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  1. cwsox

    Se il mio amor a tutta la mia vita

    I read this thread at my first job – on my way to my second job I started laughing. That is a lot of humor here! No one ever bothered to tell me or was man enough to tell me what I was accused of. I had to read it here. That is incredible. No one communicated with me before or since. Kind of a combination Joe McCarthyism with a touch of 7th grade behavior. For the record, I never edited anyone else’s posts. That is a bulls*** lying charge. For the record I occasionally deleted a post of my own, as I know many have done. If something I posted got quoted, it stayed quoted. I took as sacred never to edit someone else’s posts. For the record, I am the king of typing “em” for “me”, “ahve” for “have”, typing the letter m for a comma, and yes, I edited my posts for such, as well as quotes I corrected exactly the same. That is why everyone has an edit key, and poor typist that I am, I’d clean up the lousy typing and since I could clean up my typos everywhere, I did. Change content - bulls***. Jut another lie from the usual source. I have about 12,500 posts. I never had to hide anything I said. I said what I wanted to say and didn’t say some things because I didn’t want to, or because I put the good of soxtalk first. For the record, I can recall tex screwing up one of my posts and I was accused of things and I am still waiting for an apology. For the record Mr. Eye, I never once thought of banning you, that is absurd. I have no idea where that comes from. For the record, no one shared these accusations with me or even bothered to reply to me when I asked for an explanation of what I was accused of. That alone points to the gutlessness and falseness of this bulls***. And Jas, I would consider that since you didn’t and wouldn’t communicate with me, and you post you have accusations that you can’t make public but if anyone IMs you or whatever you’ll discuss it, you will discuss it with anyone but me – that doesn’t reflect so well on you. Then again, as with Insiders.com and a few other things, you’ve been hosed by a small group of people with their own agenda. And you will be again. I took the admin thing very seriously. I did an honorable job by this place that I love. All the admins know I was very upfront in the admin forum, and accurately predicted this, right done to the timing, and you all know what this is really about. You can deny all you want. Interesting that the last action I took was to reinstate the suspension of someone who’s suspension was undone, I simply put back what had been done. And when I posted on that, I said, “if I go to hell for this, so be it.” And the next communication I get is that I removed as an admin. Oh please get real. For the record, we had admins posting in their sigs about planning coup d’etats. Lo and behold… Imagine that. And for the pious “cwsox should post here even though he isn’t an admin…” I challenge everyone who said that, and I challenge tex, kap, and especially 2k4, to give up being a mod or an admin for a year and keep posting. You won’t do it. The hypocrisy of some posts here is astounding. Soxtalk is not supposed to be about who has been friends with who and what cliques people want to be in and secret societies and “in groups.” The favoritism and the self interest and little scheming in the little admin world would be a great Gilbert and Sullivan operetta – but it is also wrong. The threats to ban those whose ideas may be unpopular may have seemed far fetched to the whole community but maybe not so more anymore. I can’t light no more of the darkness -- And the folks out there should know what a wacky little world the admin place is. This year we had two admins suspend themselves, one for an ok reason, one for pouting. It was me who undid their self suspensions. Damn, there are strange machinations that go on there. Yes, I was saying goodbye to a lot of folks. That coup d’etat stuff was out there, and the admins know what else I was looking at right down to the prelude and timing. Those with their personal vendettas were doing their thing. To deny conspiracy is, in the words of Al Franken, another lying lie told by the people who tell them. The gutlessness with which it was done, that I had to read it all here in this thread instead of have anyone be an adult and communicate, that says it all. All I was told that it was the work of Jas, 2k4, Jas, and Alex heads. So to not even talk to me but to go to the other admins after the fact with the insinuations and other things mentioned in this thread – now we have McCarthyism mixed with 7th grade behavior and a dash of Star Chamber tactics. Someone had to have their way and they did. Congratulations. And at this point, let me say that soxtalk will go on and do quite well. This community is comprised of a lot of great people. I wish I had had a chance to reach everyone I intended, to thank them for all they did for soxtalk and their unique contributions, and praise the community and the individual posters we have here. I am glad that my last admin days were spent in PMing people with thanks and appreciation. And I did really appreciate the return comments. I wasn’t expecting some of the really nice comments that I got. They meant a lot. I wish they had not been destroyed. I wish I had been able to reach everyone. This is a better community than its admins, which is why it is so great and will thrive. The soxtalk vision has been lost with the rise of the petty cliques and in groups amongst a few admins and others. But the sotalk vision is alive and well in the community as a whole. There are great folks here. I wish I could somehow hug a lot of you. God, I love this place. 12,500 posts and the joy of helping build this community and helping a lot of people with things and getting to interact with some fine folk. The bullies and the “gotta have their own way” clique were getting to be too much, and now are. I am going to miss a lot of people but it feels great to be free of the pettiness that is in the life at the top here. This evening at work I really felt free – damn it has been a while since I laughed so much because the humor of this is overwhelming. Rust never sleeps. The Beatles said, and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. There is the little clique that is high fiving themselves (which reminds me of a Local H song…) and there are the things that were said to me through the years and in the past week that I shall keep in my heart forever. I take my love for you all with me always. And what would be me without a musical ending. Nothing from Eminem or any other usual source. From the pen of Puccini: Sono andante? Fingevo di domire perche voli con te sola restare Ho tante cose che ti voglio dire… o una sola, ne grande come il mare, come il mare profundaed infinta Se il mio amor a tutta la mia vita.
  2. cwsox

