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  1. If Nolan Arrenado can be had, Hahn should strike while the iron is hot. Arrenado is signed through 2025. He is 28. He is a top 5 hitter in all of baseball and has been for the last 5 years running now. He is a 7 time Gold Glove winner. At only between $19-25 MM per year, that is a very reasonable contract to absorb for a player of this caliber. Especially given what Harper and Machado got. Won't even mention Cole or Strausburg as they are pitchers.

    No offense to our nice looking prospects, but none of them are Arrenado. A future first ballot HOF. Any knowledgeable baseball fan would laugh at the notion that any of our prospects are even equal to Arrenado. Why not get the prime years of this guy if we can get him when all scuttlebutt says Colorado is willing to move him for the right offer?

    Trade package: Tim Anderson, Luis Alexander Basabe, Carlos Rodon, Dane Dunning.

    Colorado gets 2 major league ready players. Batting champion who can play SS (and is signed through 2022 at a nice contract) and proven innings eating Starter with Ace upside albeit an injury history. Colorado also gets a close to major league ready OF and a Top 100 pitching prospect albeit with a recent Tommy John. Colorado unloads the massive contract and lets them start rebuilding but with ready made pieces to not require a total tear down.

    White Sox get a legit, top 5 MLB player. An elite cornerstone 3rd baseman especially defensively. A middle of the lineup anchor who just mashes. The kind of guy they can someday build a statue on the concourse for. A guy who can finally play for a true contender for the entirety of his prime years. White Sox can move Yoan back to 2nd and slot Madrigal to his natural, college gold glove winning position. With Eloy and Robert signed for long contracts already, Sox can easily unload Basabe without a thought as there is only 1 OF spot opened for the next 7-8 years barring serious injuries. With the plethora of Pitching prospects and the No. 11 pick in a 2020 draft that is loaded with quality pitching prospects, Dunning would not be missed either ... if they can get Arrenado. With 2, elite, 19 year old pitchers drafted in rounds 2 and 3 of 2019 draft and another elite arm drafted at No. 11 in 2020, why would anyone say "Dunning is a deal breaker"? LOL.

    To get a player like Arrenado, this package gets it done.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Moan4Yoan said:

    Sox fans contributing to the notion that their fans only care when the Cubs lose.  Ugh.

    Completely agree.

    Why can Cubs fans say "You guys are jealous of us, our ballpark, are so obsessed with us, blah, blah, blah"?


    Memo to Real White Sox Fans:

    1. Focus on our team

    2. Stop laughing when the Cubs lose

    3. Stop wearing T Shirts with anything "Cubs"  or "Anti-Cubs" related

    4. Stop having bumper stickers on your vehicle that say "Cubs" or some "Anti-Cubs" variation

    5. Stop holding L Flags

    6. Stop taking pictures in the Bartman seat

    It used to be fun calling them "Loveable Losers" and throwing "wait until next year" at them, but 2016 changed that. Please accept this and move on with your lives. When you give the Cubs status in your life, it enables their fans to punk you and others like you. When I was out with friends watching Game 4 of the 2016 World Series, Kipnis hit that bomb, and it looked like an epic collapse was almost done, it took everything inside me to remain calm and quietly click bottles with my only fellow Sox Fan in the group, but that is how Sox Fans need to behave. Let them run their mouths. Let them bring hot girls to Wrigley, drink beer, and stare at the ivy. Let them wear their "Cardinals Fans Take it in Their Pujols" or "Fukudome ... That's What She Said Last Night" T-Shirts. Who cares. Just cheer for your team and treat the Cubs like any other team in sports who you have no rooting interest in. Do that, and their fans just become noise. Obnoxious noise, but just noise. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!

