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  1. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    And this ballgame is NO-VA
  2. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    Why does every other team get to hit the new “tightly wound” “less drag” baseballs, and the White Sox have to use the 1906 version?
  3. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Good patience on Ball 5
  4. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Boy do we need Moncada back. Hamels is getting s lot of movement, but this lineup couldn’t hit Dorothy Hammel.
  5. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Eaton and Frazier are in a feud in 2019...stemming from Drake Laroche

    Everyone has someone they work with they don’t get along with. Frazier was mostly bad with the Sox,and is fortunate he’s still playing anywhere. Eaton was and is a far better player. So Frazier, do your talking on the field and then pop off.
  6. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar


    Funny how all these posts pretend they didn’t want Machado now. There is NO ONE coming in FA we will be able to sign anywhere close to his talent.
  7. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Sox @ Indians; 5:10pm CT 05/07

    Only 2 games behind Cleveland. Don’t stop now boys!
  8. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    FS: Luis Robert is Dominating the Carolina League

    “Relax he’s fine”. Good call Eloy
  9. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    $45 mill for that pile of hot steaming garbage. Yet....Couldn’t come up with $50mm for a legit star.
  10. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    4/17 1:10 pm - White Sox v. Royals (Giolito v. Keller)

    Anderson getting tossed probably cost us the game. He didnt deserve to get tossed and neither did Keller. Joe West smoked us, because Keller was close to 100 pitches and going to be lifted anyway. Anderson steals second in that sitch otherwise. Later HORRIBLE AB by Abreu. Up in the count 3-0 with runners on 2nd and 3b and no outs. First base openand swings at two sliders way out of the zone. What do you think he’s going to throw you there, a belt high fastball??!! Cmon Jose, have some situational awareness .
  11. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    GameThread: White Sox (Nova) @ Indians (Clevinger)

    Yonkers sucks but he didn’t give up a hit and two walks Those pitches arent even close. Ricky is showing his baseball acumen
  12. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Harper would’ve brought National relevance to a team who isn’t even relevant in its own town. Kids love the guy and perhaps even some casual fans become Sox fans instead of Cubs fans. On the positive side, there will be plenty of parking and leg room available at GRF
  13. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I like “ if two 26yr old future Hall of Famers don’t fit the rebuild, maybe we can get ONE 52 yr old instead?”
  14. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Delusional White Sox Fans “Well guys Kris Bryant will be a free agent after 2021. Let’s wait for him, maybe we will get him? He’s better than Machado anyway”. Hahahahahahaha
  15. Ozzie’s Cuban Cigar

    Worst off-season ever?!?

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Based on the way this off-season has gone, it’s only fitting it’s the 100yr Anniversary of the infamous BLACK SOX