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  1. GradMc

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    The thought someone in that cabal would assume the ownership reigns is absolutely frightening. It would be more of the same. If Reinsdorf cares about his financial legacy they need to put the team out there when he passes and sell to the highest bidder. That practically guarantees anyone from this present group will get out-bidded. I doubt anyone from the group was for upping the payroll to 200 mil and signing Harper, Machado and a couple of aces. But even if they didn't win this year, the future would be very bright. The Sox would have drawn 2.5 to 3 mil. Where I come from you gotta spend it to make it.
  2. GradMc

    7/21- Sox at Rays, 12:10, NBCSC

    And I have no problem with that if they had better on-field management and coaching. Maybe its the "contagion" of a pervasive losing culture at the MLB level.
  3. GradMc

    7/21- Sox at Rays, 12:10, NBCSC

    If Reinsdorf doesn't address his on-field management and coaching at the ML level, this latest iteration of a "rebuild" will blow up in his face.
  4. GradMc

    Luis Robert

    Signed Jerry Control Reinsdorf. Tatis Jr would still be in AA.
  5. GradMc

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    As long as the Reinsdorf regime is in control, the type of cultural change that's desperately needed will not happen. This cabal is not on the same wave-length with its fanbase. We are fans. They are not sportsmen. They are bu$ine$$men who found a way to make boat loads of cash without being competitive. So, these medicine men peddle their perpetual rebuild elixirs of a better tomorrow onto what's left of a once great fanbase and friggin laugh all the way to the bank. Someone tell me what ownership group committed to on the field results would hire/retain Kenny-Hahn and Renteria as the management face of their organization?
  6. The Sox have been in rebuild mode since 1982
  7. I think the whole payroll thing will be changing before Robert time's arrives....
  8. GradMc

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Girardi be taking over for Maddon when the Cubs fail to win the WS this year. Given how St. Theo treated Renteria, he's probably already told Joe the job is his. No accomplished manager will be taking over for two reasons: (1) Reinsdorf is not paying. (2) Don Cooper has to be retained.
  9. GradMc

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Correct. And the Sox are notorious for loading the bases with no outs and scoring 1 run or less.
  10. GradMc

    Eloy going on IL

    What an indictment of an absolute incompetent FO. Or perhaps it's P.T. Barnum 2.0 pulling the strings that make them look so incompetent. But whatever it is, it's not impacting their financial bottom line.
  11. St. Theo knew what he was giving up more than Kenny-Hahn knew what they were getting.
  12. GradMc

    Sunday Game Thread

    Hurry back TA7 and let the Robert-Madrigal phase begin.
  13. GradMc

    Sunday Game Thread

    I'm going to say it again. One of these days, someone is going to realize Rey-Rey's future is closing.
  14. GradMc

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    I'm the one that compared us to the Cubs but as so many folks do on this site, they don't read very well. The comparison was more about the Cubs under-achieving given their talent and payroll committment. Their record should be at least as good as any of baseball elites - and it's not. That's the point. The Sox hanging around .500 for as long as they did given the lack of collective talent is a surprise. But I am under no delusion about how far this organization has to go before they can mentioned in the same breath with baseball's best.
  15. GradMc

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    As an opposition GM in buyer's mode, the only guys I might have any use for are Colome, Bummer and Garcia. There's reasons why the Sox are 14 games out of first and 7.5 out of a wild card berth besides the owner and the front office: the current on-field talent collectively is not very good.