  3. 7 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    @Look at Ray Ray Run

    I wasn't saying that Vaughn had no upside, as much as I was lamenting how much of it was mitigated by his position on the diamond. Listen, I completely understand why they made this pick. They had to have thought that Vaughn's bat was light years ahead of Bleday, which is fine. They have to be proven right. He absolutely has to rake. ( I hate the term "mash" and much prefer "rake") As long as he hits piss rockets and makes pitchers look silly, it is fine. I agree that for position players, hitting comes first and defense second, however I don't like taking players whose entire value revolves around the two most volatile tools in the amateur-pro transition in the top 5. Personal philosophy. There is a really good chance that his power and hit tool won't translate like they think it does. If it translates, and he's actually a 70 hit/80 power guy then it is a wonderful pick. I happen to think that hit and power are the hardest tools to accurately scout amateur position players on and a lot of times you end up wrong. I'd rather pick a 55 hit/60 power guy with plus defense and arm(Bleday) than a guy who has his entire value in hit/power. My argument isn't that Vaughn doesn't have bigger upside, but it is more that they absolutely have to nail this pick and I'd rather have someone with a larger margin for error. I think Vaughn's is razor thin. 

    This is the upside pick here, but it reeks of Jared Mitchell upside and not Mike Trout upside. 

    Fair assessment. I do not post frequently, but I think that the one thing that people like you miss is that sports are about production. You can have all of the upside in the world. None of it matters once you step on the field. You need to produce. Simple as that. What good if 80 grade speed if you cannot hit the ball or catch the ball? What good is being able to swing lefty if you do not have a great eye and can't hit a curveball? What good is being a switch hitter if you lack plate discipline and swing at 50% of all balls thrown out of the strike zone?

    When I read analysts and mock draftors, I always LOL at how they slot guys and why. If you could go back in time, would you draft Frank Thomas 1-1 in 1989? Of course you would. He is a first ballot HOFer and among probably the top 20 hitters who ever played the game. Granted, not everyone is at his level, but the point remains. You draft players who produce. Having upside (see Courtney Hawkins or Keon Barnum) means nothing if you cannot harness it and produce. Why do you want to pass on Andrew Vaughn and his production just because he bats right and plays 1B? This is a guy you want hitting in the heart of your lineup. He has proven production in one of the Top 2 conference in America. If you would rather have some "toolsy" kid who hit over .400 in HS playing SS, to me that is much riskier. Plenty of great HS players never lived up to their hype in college (let alone MLB). Same with NBA players.

    Give me a guy with a proven track record of production. Position be damned.

  4. On 3/8/2019 at 12:34 PM, JUSTgottaBELIEVE said:

    You still haven’t explained why his list of suitors and market will greatly improve from what he experienced last winter. I would be shocked if he exceeds $110 guaranteed.

    We shall see. If he puts up another season like the last 2, he will be highly sought after next winter. Who will come forward? A team that wants to win ... like the Padres.

  5. 3 hours ago, Baker said:

    TBaseball America put out a podcast yesterday updating the 2019 Mlb draft outlook. The headline take is whisperings that Andrew Vaughn may be in the conversation as the #1 pick. Adley Rutschman has been considered a mortal lock for that spot, but Vaughn is hitting at an unworldly level again this season. He’s OBP is at .850 and is slugging  a thousand with 7 homers in 11 games. He could be the best college hitter in 20 years. He already was the college POY last year. Rutschman himself has been having another fine season so far. 

    Bobby Witt continues to look good and has the highest ceiling in the draft. He’s a surefire major league shortstop. CJ Abrams also looking very good, and these are the Top 4 right now. Presently no pitching is cracking the Top 10.  

    Vaughn, Rutschman, or Witt. I would be happy with any of those 3, and the White Sox are guaranteed a shot at 1 of those 3.

  6. 4 minutes ago, ewokpelts said:

    I don’t think there’s a market for him. He may be stuck in Boston. 

    Last 5 years:

    Home Runs / RBI / Average

    23 / 76 / .315

    38 / 102 / .282

    22 / 68 / .307

    45 / 104 / .303

    43 / 130 / .330

    Name 1 team in all of baseball that does not need that level of production?

  7. 10 hours ago, Whitesox27 said:

    Anderson is having a fantastic spring. Not that it means anything given that they're just exhibition games, but it's nice to see regardless. Hoping this is the year where he takes a big leap.

    In 2008, the Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the pre-season before going 0-16 in the regular season.

  8. 11 hours ago, greg775 said:

    It's a huge season for him. He's had the seasoning. It's time to rake. If he has a poor year, he's no longer a prime prospect. If he has an all-star year, well that's sort of what you'd expect this season. Again, it's Timmy time.

