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  1. poppysox

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    I am surprised Luis is still hitting .240. It has felt more like the .167 that EE has produced.
  2. poppysox

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    Yoyo and Robert have become automatic outs. Hope they get untracked soon or the playoffs will be short and sweet. Timmy and Jose have been doing all the work with Grandal, Eloy, McCann, and Madrigal pitching in on occasion. EE and Mazara shouldn't be in the lineup. We need one of those 10+ runs games to get us back on track.
  3. poppysox

    9/18 White Sox @ Reds at 6:10

    My first reaction is there are some very good ballplayers on that list.
  4. poppysox

    How important is it to win the Division this season?

    Bingo! Might as well start now letting people know who is the team to beat in the Central. The experts were picking us for third. Insulting!
  5. I think Jose has motivated himself to set an example for the young guys. The lost weight and improved by leaps and bounds hitting and defense is something I have never seen in a lifetime of watching baseball. He has transformed himself from an aging player that most on this board wanted gone...into a legitimate candidate and probable favorite for the MVP. Self-pride is his motivator.
  6. poppysox

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    Have really enjoyed this shortened season...haven't missed an inning all year. Doesn't matter what inning it is or who is going to be at-bat. Every one of our guys can be the guy who does the damage. As you can probably guess...I won't be the least bit surprised to see us playing the Dodgers in the WS just like 59'. Pitching has me a little concerned but the addition of Dunning looks good and Cease and even Lopez are showing signs. Bummer would be huge if we get him back next week. Abreu and Anderson have put up a couple of all-time WSox years and Madrigal has justified my faith in what he would bring to the team. I certainly don't see any team we can't beat with a little good luck and of course...need to get and stay hot.
  7. poppysox

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    That TBA guy has been better this year than usual.
  8. poppysox

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    This has not been a relaxing game to watch.😉
  9. poppysox

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    I would be able to live with a Padres vs WSox World Series. I'm not that fussy.
  10. poppysox


    Only the Dodgers with a better record. This team is for real. We have our weaknesses...but, we have lots of ways to beat you as well.
  11. I don't want a crosstown series unless we win it. Simply unbearable to live with my Cub fan friends and relatives should we lose.
  12. poppysox

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/12 - 6:10

    Greg saw it coming!
  13. poppysox

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/12 - 6:10

    PLEASE...pitch twice as fast and put on your attack face Lopez. Do these coaches never change a thing with a struggling player?
  14. poppysox

    ReyLo to start on Saturday

    And...he takes forever to do it. He needs to pick up the tempo and try going after the hitter. When you have nothing to lose...try doing something different.
  15. poppysox


    Our starting pitching is looking to be in good order for the playoffs. It's the relievers that need to get sorted out. A Bummer return at full strength would be huge.