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  1. MeanJoeCrede

    Can this team just flip the switch come Oct 7?

    Sox went 9-10 vs the Royals this year. Proved you wrong. Happy now?
  2. MeanJoeCrede

    9/8 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    Wow, you mean you could teach me how to sound like a moron? Could i also learn how to spout nonsense despite having facts dispute everything i say? I appreciate the offer, but i think ill stick with being a rational human being.
  3. MeanJoeCrede

    2000 White Sox

    Ragah is that you?
  4. MeanJoeCrede

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    This move says Hahn is the GM after all, guaranteed this move was made over TLR objection.
  5. MeanJoeCrede

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/11 6:10 cst

    Very slightly better
  6. Tony's master plan of " looking for a single there" didnt work, even with 4 of them and a walk.
  7. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    I also couldnt agree more with this.
  8. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    Oops. My bad. Since you didnt originally quote that ONE post, i assumed you were making a general comment to everyone who noticed TLR made a poor strategic decision.
  9. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    Nobody is blaming the loss on TLR. Those of us who have commented on the use of Garcia are actually just pointing out that it was the absolute wrong in game management decision by TLR. Its common sense to bring a player to the plate who can tie the game with one swing. We had 3 of those guys who stayed on the bench in favor of Garcia. Learn the game before you comment and maybe give TLR a call and teach him once youve figured it out.
  10. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    I honestly think Ricky would have pinch hit one of AV, TA, or Collins instead of Garcia. No matter if you like TLR or not, Garcia is 100% the wrong call there. Period. That is a prime example of an in game management decision that is flat out wrong.
  11. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    My dead Grandma just called. She wondered how many singles were we looking for there? She thought that you might want to bring someone with power to the plate to represent the tying run after Lamb singled. "HOF baseball person my ass" she said as she hung up.
  12. MeanJoeCrede

    The TLR Manager Thread

  13. MeanJoeCrede

    The TLR Manager Thread

    TLR: "I have no problem with what the Twins did" Can I report TLR for wishing harm on people on the White Sox payroll?
  14. MeanJoeCrede

    Playoff odds

    Odds from May 1st before Luis went down with the hip flexor. Odds as of today.
  15. MeanJoeCrede

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Sorry, didn't get to the managerial stupidity in the bottom of the inning, was focused on the top half. TLR is just plain incompetent at this point.