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  1. poppysox

    The Lost Art of the Squeeze Bunt

    I think wins are very sexy.
  2. I like the positivity but last night's game will take me a while to forget. Brutal!!!
  3. poppysox

    Benetti doing MLB Sunday Peacock Games

    Yep...funny without forcing it.
  4. poppysox


    I was a big Bummer fan but he has looked awful. He needs to be dropped to low leverage duty until he can find himself.
  5. poppysox

    TLR 2022 Thread

    If Tony is the class act JR thinks he is...I would not be surprised if a resignation is coming shortly. Something like Tony saying the team needs a new voice.
  6. poppysox

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Just about the dumbest non-move, I can remember. Walking Buxton would have been the call for 99% of the fan base. I was not a LaRussa hater, but his lineups and in-game decisions are wearing very thin.
  7. Mama said there would be days like this.
  8. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    Players' wages have not gone down. Players' wages as a % of revenues have gone down...I agree. Tickets and concessions have and will go up until people refuse to pay those prices. I argue that when players' salaries go up as a % of revenue...prices "will" go up period. I would agree with what I think your point is...if salaries as a % of sales go down or remain the same...prices will not necessarily go down.
  9. poppysox

    Are you in favor of Moncada to 2B?

    If Burger shines as you suggest...consider trading Moncada for a "big" package. Too many good players is never a problem.
  10. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    The 20% skybox crowd doesn't much care what the price of beer is. There are lots of people, myself included, that can afford $13.50 for a beer but would never pay it because it's ripoff pricing as far as I'm concerned. If you charge $20 for a beer at the ballpark...they will only sell a fraction of the beer they sell today. If they lower the price to $5...they will sell a lot more beer. Where the magic perfect price point is to produce the most profit, I don't know. JR tries to have it both ways by having promotional nights but I fear the pricing out of being a fan for later generations.
  11. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    Yeah...when the cost of doing business goes up you think the pricing of the products goes down. You must be one of those economists that work for the government.
  12. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    That was never my argument and I think you know it.
  13. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    Unknown but possible.
  14. poppysox

    Ballpark prices

    My "grasp" of this subject is just fine. When costs go up prices go up. If costs stay the same or go down...we have no idea if prices will go up or down. The problem some of you have is that you suspect prices always go up because JR and most owners are greedy. What I can't grasp is how long the game can survive this out-of-control cost to the ball fan.