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  1. YoYoIsMyHero

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    what are we doing here?
  2. YoYoIsMyHero

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    115mph off the bat. 960 xBA. Out. I can't keep watching this product.
  3. YoYoIsMyHero

    GT 4/22: SOX @ Twins, 7:10 PM CT, NBCSC

    I hate Pollock coming back from a hamstring injury and playing CF in 40 degree weather
  4. YoYoIsMyHero

    Lucas and Arbitration

    Yeah Lucas seems really pissed
  5. YoYoIsMyHero

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I'd argue the people throwing the ball are more important than the people in the stands
  6. YoYoIsMyHero

    Offseason Part 2 - Lets the Rumors & Action Begin

    Could not have said it better myself. He treats valid criticism by fans as hysteria. Part of me of me does think he isn't used to the death by 1000 papercuts that social media brings, though
  7. YoYoIsMyHero

    2021 MLB Catch-all Thread

    And the Padres are eliminated from the playoffs after their mega off season and in season additions lmfao
  8. YoYoIsMyHero

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    He's fine lol
  9. YoYoIsMyHero

    9/4- White Sox at Royals, 6:10

    May I interest you in the bulls since '98?
  10. YoYoIsMyHero

    Lynn on IL, Mendick back

  11. YoYoIsMyHero

    Complain about Kimbrel here:

    I don't really care what Kimbrel does up 7 in the 9th in an insanely high scoring game like tonight. Got two quick outs, stumbled for 3 batters, then finished it up with a K. Let's see how he does his next few outings.
  12. YoYoIsMyHero

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    He was smiling/fucking around
  13. YoYoIsMyHero


    And yet, he leads the AL in saves. Melancon leads the league in saves with 34 and he has blown 5 opportunities.