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  1. Chisox378

    2nd Tier Palehose

    It was only for about ones season, but I enjoyed Steve Sax
  2. I don't mind the Minaya move. Minaya has to be able to get the job done there.
  3. Dety was getting ahead of hitters all night, pitched well. Marshal came out firing. Lets add on to our lead!
  4. Chisox378

    Don’t be surprised if Ryan Goins is called up

    I dont agree with this. Why even have these journeymen players then? He is performing, what more can we ask for? Goins is perfect for a spot start and utility role, rather then a younger player who needs more playing time and would benefit staying in the minors until ready for a full time ML role. As far as Mendick, I would send down Rondon, put Sanchez on the bench and let Mendick start for a month or two.
  5. Chisox378

    Time For Palka To Come Back Up

    If Palka isnt going to get full time playing time on the ML team then let him keep raking in Charlotte. Call up Goins, he will help the team more in a limited role.
  6. Chisox378

    Don’t be surprised if Ryan Goins is called up

    Call up both Goins and Mendick. Cordell is showing some life, but Rondon has not turned the corner, give these guys in AAA that are playing well a chance.
  7. Chisox378

    Yonder DFA'd

    Alonso before this season put together some ok years. His k to walk was decent, decent average, and ok power. But even before this year, he was strictly batting against righties, he wasnt a full time player, other teams saw that. We didnt see that, and paid him like a full time player.
  8. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Yattah Boyz #37!
  9. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Ouch, 0-5 4k's. Not sure we will ever see that again from him. Atleast I hope not.
  10. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    We have some fight still left in us, ey? Now lets close em out!
  11. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Here we go again. Every inning this whole series vs. the BoSox batter has been torture. We had the lead in every game. We need to finish them off already.
  12. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    I would love if we had some 1,2,3, innings the rest of the way.
  13. Chisox378

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    Speaking of, when will they give him the extension?
  14. Chisox378

    McCann finalist for catcher for ASG

    Today is the day. Vote McCann at 11am!