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  1. Harper2Sox

    Will Yonder and Jay be gone by midseason?

    Yes, with the hindsight of knowing how miserably Hahn would fail, I too would have rather seen Avisail Garcia in RF and Palka at DH full time over the combination of Alonso and Jay.
  2. Harper2Sox

    Will Yonder and Jay be gone by midseason?

    Do you really want to overpay to bring back a 33 year old DH with an already declining bat? No thanks. We should only be concerned with keeping Abreu healthy until the trade deadline to move him for a mediocre return.
  3. Harper2Sox

    Will Yonder and Jay be gone by midseason?

    One can only hope. The last thing we need is Alonso’s $9 million option kicking in for 2020... “2020 option guaranteed if Alonso 1) passes physical after 2019 season and 2) has 550 plate appearances in 2019 or 1,100 plate appearances in 2018-19 combined” I have faith the Sox won’t let this happen but a mediocre 1B bat with a $9 million dollar salary for this year might not be so easy to move by the deadline. But they can always bench him and play Palka so he doesn’t hit the incentive.
  4. Well, if you are sure Tatis is going to be a star, you take him all day over Machado because of $300 million. Problem is, either way the Sox lost both to the Padres and they will reap all of the benefits for the cost of an extra $50 million and James Shields. 🤮
  5. Great post. Hahn can talk about spending the money next year all he wants but the free agent options aren’t any better than they were this year. They are older guys than Machado and Harper in Arenado and Rendon and the Yankees are rumored to want Arenado bad. Both Arenado and Rendon will be 29 at the beginning of next season. Definitely not as ideal as two 26 year old phenoms when you are talking about a 10 year contract.
  6. Harper2Sox

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Both are bad. But with no Machado, I’d rather have younger cheaper Palka getting all the at bats than watching 32 year old Alonso waste $9 million of the Sox money putting up 500+ at bats. There really is no point in wasting at bats on Alonso and Jay at this point when they could be development at bats for younger guys.
  7. Harper2Sox

    Rebuild: Phase 2 has officially begun

    It wouldn’t be and no one that has argued this point has explained why it would be premature. Even if you sign Arenado or Rendon next offseason, they will both be 29 at the beginning of the season. Both Harper and Machado will still be younger going forward. It’s just a weak argument to try to deny Hahn’s failure to land a top free agent after planning to do so for over a year.
  8. The problem is that the Sox front office still thinks just like Bob and that a combination of lesser players for $30 million is better than one stud player for $30 million. Meanwhile, Nova, Alonso, and Herrera combined for a 3.6 WAR last year and Machado put up 5.7. The Sox front office is as clueless as meatball Sox fan Bob.
  9. Just don’t read the comments section. Worst meatball Sox fan takes ever... ”BOB: I would much rather them get 3 ten million dollar players than 1 30 million dollar player.” Congrats Bob, you got your wish — Nova, Alonso, and Herrera over Machado. Enjoy.
  10. Heyman trying to squeeze a few extra million out of the Phillies for Boras. https://mobile.twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/1098749489521836032
  11. Harper2Sox

    Worst off-season ever?!?

    Follow baseball much? Machado at 26 years old has a career .822 OPS, 4x All-Star, 2x Gold Glover, and a career WAR of 33.8. Harper at 26 years old has a career .900 OPS, Rookie of the Year, 6x All-Star, 2015 MVP, and a career WAR of 27.4. Harold Baines, Hall of Fame DH, has a career .820 OPS, 6x All-Star, zero Gold Gloves, and a career WAR of 38.7. Unless Machado and Harper both get hit by a bus tomorrow, they will both eventually be in the Hall of Fame. Also, while I agree with you on Grandal, Moustakas is not a very good player at all and I wouldn’t be excited about giving Pollock a 4 year deal at age 31.
  12. It’s truly mind blowing. Sure, Eloy could eventually be that guy but you already know Harper is that guy. Now imagine two franchise players on this team. I just don’t get it.
  13. Always be proud that a free agent let you offer him a guaranteed $50 million shy of his eventual contract.
  14. You’ll have that in a couple months and you can thank Hahn, Kenny, and JR for it in advance.
  15. Ultimately, none of this will matter when the Sox land neither player. Unfortunately, for Hahn and the rest of the clown show front office, there are no consolation prizes for runner-up in free agency... even if Hahn thinks that they should feel great because they “had a seat at the table.”