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  1. 2Deep

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    That was dominant
  2. 2Deep

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Holy Molly he has a different angle on curve ball. Starting in RH batters box. That is a great adjustment THIS IS WHAT WE NEED IN PLAYOFFS
  3. 2Deep

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    That can't be serious right?
  4. Did Engel think there was 2 outs?
  5. 2Deep

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    Congrats to the team, and all of us fans. Long time coming! Let's make the best of this and go on a run in the playoffs.
  6. 2Deep

    How about we get off the ledge.

    I just see a team going through the motions. That concerns me..... This is all set up by our manager who continues to throw games with his lineups, especially the last game of every series....not to mention pitching guys in close games that have no business. I don't know........when all said and done maybe he will be the genius with getting his guys rest but I just don't see any urgency in this team. I truly thought they would begin to play better as they get closer to clinching the division but thats not happening as of now. That concerns me. But, what the hell do I know..... I do know that my frustration level with this team and TLR will not allow me to watch this team with full enjoyment. I find myself mad and frustrated when I watch them play. I have never been that way with a winning team before.
  7. 2Deep

    9-22-2021 White Sox @ Detroit 12:10 PM Postponed

    Hopefully it gets rained out so we can be saved the embarrassment of being swept in 3 by a below 500 team as we head into playoffs as a supposed contender. Here's to rain
  8. 2Deep

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    This team sucks. No passion No desire Punting games has made this team not give a shit. I truly thought they would turn it on nearing the finish line but they don't care. Hope they get swept
  9. 2Deep

    9/20/21 White Sox @ Tigers 5:40pm

    Craig Kimbrel........ We will regret this trade
  10. 2Deep

    9/18 White Sox @ Rangers, 6:05

    Great We will lose 2-1 or 3-2 in every series
  11. 2Deep

    9/18 White Sox @ Rangers, 6:05

    Can anyone seriously tell me this team is ready to beat Houston in a playoff series???!!!
  12. 2Deep

    Marshall pushing to get back

    He can take his time ...........no rush
  13. 2Deep

    GT 9/12: Red Sox @ White Sox

    I hope Kimbrel does well in the playoffs and builds his value. I want to have nothing to do with this guy next year as I would trade him in off season and get some assets back for him.
  14. 2Deep

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    This is me This is fucking fantastic and could not say it any better as a die hard sox fan Thank you!