    Agree. Huge season for him. People seem to forget that he is in the same draft class as Kris Bryant and Aaron Judge. He is not a "prospect" anymore. Trust me. I pull for all guys who put on a White Sox uniform. I have nothing personal against Anderson. If he is as good as the goods people are selling me, I would have expected more by now. I was not expecting Bryant or Judge production as those guys are just indisputably better players. For a former first round pick, I would expect something to hang my hat on about his long term prospects more than meh.

  9. 2 hours ago, JUSTgottaBELIEVE said:

    What makes you think he will beat his 5/110 contract he signed with the Red Sox when he was 30 yo rather than 32 yo?

    Look at his stats.


    This guy took a short term deal last winter with an opt-out because there was not an optimal market when he was out there. The Red Sox got him on the cheap as a result. This was the same logic behind the Yankees and Dodgers checking-in on Harper like they did. Both sides won. Red Sox won a World Series, and Martinez put up monster numbers for that team to elevate his stock.

    If Martinez puts up another year like his last 5 when he was an every day player, he will be worth between $26 and $30 per year for the next 5-7 years (which would take him to age 37-39). Since he lost the "big contract" that he was looking for last winter, he will want to be paid this time as it is his last contract. If a team steps up (like the Padres did with Machado), no way he stays in Boston unless Boston is the team that steps up and pays him. With what they will be paying Betts and Sale among others already on the payroll, I do not see the Red Sox paying Martinez that kind of money.

    In light of this, I just do not see 5/$110. It would be as "good" as $8/$250 for Machado. Between 5/$130-150 or 7/$182 -210 will be the market for JD Martinez.

  10. 10 hours ago, Whitesox27 said:

    Exactly. To be fair, Martinez is a lot better than Dunn was when the Sox signed him, but he's going to be 32 at this time next year. Not exactly a spring chicken.

    Oh, I know Martinez >>> Dunn.

    Still, for a guy who will be 31 in 2019 (and who would be 32 if he signed with the White Sox after he opts out this winter), if the White Sox were worried about giving Machado or Harper an inflated salary for perhaps 1 or 2 years on the back side of a 10 year deal, I do not see how they would be willing to to pay perhaps 1 or 2 years of inflated salary for a guy like Martinez.

  11. 10 hours ago, teorey23 said:

    This is spot on, there’s nobody in next year’s free agency class that I want, you use that money for the big guns even though the Sox will just end up finishing in 2nd every time. I don’t want them touching any of the junk next year. And with that being said they’ll overpay for some aging bum next year only to say “hey we spend the money”. They screwed up this offseason and deserve to be destroyed for it. I for one will not forgive them for blowing this offseason. 

    Me neither. I loved how they played smartly with the international pool to snag Abreu and Robert. The only really had to outbid the Cardinals on Robert since the other large market teams were out of the bidding per MLB rules. I really thought that they played their cards so well. They unloaded all of those bad contracts or let them expire. They had the perfect free agency class. Two premium talents about to enter their primes. All of the large market teams capped out, saving salary for their young core, or a financial mess (Mets). They only had to outbid the Phillies and Padres when the White Sox payroll was so south of $100 MM that it hurt. The stars were perfectly aligned, and the White Sox f***** it up. This one hurt, and, unless they can sign a Trout, Bryant, Betts, or Bregman, I will not be getting over this any time soon. Unless, of course, all of the White Sox prospects come up and produce like the Cubs and Astros prospects did.

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  12. 9 hours ago, SCCWS said:

    I think JD Martinez would be a great addition to the White Sox. There were numerous stories in Boston media about his clubhouse influence on some of their younger hitters. But I really doubt he leaves Boston. He loves hitting at Fenway w the wall and he really likes Cora. I think he signs a new deal w them before he opts. 

    Depends on what kind of money Boston offers him to stay. Knowing they will need to reward Betts and Sale, there may not be enough money to offer him more than 20-25 per year. He might take it if he likes it there so much. If he wants the money, Boston will not go more than say 25 per year, and another team will give him 27-28 per year, I say he leaves. It is all about the money.

  13. 10 hours ago, JUSTgottaBELIEVE said:

    If we got 150, 136, 130, and 115 from JD on a 4/$85M type contract, I’d be thrilled.

