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  1. Compared to Ricky? Yes. One could easily make the argument that the Sox currently have the worst manager and third base coach in baseball. They also have an outdated pitching coach who tries to get flamethrowers to throw softer and never seems to know when to tell his manager to pull starters from games.
  2. Moan4Yoan

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    Quite frankly, Jerry and company sucked before this rumor came out and they still suck. This hasn’t changed anything. The Sox would still be best served if Jerry sold.
  3. I agree with half of your post. Semien had a paltry 326 mediocre plate appearances across 1.5 seasons in a White Sox uniform but his minor league offensive numbers were very good for a middle infielder. The Sox traded him at 23 years of age. There was plenty of time for him to pan out, just like he did. However, the Sox failed to recognize that Semien was a better talent than the bum starter they acquired with only one year of control. This is the problem with the trade, just like the Tatis Jr. trade.
  4. This is the equivalent to giving the Sox credit for signing Tatis Jr. If they couldn’t recognize that both Semien and Tatis Jr. were both better talents than the two bum starters they gave them up for, they lose most of the credit because they obviously didn’t acknowledge their superior talent and value.
  5. His memory of Sox pitching from 2005. 😂
  6. I agree with numbers 1 and 2. All the more reason Omar Vizquel is the next White Sox manager, for better or for worse.
  7. He doesn’t like to do it and it hasn’t happened very often with Sox management that I can remember. As far as the Bulls go, even the guys he fires are probably still around a year too long. See Fred Hoiberg. I guess the bigger indictment is that both of his teams make terrible coaching selections.
  8. Waiting until ineffective employees’ contracts expire is embarrassing but Reinsdorf doesn’t like paying people to not work.
  9. What else needs to be said? We need a hitting coach that promotes plate patience... and even drills it into our hitters’ heads. The power will be there in this lineup next year.
  10. Good riddance. I’m not sure how Renteria keeps his job but this is better than nothing.
  11. Moan4Yoan

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    I guess I was only thinking of bad trades for both teams.
  12. Adam Schefter reported that Roquan was “behaving erratically” all week leading up to the game. https://mobile.twitter.com/DaTailGateShow/status/1178704644916355073?s=20
  13. Amazing how Scions are apparently built like tanks.
  14. BarStoolSports is saying it’s BS based on a “source.” I’m sure we will find out tomorrow.
  15. The original girl (ChicagoAli) who tweeted the story out because she lives where the crash happened just protected her tweets. Maybe Virginia and the Bears got to her and paid her off? 😂
  16. Exactly what I thought of, both linebackers, crashed their expensive sports cars, and fled the scene because they were likely drunk. This is a Ferrari. Briggs crashed a Lamborghini, fled the scene, and then reported it stolen, but called back and changed his story.
  17. Here’s the link for more... https://sportsmockery.com/2019/09/possible-reason-for-roquan-smith-missing-bears-vikings-game-revealed/
  18. He had no chance against the Bears defense but he also has a 5-27 record against teams with winning records.
  19. https://mobile.twitter.com/ChadGraff/status/1178469778291380227
  20. Wow, he wants a new QB, haha.
  21. I assume Tyler Bray will get the call from the practice squad if Trubisky misses time.
  22. I think Pace will just get by with what they have and use their 2021 first rounder on another QB.
  23. None. I think everyone realizes he will never play another NFL game, especially after his settlement with the NFL.
  24. It’s obvious now that it’s more about the players than the coach. Not that Pagano isn’t good but it’s all about the personnel.