    JC Martin was my college baseball coach for 1 year. Just a great southern guy, with some classic lines. One game against the Univ of South Carolina, we were getting beat badly early on....JC turns To a group of us in the dugout and in a manner only he could say. “Whooo weeee ...it’s a good thing they paid is be fo the game boys”.
  12. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    On Bowden. Last couple times I heard him on MLB radio talking about the White Sox he mentioned Dylan COVEY as an up and coming pitcher.
  13. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox Sign Cishek; 1 yr, $5.25 mil + option (6.75, 750k buyout)

    Wsox have been making some excellent moves. However don’t like this one. Cishek is quite useful under the old rules, getting out right hand hitters. Under the new rules, he will potentially have to face two LH hitters. LH hitters TEAR UP right handed side arm hurlers. There is NO deception facing a Lefthanded batter. No doubt the Sox thought this out, but this may not end well. Hope I’m wrong.
  14. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Can the 20s be the best decade in Sox history?

    Funny ESPN would be so positive about a team they didn’t even know won a Workd Series in 2005