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  1. Well with this offense we might get No hit today
  2. I'm ok with Mk Coming out for 6th. But after Walsh killed a ball to get on it was time to take him out. I guess it doesn't matter as we weren't going to score runs anyway.
  3. Guess who's up in a close game late with runners on......LEURY!!!! UPDATE: He swung at every fucking pitch!!!!
  4. For fuck sakes Sheets. That is brutal....the pitch was a foot high
  5. Leury chases ball 4. Now he will proceed to strike out
  6. Is TLR going to put Joe Kelly in with a 10 run lead and make him not available tomorrow??!!!
  7. This! I just don't understand the approach and how it changes. He also swung at ball 2 which was well out of the zone.
  8. Typical Tim Anderson at bat with bases loaded. Fucking disgusting
  9. What the Fuck is going on!!!!!!!
  10. He really hasn't been the problem in last 3 weeks. It's the production from others and lack of punch
  11. There's a fucking homerun!!! BIG ENERGY
  12. LOL! Angels have hit more home runs in 2/3 of inning then we have for about a week and a half.
  13. Yeah......Steve is going to continue make that excuse as Angels score 10 tonight