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  1. How did you feel about Friday's game or today's?
  2. Our offense has been lifeless. Sure glad Madrigal starts playing tomorrow. Need some small ball energy to spark the team.
  3. poppysox

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    I love this pitching staff!!! Almost as good as the offense. What a year this could be.🙂
  4. I would like to showcase him for the two-weeks Vaughn needs minor league experience wink-wink. He will be worth something when NL goes with the DH someday.
  5. I do like the sound of that...but seems a bit like bragging.
  6. Can Reylo be fixed by Katz... is one of the interesting storylines of Spring Training IMO.
  7. poppysox

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    Same for me. Sox would be running away with this if it weren't for us.
  8. Part of this is the probability that some minority owners are ready to get out for their own estate planning. These are all rich people by ordinary standards.
  9. poppysox

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    When I was about 10 years old... I learned that our Spring Training record meant absolutely nothing. Enjoy the games for what they are...a harbinger of Spring.
  10. poppysox

    Fans at opening day

    Seems obvious IMO.
  11. poppysox

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    I think it makes a ton of sense.
  12. poppysox

    Spring Training thread

    They could have invited more kids if arms are in short supply. It would be the thrill of a lifetime for some AAAA types.
  13. poppysox

    Spring Training thread

    If I had paid to see six innings of baseball yesterday...I would be most unhappy. There is way too much screwing around with the game these days IMO.