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  1. Worldbreaker Palk


    He's clearly waiting for Avengers Endgame before he powers back up. Palk will smash again! (i hope!)
  2. Keuchel is just not worth it at this point in his career. Just look at the velocity, the lower k rate, the higher walk rate. All these signs of regression are there. He just isn't the same pitcher as a few years ago. As for Kimbrel, if we were playoff bound this season and on then sure I'd say go for it but he is pointless for the Sox aside from spending that money Hahn said they'd be spending
  3. Worldbreaker Palk

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    It took/is taking years to remove the influence of KW on the roster. The fact that he is still there bothers me though I know he isn't going anywhere. I still believe if Hahn were to be able to put his team together without anyone else's influence I believe he would put together a really good team. I have no proof of this, just an inkling.
  4. Worldbreaker Palk


    Well they sky is still up there so I think we are all fine, no?
  5. I think Shields had an undisclosed injury they didn't know about due to Prellers shenanigans but it's spilt milk at this point.
  6. Worldbreaker Palk

    Palk Smash!

    Well obviously I'm a big fan of his. No shame!
  7. Worldbreaker Palk

    Palk Smash!

    Alonso cutting into his AB's is a concern but this guy seems to think Palks gonna get about 480 AB's this year. I want him to get every chance, that power doesn't come around often. If he can put something together he could be impressive AND good for a while with sub par defense. Nothing says he won't get better in that area either though I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Worldbreaker Palk

    Palk Smash!

    Thought I would share an interesting fantasy sleeper post from Razzball.com breaking down Daniel Palka's season last year, and some expectations this season. https://razzball.com/daniel-palka-2019-fantasy-baseball-sleeper/ I can't wait to see what he does this year!
  9. Worldbreaker Palk

    The Case for Dalllas Keuchel

    To be fair, the WS as well as a couple other teams were had by SD lying about players they were trading saying they were healthy when they really weren't. Something about keeping two separate injury lists, one for the league and one for trade purposes. from https://www.southsidesox.com/2019/2/27/18243353/aj-preller-manny-machado-padres-stay-classy-san-diego "Just a couple of years ago, ESPN broke news that San Diego maintained two sets of medical information on its players — one “authentic” set including every ailment suffered by players, minor or otherwise, and a second set, the one shared with other teams in trade talks, which was filled with omissions with Preller’s knowledge and endorsement. Preller, by ESPN’s estimate, under-reported Padres injuries by more than 80%." and " Three other teams, presumably all who’d traded with San Diego during its stretch of cheating the rest of the league, filed complaints, but MLB opted not to punish Preller or the Padres further for any other improprieties. Presumably the White Sox were among those filing complaints, as they’d committed the infamous James Shields-Fernando Tatis Jr. swap in the same time frame." They were swindled and MLB did nothing for the team. Just a month long suspension for the needle dick in SD. This idea that the FO is stupid is just not correct. Good at their jobs? I'm willing to let Hahn do his thing but KW needs to gtfo but that's besides the point, everyone referencing the FO ineptitude is just sore from the Machado thing. They got shaded by a shade ball in SD. Folks will believe what they will but I'm not on board with the FO bashing outside of KW.
  10. Worldbreaker Palk

    Eloy officially got paid

    Yea I'll wait till the team announces things, twitter can die in a bus fire.
  11. Worldbreaker Palk

    The Case for Dalllas Keuchel

    He's in decline and has been at least the past two seasons. I like him but imo he's not worth what he will get so I'd pass.
  12. Worldbreaker Palk

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    The word I heard back in the day was that the Sox organization was one of the last to operate in the old school style. That's why KW thinks it's "cool" that he and Harper "clicked"... When KW's run at GM was nearing it's end there were apparently a lot of teams vying for the services of Rick Hahn. He is our analytics guy, at least that's what I heard.
  13. Worldbreaker Palk

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Sox needs: Talent evaluators Talent development These are their main issues. They can't sustain winning because they have a severe lack of major league level talent. Stopgap veterans and other roster placeholders are too prevalent with the Sox and that has been the case for years now. I think the FO is a bit too comfy in their positions which is denying the cultural changes needed in the organization. The Sox seem to be more interested in the status quo then they are competing at a major league level. This observation is evidenced by their remarks regarding the recent FA fiasco and their willingness to spin positivity instead of calling a piece of crap a piece of crap.
  14. Worldbreaker Palk

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Not true. If you have one area lacking, like pitching last year, it doesn't matter what all the young guys do, at least offensively, and if you are only using wins and loses as your metric. The young guys should be looked at in a vacuum this year. The young pitchers on the other hand are going to take time I think. 100 loses wouldn't only be on the young guys, that makes no sense.