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  1. You'd think he would have an IV drip going BEFORE the game.
  2. BackDoorBreach

    8/25- Sox vs Rangers, 1:10, NBCSC

    He does that a lot, usually straight back. Hopefully in the next year or two he starts driving those since he is on them.
  3. BackDoorBreach

    8/25- Sox vs Rangers, 1:10, NBCSC

    Greg in SHAMBLES after Benetti poops on RBI's.
  4. BackDoorBreach

    McCann Extension

    You are talking about a team trading away their Ace in Kluber before the season began when they were expected to run away with the division. That is not what happened, and they didn't know what Bieber and Plesak were going to be. They traded from a surplus, expensive position, for a need. It was reported by multiple outlets they did not want to pay Bauer 20+ million in arb. It has nothing to do with him throwing a ball into the outfield.
  5. BackDoorBreach

    McCann Extension

    Kluber is 33. You aren't getting that value for him.
  6. BackDoorBreach

    McCann Extension

    Bauers "character" had little to nothing to do with why they shipped him. They didnt want to pay him 20+ million dollars in his last year of arb while they have younger cheaper pitching available.
  7. BackDoorBreach

    8/24 Rangers at White Sox

    Abreu ripping lately.
  8. BackDoorBreach

    8/24 Rangers at White Sox

    You know he's coming back though.
  9. BackDoorBreach

    8/24 Rangers at White Sox

    This is a lineup that actually makes sense. Burying a guy in the 7 spot nearly leading the league in average in favor of Jon Jay, Skole, Alonso, Castillo, et cetera is hilariously inept.
  10. BackDoorBreach

    8/24 Rangers at White Sox

    It's almost like, he is really bad a constructing a lineup.
  11. BackDoorBreach

    Fangraphs and Luis Robert

    If you're going to tell me Fangraphs is comparing Brinson to LuBob because of their skin color you are ignorant at the least.
  12. BackDoorBreach

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Some of you guys have Stockholm Syndrome. They didn't ship off all their assets to sign Ivan Novas and Michael Wachas when the window is opening. They could spend 100 million in AAV this offseason and still not be in front half of the league in terms of payroll. They are playing with 90 million dollars this year which is bottom 3 in payroll in all of baseball in a non competitive year.
  13. BackDoorBreach

    Fangraphs and Luis Robert

    Yeah, lets make something racially based that clearly is not with an orginization that regularly ranks "dark skinned" baseball players. Give me a fucking break. Ill edit this too. If you want to virtue signal about garbage racially biased takes go to Reddit. You'll get like 1000 upvotes. This is not the first time I have seen you say something as dumb as this about race.
  14. BackDoorBreach

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Grandal can play 1B and DH with LH pop. I don't think anybody wanting him including myself view him as an every day catcher. But again I think the FO will view him as a luxury more than a need. If you can get him for a 2 year deal you are pretty set at 1B/DH until Vaughn comes up, rotating Abreu, Grandal, Collins between those positions. That is at least my thought on it.
  15. Good rebuild win tonight. The park was loud and pretty full. Nice to see again toward the end of August.