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  1. Okie dokie, I'd still catch it with two hands, your right, just like I was taught. Hey, that's a gift run from the Birds!
  2. What if the ball pops out! Hey Abreu HR!
  3. I have been playing my one dynasty team at What If Sports, but still have my OOTP fictional league going but haven't played in a while. You? I'm more locked in to the real thing lately, Chicago White Sox baseball!
  4. Yattah boys Burr-Fry combo!
  5. I don't understand, Ed Farmer praised Cordell on his Fielding and terrific mechanics before Cordell got sent down. But watching Cordell, he looks like he can get to the ball and way better than Palka, but he only uses one hand to catch the ball, like he is hotdogging it. Why don't outfielders catch the ball with two hands anymore?
  6. Chisox378

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    So showing someone up and taunting them is ok? Allowing too much celebrattion is going to get tempers flaring too, there will be a negative revenge factor. Maybe we should let the players box after the game? I'd rather watch a classy game where players are humble than some sort of theatrical show. If I was a player I would never have time to throw a bat, I'd be running too hard to first base.
  7. No tanking, never tanking. That's not White Sox baseball. Plus, this division is up for grabs.
  8. Tale of the tape: Just 2 hits through 7, Can't figure Norris out.
  9. Gotcha that's right it's Farmer, listening on radio.
  10. They need to bunt or do something to knock off Norris from his rythm.
  11. "Castillo giveth Castillo taketh away" I'm starting to think Benettisms are catching up to Hawkisms, and Bennetti is a youngster.
  12. Chisox378

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    My last post was not directed at Anderson specifically. "The South Side, we're different. We're different over here. It's a grinder side. We want to go out and attack. You expect to hustle. And we're moving forward. We're going to rise up today and carry those South Siders. Let em know" - Tim Anderson in spring training. He is a major impact on this team. I like him.
  13. Chisox378

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    This is all about the virtue of temperance and sportsmanship. A little celebration is ok but shouldn't be taken too far (as 5 minute dances and skits in the NFL), and it also depends on the circumstance and intention. Circumstance in that the celebration after winning a championship is different then a player hitting a double. Intention in that if a player taunts the other team it is not sportsmanship.
  14. Chisox378

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    I meant for us fans not to keep dwelling on it.
  15. Chisox378

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    Suspension to Timmy and Ricky... Just deal with it.... More importantly, let's go and win this series vs. the Tigers!
  16. Tale of the tape: Nova, Fulmer give up 8 ER, Abreu silenced again.
  17. Dont do that you are going to miss a good one, we need you!
  18. These boys are growing closer, Nice Wellington!
  19. The Anderson effect, creating a run, nice!
  20. Timely hitting young Eloy!
  21. Chisox378

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    I thought it was non sense and overdone. No sportsmanship. Kind of rubbing it in to the opposing team.