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  1. Harold's Leg Lift

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    I was not speculating.
  2. Harold's Leg Lift

    Offseason Targets

    Seems he would fit that Gio Gonzalez swing role pretty well and if he's finally able to put together a string of consistent starts in his walk year that would be a nice added bonus.
  3. Harold's Leg Lift

    Offseason Targets

    I'll be realy surprised if he's not on the team next year.
  4. Harold's Leg Lift

    The Blake Snell Thread

  5. Harold's Leg Lift

    trading our players

    A team with World Series aspirations should always be looking for upgrades.
  6. Harold's Leg Lift

    Real Talk - Trading Kopech would be a big time mistake

  7. Harold's Leg Lift

    Garrett Crochet

    I'm all for aggressive promotions but the Sox have been overly aggressive in pitcher development. I don't want them to get greedy and try to get too much out of Crochet too early. Good god did they not learn anything from the playoff game fiasco or from how they mishandled Rodon, Fulmer and Burdi. Don't push him to fast. Give him the time he needs to develop.
  8. Harold's Leg Lift

    The Blake Snell Thread

    I'd honestly be surprised if any of these guys are traded this off season. I think teams see a really shitty FA pitching market so they're throwing these guys out there to see if they get an offer that blows them away and I doubt they get one. I know the Rays operate different than other clubs but it's really hard to believe they remove Morton and Snell from a WS team.
  9. Harold's Leg Lift

    Garrett Crochet

    I'm less worried about what a pitcher does in back as to what happens out front. You can have a guy with what's considered a clean arm action blow out in HS and a guy with a bad arm action pitch for 10+ years in the big leagues. There's no rhyme or reason to why a pitcher gets injured but one thing that is true of every big leaguer is they're really good out front. They have good extension, a strong lead leg, a consistent release point and follow thru, stay on top of the baseball and they have great stuff . Crochet is excellent out front. I hope they give him a full year as a starter. If they want to limit his innings a bit to bring him up in September that's fine but he has to be developed as a starter. He has a chance to be special.
  10. Harold's Leg Lift

    Offseason Targets

    Damn. It sounds like the Rangers are tryng to package one of their bad contracts along with Lynn. A former WS hero is not a name I was expecting to hear.....
  11. Harold's Leg Lift

    Braves sign Morton: $15M/1 Year

    Morton is 37 yrs old. If the Sox trade for Lynn and sign him to a 2yr/$30M extension he'll be 36 at the end of the contract.
  12. Harold's Leg Lift

    The Blake Snell Thread

    Do you still think Kopech is thought of that highly around the league? At the start of next season it will be 30 months since he has pitched in a game. No one knows what he's going to look like when he comes back and that's obviously a huge red flag. Add in the makeup issues and command problems he was having before the injury I would think Kopech is one of if not the riskiest players to acquire in all of baseball.
  13. Harold's Leg Lift

    The Blake Snell Thread

    Think the Giants would trade them Bart?
  14. Harold's Leg Lift

    Do we need to acquire a closer?

    You don't want Kela on this team. That's a bad dude.
  15. Harold's Leg Lift

    The Blake Snell Thread