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  1. GradMc

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Well then let's do Bauer / Springer and he can do just that. Enough of the faux po' owner whining. After the parade, he can then sell team to an ownership group that can operate a pernenial big-market contender. How long do you think Reinsdorf would have lasted operating teams in NY, Boston or LA like he has the Sox and the Bulls post-Jordan ? Please.
  2. Nicely Done. There's one more move left and yes it is a big one. But the goal is not to compete with Minnesota or Cleveland or Houston. The goal is to compete with the LA Dodgers unless the base is satisfied with an "under budget one-hit wonder" that may come around every hundred years or so. Stop feeling sorry for these owners. If they're not affluent enough to compete, they can find something else to do.
  3. I hope the next White Sox ownership group are affluent sportsmen - not these egocentric bean-counters. Actually, they'll have to be affluent to keep this budding star-studded team together. Reinsdorf bought the Sox for pennies on the dollars and got a great deal with the state - with the expectation he could then use his resources to turn the Sox into perennial contenders. We got played and that's why I loathed him. (And don't get me started with the way he's ran the Bulls needlessly into the ground). And unless he was bowled over by some Balmer-like premium, P.T. Barnum 2.0. will never give us the satisfaction of watching him hand over the keys to the White Sox kingdom to a new ownership group. He has a monopoly on NBA basketball in a tri-state area. That family will never sell the Bulls.
  4. GradMc

    Kris Bryant

    Agree. I would trade him
  5. GradMc

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    No matter what SD does they will not be on par with the Dodgers. SD is definitely better than the Sox with these two moves. Now watch LAD go after Bauer. The World Series goes through LA. We need affluent sportsmen that can play in that space. Lord knows we definitely don't have it with Reinsdorf. It's too bad because the Cubs are back-tracking again and control for the baseball entertainment dollar is up for grabs. Weren't the Cubs suppose to win multiple championships a la the 90's Bulls ? They came up a tad short.
  6. GradMc

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    No matter what SD does they still won't be as good as the Dodgers. I see LA going af
  7. GradMc

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    But that's exactly the problem. The owner doesn't believe in taking those few $ignificant moves. His first loyalty is to the cabal of non-sportsmen businessmen out soley to make a buck.
  8. GradMc

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    They'd be foolish to trade Madrigal. I'm sick of trade talk. Open up the friggin wallet and sign FA difference makers. In the post season, it's all about pitching. Bauer and Hendriks. Reinsdorf with his poor owner routine got old with me decades ago. Oh I long for the day to watch affluent sportsmen take the reigns of ownership. With the team they're assembling you're gonna need deep-pockets to not only keep this talented team together but to showcase them in a world class venue. The Chicago White Sox can go from obscurity to a global brand with the right ownership and marketing campaign.
  9. GradMc

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Unlike the one we"ve been stuck with for the last 40 years
  10. GradMc

    Do the sox even have another need?

    The goal is not to be as good as Minnesota or Cleveland. The goal is to be on par with the LA Dodgers. The White Sox have a ways to go before I would mentioned them in the same breath with the Dodgers. Whether they get there under this ownership group is highly unlikely - the TLR hiring nonwithstanding. It's gonna cost a lot of money to keep this team intact as they move into their prime. I hope they're under affluent sportsmen type ownership by then.
  11. GradMc

    Tony LaRussa to plead guilty to lesser charge

    The best thing the Sox can do is win the world series asap and get rid of both of them.
  12. GradMc

    Official: McCann is a Met, $40/4 years

    Boo. I'm gonna miss him. Cohen signing him is not a surprise. I see we both have something in common - we loathed Reinsdorf. (Too bad it wasn"t his net worth. I would buy the Sox and make everyone forget the prior ownership in an heartbeat. The only reason today this site wouldn't be talking about Springer in RF and Bauer in the rotation would have been they just didn't want to come here). And Dunning would still be here.
  13. GradMc

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    A failure yes but it's in line with the MO of this ownership group
  14. GradMc

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Let's talk about an affluent sportsman taking over this operation. These half-hearted ass moves are an affront to team and its fanbase.
  15. GradMc

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    LOL Reinsdorf is a sadist TLR now this clubhouse cancer. Chicago is truly plagued with some of the most bufoonish sports ownerships on the planet.