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  1. Harold's Leg Lift

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    and it begins.
  2. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Binelas is struggling. He's 2-26 (.077) and may actually look worse than his numbers. Time to make an adjustment, Alex. 6'6" lefty Joe Rock threw a no hitter and sat 91-94 with a decent slider at 82-85.
  3. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    I don't agree with either decision but I can kinda see it with Kopech. It's long past time they start getting something out of him and they can keep a closer eye on him if he's with the big club. I still think he needs to log some innings in triple A to get at least some of whatever feel he had back but they're gonna throw him in the deep end and see what happens. Starting Crochet in the big league bullpen is a travesty. I guess this also means Lopez starts in triple A and is the first man up. Yikes
  4. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I don't like drafting catchers in the 1st round. It's such a demanding position the miss rate is just too high. I'd take a college catcher in the 3-7 range every year. The Arkansas catcher has a chance to be pretty good. The Tennessee guy too.
  5. Harold's Leg Lift

    Spring Training thread

    Talent is the floor makeup is the ceiling.
  6. Harold's Leg Lift

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    They've been making dump trucks full of money under the guise of being "smart" and "efficient." I'll give these ivy leaguers one thing; they can sell ice to an eskimo.
  7. Harold's Leg Lift

    Spring Training thread

    I haven't heard anything but it sure is strange.
  8. Harold's Leg Lift

    Spring Training thread

    This is one hell of a sell job they're putting on for Burger and Sheets.
  9. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I hope not.
  10. Harold's Leg Lift

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    They saw Kelenic (he played a game in the Cell) a ton just like they did every top player but they decided to play it safe.
  11. Harold's Leg Lift

    Service Time Manipulation

    I doubt owners will ever give up a year. It's just too valuable to them. I saw one proposal that changed the way service time is calculated. Rather than going by days like it currently is service time would be calculated by quaters. That way owners won't have to keep a player down for X amount of days before they could call him up and not lose that precious extra year. Imagine that. A team could actually field it's best team on opening day rather than (wink wink) waiting until a player magically improves his defense or baserunning in X amount of days. What a novel concept.
  12. Harold's Leg Lift

    Mariners president and CEO Kevin Mather's Zoom Call

    This started a shit storm and it's long past due. Everyone knew owners punished players for not signing team friendly extensions now the players have the proof they need thanks to this dumbass. Dipoto aplogized to the players then went on to say the team did nothing wrong. Then what are you apologizing for, Jerry?? “Strange,’’ Kelenic said. “It was literally like someone farted in church. That is the exact expression on everybody’s face.’’ https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2021/02/24/jarred-kelenic-mariners-prospect-service-time-manipulation/4568463001/
  13. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    That would get a giant meh from me. I'd be more concerned if they got another high upside bat like Brady House (who is freakin killin it) or Jordan Lawlar.
  14. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I'm literally going to watch this a million times.
  15. Harold's Leg Lift

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    He's so freakin good. He has advanced feel to pitch. He's so athletic and can repeat his delivery. His fastball is deceptive and it has tons of late life. Oh yeah and he can drop in a hammer curveball whenever he feels like it. The dude checks every box.