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  1. Moan4Yoan

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Where are Tatis Jr. and Narvaez? Doh.
  2. Moan4Yoan

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    Point taken. I doubt Avi will burn the Sox much. But take a look at Omar Narvaez’s stats. Hahn is terrible.
  3. Moan4Yoan

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    Avisail Garcia in RF for $3.5 million dollars guaranteed (less than the guaranteed amount that Hahn signed the imaginary Jon Jay for), Fernando Tatis Jr. at 3B, and Yoan Moncada at 2B, and the Sox could have a pretty good lineup right now. Rick Hahn is usually his own worst enemy when it comes to free agency, his desire for dumpster diving for position players, and acquiring washed-up starting pitchers with already declining velocity, apparently thinking that Cooper can work some sort of magic that he hasn’t for awhile. I do think Tim Anderson will cool down a bit eventually but just think — the Sox could have had one more potential All Star to go with Moncada, Eloy, and Anderson. Imagine having 4 cornerstones on this team with Luis Robert coming. You could literally burn $45 million dollars in a fire pit and do almost as well as Rick Hahn’s offseason. At least you would be warm for awhile instead of watching garbage baseball.
  4. Moan4Yoan

    Chet Coppock R.I.P.

    I was going to post the same thing. “A little arrogant” is an understatement but RIP all the same.
  5. Rick is ready to move Fernando Tatis’s younger brother for the next washed up starter.
  6. Moan4Yoan

    Fernando Tatis Jr. thread

    .281 / .925 with 5 homers and 12 RBI Early candidate for N.L. Rookie of the Year. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/04/16/fernando-tatis-jr-san-diego-padres/3483672002/ Good job, Rick!
  7. He is just a terrible manager.
  8. You hate Abreu but you ask this question? Alonso likely isn’t worth another $9 million any more than Abreu is worth $16 million. Hope they are both hitting well at the deadline and trade them both.
  9. Nope, just thinking like our stellar GM.
  10. Because of his lack of any sort of pop and his attributes of speed and defense don’t come into play very well when he injures himself repeatedly.
  11. I’m pretty sure we know what Tilson is by now... bad. But may as well play either him over Palka. Actually, it doesn’t even matter honestly. Palka Cordell Tilson None of these guys are anything good.
  12. We didn’t need Harper cuz we had Palka targeted for RF.
  13. The Palka of last year is gone and now we don’t even have a mediocre player who hits a homer every now and then.
  14. Read it and weep, my friend...
  15. You missed the point. Intelligent fans don’t want Hahn to waste millions here and there signing scrub players and instead pool the money together for one good player. Hahn has wasted millions on his dumpster diving efforts. All those millions add up.
  16. He’s more or less the same suck (Castillo minus his PEDs) that we already have but he’s younger. May as well replace the older proven suck with the younger suck that may have a sliver of a chance at improving. Colome looks good but ultimately if we wanted a good youngish backup catcher, we should have kept Narvaez. He is now hitting .281 with a .773 OPS and 3 homeruns. Apparently, the Sox CAN develop some hitters (Tatis Jr. and Narvaez) but they can’t identify their talent and end up trading them away.
  17. Both Castillo and McCann will be gone after this season and Castillo’s salary is a sunk cost already. Unless he gets hotter than sh!t, no one is giving up a decent prospect for him. May as well see what Swihart can do with the at bats.
  18. He sucks but it’s worth a shot because the Sox are terrible and have at bats to spare.
  19. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    We have one of the worst free agent signing front offices in baseball. While they don’t sign big money free agents who bust like Theo, they spread out the money on a bunch of washed up vets that everyone knows will suck.
  20. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    Lol, I need to review your thread again. It’s still astonishing how the Sox make these awful signings and waste millions once you add them all up.
  21. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    And I should have stated, this is worse than the second go-around with Miguel Gonzalez.
  22. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    Thirded. If we are going to suck, may as well let the youth sink or swim.
  23. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    Are they even scouting these guys? Seeing him pitch makes me think no. This is ridiculous. The guy is topping off at 90. This is worse than Miguel Gonzalez.
  24. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    Hahn doesn’t seem to understand that former flamethrowers like Shields and Santana can’t be successful when they are now throwing 90-91.
  25. Moan4Yoan

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    It was so obvious that Hahn’s acquisitions were trash. Now it’s all being proven out. Most of the $45 million he spent was wasted.