    The Cubs sat our Machado and Harper because they knew they were going to write large, comparable checks to Bryant and Baez (plus solid checks to Schwarber and possibly others).

    The Red Sox know they will need to bring Betts up into the Machado and Harper realm. They will need to bring Sale up closer to Kershaw level soon.

    The Yankees know they will have to bring Judge up into the Machado and Harper realm.

    That is why Martinez would be a great singing for the White Sox. They can offer him more than the Red Sox will likely want to spend. Sadly, he will want a 6-7 year deal that includes per year money in between Machado and Harper. Since the White Sox will not want to pay him 1-2 years of potentially declining production, I would urge this MB to not hold its breath. Somewhere between 6/$150, 8/$200, or 6/$175, 8/$225 will be the price for Martinez. If anyone thinks he would take 4-$85, please step off of the ledge.

  14. 12 hours ago, Whitesox27 said:

    JD Martinez is a stud, but I could totally see him being one of those guys on the wrong side of 30 whose performance falls off a cliff once they sign with the White Sox. It would be so predictable.

    LOL. Agree.

    That would be such a White Sox thing to do too! Lose out on Machado and Harper. Try to appease a pissed off fanbase by overpyaing (oh the irony) for a productive guy and gambling that he will produce on the wrong side of 30.

  15. 23 hours ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    Maybe I'm in the minority but I love the idea of Collins and Seby splitting catcher duties for 7 years.

    If Adley Rutschman (somehow) fell to third in this year's draft (yeah, right), I love the idea of dumping Collins and Selby for Rutschman.

  16. If the White Sox are going to pay premium salary, they should get a premium player.

    That was why they should have signed Machado or Harper. Guys who, even if you gave them a large and lengthy contract, were going to give you their first ballot HOF prime years. So what if you gave them 1-2 years at an inflated salary? If you won big during those prime years, it would have been worth the invesmtent.

    With Arenado already off of the board, I would save my money and make a huge offer in a few years to Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts, or Alex Bregman. Sure, you have to outbid large market teams with deep pockets. Sure, it would need to be in the same realm as Harper or Machado. Yet, those are the players you pay that kind of money to. Not an aging guy like JD Martinez. That was why Hahn and Kenny royally f***** up this off-season.

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  17. On 3/6/2019 at 2:48 PM, Chisox378 said:

    I will say this once again. The Sox organization, right now, whether its the coaching in the minors, or Steverson the hitting coach, or a bad philisophy by someone in the organization, but right now Sox hitters are programed to hit from .210 to .250 with 5 to 6 times the strikeouts to walks, and hit HRs or strikeout.  Its bad hitting.  The small ball days of Ozzie and good baseball have been replaced with Adam Dunn and Jim Thome philosophy. It doesnt create runs, it doesnt make the defense work, its selfish baseball.

    This was why I really liked the last few drafts. They were getting away from the power, strikeout hitters and going with guys who made lots of contact and kept the line moving even if they were not knocking the ball out of the park. I just hope that guys like Madrigal and Gonzalez make it to The Show and get back to baseball instead of all of these "toolsy" guys who metrics gurus talk to me about who have speed and hit sub .250 in A or AA ball.

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  18. On 3/6/2019 at 2:14 PM, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    Oh please.None of the prospects that we were all so high on have even played 2 full seasons yet while most haven't even seen the majors . Kopech had a brief cup of coffee No Cease No Eloy, Robert, none of the OF prospects . The rebuild failed because Moncada,Giolito and Lopez didn't become instant stars and we didn't sign a whale ?

    I am with you. Way too early to judge anything yet. Plus, we have another draft this year picking in the Top 3. So, more help is on the way if they can identify the talent.

  19. On 3/6/2019 at 12:22 PM, GreatScott82 said:

    It's not fun seeing Tim Anderson's low OBP. The reality of the situation is, that's really bad. His defensive metrics are on the rise, but he needs to improve this area of his game or he will simply not pan out. 

    He needs improvement everywhere. Offense. Defense. Mental approach. I don't want to rag on any player on the team, but this guy has not flashed future all-star to me or even gotten me to where I would even entertain the thought of him being an all-star. Mediocre, passable SS at best. If we are bragging about him as a core piece, the rebuild is not going well. If he hit the free agent market, imagine what his value would be.

