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  1. poppysox

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    $25 M per year for 5 years is starting to look like the number. Much better than trading the future IMO.
  2. poppysox

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    I agree...just don't get screwed as the Cubs did.😊
  3. poppysox

    The Blake Snell Thread

    Kopech as the centerpiece of a deal has the potential to haunt us for 10 years. He just might be better than Snell this year. Vaughn might be very good but DH/1st. basemen are rather plentiful. I've said it before...Snell is good...but not as good as Sale. Free agents only cost money. Need to make trades very carefully IMO.
  4. poppysox

    The Blake Snell Thread

    I would prefer that we let Katz do the unlocking.
  5. poppysox

    Len Kasper is new White Sox radio play by play announcer

    Over the years much has been made of how Harry Caray leaving us for the Cubs really helped the Cub brand. Maybe this is the start of a reversal of that trend.
  6. poppysox

    Kyle Schwarber thread

    I would rather spend the money on something we actually need like a right fielder and pitching.
  7. poppysox

    Len Kasper is new White Sox radio play by play announcer

    I like the "homerism".
  8. poppysox

    Offseason Targets

    The Joc/Engle duo makes a lot of sense...especially if Bauer is on the radar.
  9. poppysox

    James McCann looking at a 4 year deal (perhaps Mets)

    Correct...need to slow up sometime.
  10. poppysox

    James McCann looking at a 4 year deal (perhaps Mets)

    Could of/should of been with us.
  11. poppysox

    Offseason Targets

    Even sports reporting is now biased.
  12. poppysox

    Offseason Targets

    Abreu was very good defensively last year. Better than all but the very best IMO.
  13. poppysox

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    I hope Kopech can return to the land of high promise along with Cease. Lopez could be useful if he changes his tempo and learns how to throws strikes. I have high hope that Katz can work some magic with this staff. Coop once had the touch but seems to have lost it.
  14. poppysox

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    Wow...kick 'em while they're down.😉
  15. poppysox

    Nontender deadline almost here

    I could get on board two Q type starters that usually give you 6 innings and 3 or fewer runs. Build up the pen with two Colome back of the pen types. Just another way of competing if JR doesn't have the stomach for 150 million dollar contracts.