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  1. Nice depth move. Is he related to or friends with Bauer? 😀
  2. tsak31

    Offseason Targets

    If picking up a RF means we have less to spend on pitching, then I’d say roll with what we’ve got in RF including Mazara. He looked a bit better down the stretch, and he may have also been impacted by getting no summer camp since he had COVID. If it still seems like we need to fill a hole in the lineup, then we could pickup someone before the trade deadline. Put all resources towards pitching this off season.
  3. I was expecting them to throw at Contreras there. Why not? Wake this team up!
  4. tsak31

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Any word on Grandal? I think he was supposed to catch in a B game yesterday but didn’t hear anything. I’m just anxious to see if he was healthy enough to play and get in about three innings as they were planning.
  5. tsak31

    White Sox vs Athletics: Reylo against Bassitt

    Any word on how Grandal looked in the B game?
  6. tsak31

    KW says "no Puig"

    I also believe Stoney though, so now I don’t have my hopes up that this might be happening.
  7. tsak31

    KW says "no Puig"

    I would classify him as good, not great, but good. I’ll take good coming off the bench. He has decent speed, decent power, decent defense, decent OBP, etc. Not exceptional in any but the bat would be better than any other we’d have coming off the bench. He has also shown the ability to get very hot for periods of time where he can carry a team, and I don’t think Engel or Garcia have that type of impact. I would like to see them take a chance with Puig and upgrade the bench.
  8. tsak31

    What do you expect from Eloy in 2020?

    I’m thinking 40+ HRs for Eloy and Edwin, and they’ll be lighting up that scoreboard at GRate often!
  9. tsak31


    It’s strange that they don’t have anything about the opening ceremony on the SoxFest schedule on the Sox website, but I’ve seen a few other things such as this mention 3:00. I’m going to go early and hope for the best. Go Sox!
  10. tsak31


    I ran into Frank Thomas at my son’s little league game last year, and he took a picture with my son. I printed out the picture and hope we can get Big Hurt’s signature on it.
  11. tsak31


    I haven’t been to SoxFest in a while and am bringing my 9-year-old son this year. I didn’t see a time or other info about the opening ceremony. Does anyone have information on this and any suggestions on what time to arrive to get seats for the opening ceremony? Any other advice for SoxFest? Can’t wait and my son is very excited.
  12. tsak31

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Donaldson can put up a year or a few years like he did in 2018 and we’ll all be glad they signed him. Second highest contract to someone his age. We’ll see. This is high risk and very un-Twin like. This might boost them this year if he stays healthy but this could hurt them big down the road and when we are at our peak. Here’s hoping and Go Sox!
  13. tsak31

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Not trying to compare Abreu to Donaldson. Donaldson is better, sure. Abreu is the team leader, mentor, etc. I want my team leader to be motivated and know that we want him around for the competitive years of the rebuild. This impacts other players around him that he mentors too. It’s more than just throwing money at him when we didn’t need to. It’s about creating a positive team culture, and they think Abreu is a big part of that, and without that you don’t win. A lot of you are under estimating how important this is especially with a young team.
  14. tsak31

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Yikes that is a lot of money and a lot of years for a 34 year old. This makes the Abreu contract look even better for one less year and almost half the amount and he’s the leader/mentor of the team.
  15. tsak31

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    I agree with this and like the Abreu extension. There is something to be said for keeping the face of the franchise and clubhouse leader happy. It sends a great message to the rest of the team. I like to think that him knowing he’ll be around during this team’s peak window to compete can only help with his and the overall team morale and is better than having your leader on a one year contract and unsure if he’ll be around. I believe the extension had as much to do with his production (which has been great) as with building team chemistry. With so many new people, team chemistry and the ability for this group to gel together quickly is going to be key.