  20. On 3/6/2019 at 10:21 AM, Soxbears2001 said:

    Moncada is a .236 hitter with no improvement in 2 seasons. Anderson does not even have .300 obp. If those are locks this is not going to work.

    Completely agree. Unless things change dramatically for both players (this is possible but not probable), I see nothing in either of these guys that mandates them being chiseled into an every day lineup for a team with a lengthy window of contention.

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  21. 4 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    Production in the minors means nothing. You can't start valuing production over upside until you get to the major league level. There are plenty of cases of players who were great at AA and AAA that couldn't hack it in the Majors. Your criticisms aren't wrong though. 

    Please go check Luis Gonzalez's college stats and get back to me. If you are willing to disregard his entire body of work from college through his first full year in the White Sox Minor League system because some "scout" values the "athleticism" of some guy who has hit .240 or less with consistency for 3 years or more years running now, I have nothing to respond to you or the "scout" with.

  22. On 3/1/2019 at 7:04 PM, greg775 said:

    This is a big year for Moncada IMO. He should be much improved if he's elite. He had a year to digest all those at bats and should adjust to those bad calls by the umps and either swing more or start getting the benefit of the doubt. I also think Eloy is elite. I still like Timmy a lot. I'm hopeful on some of that young pitching and I'll trust the scouts on Madrigal. I also still am hopeful on Robert. Is there reason to be down on him??


    GO SOX!

    You will "trust the scout on Madrigal"? WTF? The kid is a baseball player. The kid is a winner. Maybe the kid is a hair slower than say Anderson or Moncada. Who gives a s***? He will make every routine play that guys like Anderson and Moncada struggle with half of the time. He will make the tougher play most of the time too. He makes contact. He gets on base. Every championship team has guys like him on it roster. Excluding Jimenez who has just mashed at every stop in the minors, Madrigal is the one prospect of ours that I have zero concern about. Madrigal is so good with the glove that I would move Anderson to second base for him.

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  23. On 3/1/2019 at 11:43 AM, NWINFan said:

    There is room for optimism, but I don't think anyone truly knows when the team will turn things around or how good they will really be. We need to see prospects get some major league playing time before making any real judgements.  I am hopeful but skeptical at the same time. I don't see any point in getting manic depressive, yet I have doubts, and I think plenty of fans should have doubts.

    So far, the early returns are not good.

    Anderson: showed a little early, but nothing that made me expect an All-Star at SS. Too many errors, not enough OBP, not enough overall run production. Yet, they gave him a decent contract and traded away Tatis Jr. because they believed in him that much. Hopefully, that belief does not haunt the franchise. Personally, I see nothing that mandates that Anderson is our SS for the next 15 years, but hopefully the kid proves me wrong and turns things around in the field and at the plate. Just being "athletic" does not work for me when you have fundamentally sound players who can play the position much better.

    Moncada: I see it with the naked eye. I see the same stuff that talent scouts saw in guys like Alex Rios and Jurickson Profar. At the end of the day, you have to be able to play the game. It is not about being "athletic" or being able to pound a belt high fast ball. It is not about having good exit velocity on balls you actually hit. You need to make plays. With the glove. At the plate. On the basepath. It comes down to "production". It is not about "upside".

    Giolito: You see it in spurts. Yet, consistency is what makes a major leaguer. Guy needs to start doing it consistently.

    Lopez: Clearly ahead of Giolito. Looks like he could be a back of the rotation guy.

    Way too many injuries in our better prospects. Way too much inconsistency in other highly thought of players. Then, we have a guy like Luis Gonzalez. Kid is outproducing every OF prospect not named Jimenez by a wide margin. Yet, these talent "evaluators" grade him lower than guys like Basabe or Adolfo for some odd reason. Since the tea leaves seem to imply that the White Sox value guys like Basabe and Adolfo over Gonzalez (not even mentioning Robert who also is not producing in the field or with the bat like Gonzalez; not even mentioning Rutherford who also out produced Basabe and Adolfo by a noticeable margin), the White Sox will probably (stupidly) trade away Gonzalez and watch him become a star somewhere else (see Tatis Jr) because they valued the "upside" of Basabe and Adolfo over the "production" of Gonzalez.