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  1. OneDog847

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    I agree with Stroman. Let the players say whatever the hell they want to each other during the course of battle. Emotions run high during the game and dumb shit gets said. Let Anderson call Keller a weak ass jigga, let Gurriel make fun of Darvish's eyes, let Pillar be a homophobe, let a white dude say something racially insensitive. I got no problem if it happens on the field of play and stays there. The players can police themselves.
  2. OneDog847

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    U really think that the Sox will pony up for JD Martinez? That lineup is lacking a catcher. Doesn't seem close to certain that Collins will stick behind the plate. Cordell as an everyday starter seems like a reach. Puig or Castellanos would look much better in right field.
  3. OneDog847

    4/18 Games

    Maybe the Sox keep him in the bullpen moving forward in hopes that he can be a shut down closer? Might make sense seeing as how Zach Burdi appears to be burnt toast.
  4. Remember when the Sox were going to trade Carson Fulmer and a couple deep dish pizzas to LA for Joc Pederson?
  5. The Sox really need to stop trying to make Carson Fulmer happen. Dude is a lost cause.
  6. Exactly. They all suck and nobody wants them except garbage teams. The real question is who is the White Sox starting catcher on Opening Day 2020. Seby Zavala? Zach Collins? Other?
  7. OneDog847

    4/16 Games

    I honestly think they are worried about AA pitching and the Birmingham ballpark completely destroying the confidence of Sheets and Rutherford.
  8. OneDog847

    4/16 Games

    Makes no sense. You can't hide these guys against LHP.
  9. OneDog847

    About Jose Abreu...

    Jose isn't getting traded anywhere. That ship has sailed. He has been a loyal soldier to the Sox and JR will reward him for that. I full expect the Sox to extend him at something like 3 years and 45 million. The $ will be spent!
  10. Neither can Castillo. No one will miss Wellington if he is released. Maybe San Diego will claim him and he can go play with his boy out there.
  11. OneDog847

    4/15 Games

    Blake Rutherford was a top 100 prospect a the time of the trade I suppose. He is nowhere near the top 200 right now and is trending downward with a bullet.
  12. OneDog847

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    The Sox are really banking on Collins and Zavala to hit as prospects. They are going to have to spend most of their FA budget on pitching it appears.
  13. OneDog847

    4/15 Games

    So you just let him completely sink in AA? I'm saying give it another month and if he still has a sub 400 OPS you gotta send him back down. Moral of the story is never trade with Brian Cashman if your name is Rick Hahn.
  14. OneDog847

    4/15 Games

    Rutherford is gonna be sent back down to single A soon one would think.
  15. OneDog847


    What an idiotic signing Jay was. It seems like the Sox lit 4 million dollars on fire by signing this guy. They could have had a fan promotion where they put 10 dollar bills into one of those air blowing machines that you step into instead. Anyone who buys a full price 100 level ticket for an April afternoon home game gets 10 seconds in the tank to grab as many ten dollar bills as possible. The line for that would have stretched all the way to the Dan Ryan and most fans would just spend the $ on beer and concessions anyways.