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  1. Keone Kela 

    Scott Oberg 

    Edwin Diaz

    Ken Giles

    Mychal Givens

    Craig Kimbrel


    Kela would be the most ideal of the above, only 26, but a free agent after this year... Pirates need a Catcher... Heyman has been putting out some weirdly timed McCann tweets over the past 2 weeks... 

    Rockies (Oberg) want a catcher or OF..



  2. Fuq David Price, save the prospect capital for DeGrom or Syndergard at the trade deadline or next offseason. Sign Kuechel, Souza, Cesar Hernandez, and Betances. Go into the season as is wait for Mookie next year and shut us all up... 

    Thats exactly how I want it to play out.. 

    How it actually play out:

    Sign Homer Bailey, Yolmer, and trade for Nathan Evoldi.... 

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d much rather have Ivan Nova back than a declining-expensive David Price..

    Go sign Dallas Kuechel, sign Alex Wood, bring back Ivan Nova.

    Go get Delin Betances, and might as well sign Steven Souza because they sure as hell aren’t bringing in Castellanos/Ozuna.

    And then next offseason go all in on Mookie Betts so we can get our hopes up again just so we can get shitted on. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Jack Parkman said:

    With as much as this board complains about defense......

    Listen, of course Rendon makes this team better. It's just a dumb allocation of resources for the Sox. 

    And what if Madrigal is ass?? Then all of a sudden you now need a 2B... wouldn’t sound like dumb allocation of resources. 
    Signing Rendon, because you missed out on Wheeler, you move Moncada back to 2B, use Madrigal as a trade piece for a SP.. 
    And if Madrigal ends up being good then you have more talent on your team.

    And let’s be real a bad allocation of resources is signing Jeff Keppinger, LaRoche, Ervin Santana. 

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  5. The reason the White Sox never got over the hump previously was because they half-assed fixing their holes.

    This move would be just that.

    I just want to be a fly on the wall for the conversations Rick is having. This shit is annoying AF.

    The Pirates are seeking a controllable catcher give them Collins-Mercedes-Zavala any of their choosing. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Sarava said:

    I've been saying this all week since we missed Wheeler. It's felt eery and weird that I didn't feel like anyone around here agreed with me that they need to do this. Just don't trade Madigral please.

    If they’re not going after Cole or Strausburg then Ryu and a trade is the way to go. 
    I truly believe they are offering up Madrigal for Thor/DeGrom/Sale which means moving Moncada back to 2B opening up a spot at 3B for a certain Scott Boras client...

    At least that’s how I’d play it and then turn around and offer up Collins, Stiever, Rutherford for Marte. 
    Reindsorf can pull this off if he nuts up but as a few are saying the White Sox are going to the winter meetings to get work done 

  7. 6 hours ago, Orlando said:


    Not a huge fan of most of Joel Sherman's ideas. Dom Smith? Homer Bailey? Yuck



    If this were to be the WhiteSox offseason plan I would be pissed.

    They could sign Grandal, Wheeler, Rendon, Kuechel, Betances and trade for Starling Marte/Joc/Nimmo/Mancini and barely squeak by in the top 10 for payroll. 

    Rick, Kenny, and mainly Jerry need to really have a stellar offseason especially after last year’s debacle otherwise, and I can only speak for myself, I lose all faith in them ever building a winner. 

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