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  1. Did anybody get a pitch count on Lopez today? Looks to me from GameDay like he only threw 8 piches total today. First pitch outs to the first 5 batters and a 3 pitch strikeout to end the second
  2. MeanJoeCrede

    Spring Training thread

    Duplicate post sorry
  3. No game.. Talking about Nuclear bombs when I used your link.
  4. MeanJoeCrede

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    Sponsored by Goose Island NA? 😆
  5. MeanJoeCrede

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    Someone already did start a whole thread...
  6. MeanJoeCrede

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    Sorry I'm not helping the cause, 22 years sober for me...
  7. MeanJoeCrede

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    While I tend to agree with the general sentiments you mentioned, LaRussa IS NOT a felon, not one time or two times. Hurts the credibility of your argument when you are being disingenuous while slamming the organization for their lack of honesty and openess in the hiring process.
  8. MeanJoeCrede

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2021/02/17/tony-la-russa-chicago-white-sox-manager-spring-training/6763758002/ Oh Bob!
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    Andrew Benintendi traded to the Royals

    Does the site have auto correct for usernames?
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    Happy PECOTA Day!

    PECOTA has the Braves FOURTH in their DIVISION. Same division they have the Mets winning by the largest margin of any division in baseball. Can anyone look at the Braves lineup and see them as bottom third in the entire NL? Take PECOTA with a huge grain of salt.
  11. MeanJoeCrede

    Joc to Cubs

    The Sox did not need Joc vs. lefties. Joc is vastly superior to Eaton vs. righties, of which there are a ton more of in the division. His platoon bat (strong side), ability to play all three OF positions and DH against righties is EXACTLY the type of depth move that the Sox needed. Joc fills more needs than Eaton. Nobody thinks he's Springer.
  12. MeanJoeCrede

    Joc to Cubs

    Joc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eaton. Period. There is no possible way to spin his signing for equal money as anything but a massive failure by the White Sox.