    Contreras or Bust

    The last post I see in this thread is like 4 hours old.
  3. cwsox

    Sharpton a good fit for Democrats

    I've never worried if God is my side. My concern is to be with God in clear conscience. And for each of us, our own credibility comes in that dialogue.
  4. cwsox

    Sharpton a good fit for Democrats

    I'll defend Sharpton. About the same time he erred in the Brawley case, G W Bush was a coke snorting alchoholic getting away with drunk driving because of daddy. If you allow one person to be forgiven for mistakes in the past you must allow both. Sharpton's speech to the convention was very impressive. He has established a worthy record on which to stand as a public citizen. I'll stand with Al Sharpton any day. There was a time I never would have said that. But I will now.
  5. cwsox

    Happy Birthday MinnesotaSoxFan

    HB MSF! and pinned for your pleasure
  6. why in hell do I still have July wallpaper????????? Ok, really, I know you all are busy and the recent losses dampens the mood, but August wallpaper is needed, all ye creative types, and especially Ian since I have the entiore Mr. Showtime collection saved and used a smy screensaver so I have Mr. S. retrospectives several times a day... and other worthy wallpaper-ers have also come along to give usa n aray fromw hcih to choose and indeed I have saved all of those too please? August wallpaper please?
  7. cwsox

    Alternative to UN

    there is no alternative, it is what is. And responding to other comments And to do away with it is the worst idea, as dangerous of an idea, as one could put forward. The UN does a great deal to foster communication, fight disease and hunger, and make advances on human rights, and there is nothing that can replace the lives saved and nothing is as valuable as forum where people can be heard. Just because the UN is not the US lapdog and won't do our political bidding... Imperial Rome, here we come. Damn those Gauls and Goths and Visigoths who think they live in the world too and won't acknowledge we are their masters. They should do our political agenda or die.
  8. cwsox

    From the Yankee Boards

    I can't figure the Yankees view point. Their pitching staff is weak enough that they had Tanyon Sturtze starting a game in May. They sure didn't get a guy having a red hot year from us. so what is tis all about anyway?
  9. cwsox

    Talk about CLUELESS

    a very good chance
  10. cwsox

    Your brushes with greatness

    on one great night at the Old Earl of Old Town (and we are talking before most posters here were born, back in 1973) I went to discuss a contract for a gig with Bob Gibson (Chicago folk singer, not the pitcher) and ended up spending a wild evening with him, Steve Goodman, Ed and Fred Holstein, and Bonnie Koloc. Almost all of them are dead now - other than Goodman being a cubs fan, he was a really great guy, in fact, all of them were just wild and fun. And I did indeed get Gibson to appear at my college for a reduced rate...
  11. cwsox


    when Jason says that... good luck with the project!
  12. cwsox

    Happy BDay Jordan4life_2004!

    yo dude HB
  13. cwsox

    Detroit Announcers

    I rather like them (have gotten used to them?). Lots of enthiusiasm without being boosters, call a good game even in a 109 loss season, and have some personality. Not Hawk and DHJ. but I am very comfortable with them.
  14. cwsox

    the get up guy

    GUG is a class act and a great person and a true die hard Sox fan and I could never say enough good about him. I never ever found his cheerig annoying. He usually did the Get Up routine pregame and while strolling the aisle so it was IMO never a problem to those who sat by him. IMO. GUG -
  15. cwsox

    Does anybody still have hope?

    welcome to soxtalk great post, and am with you all the way here