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  1. This is great .....you have to be high to enjoy this
  2. 2Deep

    Sox and As game 3 rubber match

    Lucas pitched well
  3. 2Deep


    Do we have any updates on Yoan and when he might be back? I would love to finish out the year with a healthy core of Gio, Reylo, Cease, Bummer, Yoan, Tim, Eloy..........we are actually a fun team to watch when all these guys are playing.
  4. 2Deep

    Game Thread 8/7/19 - Sox @ Detroit

    A Bomb by Cordell
  5. I take that back.....add Ruiz to above list
  6. I've seen enough of Covey, yolmer, jay, detwiler.......before I would say Ruiz
  7. Covey sucks. I never hated a sox player more
  8. 5 Innings 2 earned runs behind some shotty defense 6 k's 1 Walk I would call it progress................
  9. LOL........we're not that significantly better yet. We will be......
  10. covey is on the top of my list
  11. Gift as Jose swings at ball 4