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  1. GradMc

    4 teams called Conforto post-draft

    Bring Oscar-Oscar up and fuggedaboutit.
  2. Where there is no will, there will always be a way.
  3. GradMc

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    And a middle finger to the base.
  4. GradMc

    Tim Anderson Suspended Three Games - Has Appealed

    Please the umps egg these guys on too. They get in the players faces practically inciting at least incidental contact. I have never seen umps back away either. TA7 is absolutely targeted. And because of that he has to take extra precautions. The JD-Manager and TA7 need to have a conversation.
  5. GradMc

    What Will it Take for You to Give Up?

    This is planned obsolescence by the owner. His tenure has been 40 plus years of 3 year rebuilds.
  6. GradMc

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    I'd rather see the Sox bring up some of their minor league talent than trade it. Everyone is stuck on winning the division. The goal is getting to and winning the world series. That ain't happening this year with this "all-out" owner, his incompetent front office and well past his prime manager. The same issues that plague the Sox for the past several years still haven't been addressed (2B, RF , eli SP). The Sox need elite talent which comes from signing top tier free agents. Trading away what little talent they have in the minors is an horrendous decision.
  7. GradMc

    7/16 Sox @ Twinkies 2:00PM Let’s get over .500!!

    Cease Kopech Cueto If they ain't starting, fuggedaboutit The problems CWS had going into last winter's meetings have yet to be addressed: SP 2B RF
  8. GradMc

    7/7 Tigers @ Sox, 7:10 PM

    Hero Ball got CWS in that 9th.
  9. GradMc

    Rick Hahn - Mastermind of Failure

    It worked on the West Side to a degree. When the Bulls go over the luxury tax like every team above them, that will signal a changing of the guard. JR got tired of the NBA. He's lost in the 50's. Not tired of the money though. The Bulls are a cash cow.
  10. GradMc

    Rick Hahn - Mastermind of Failure

    He's a highly educated man who would do well elsewhere in the private sector. But sports management just ain't it.
  11. GradMc

    Rick Hahn - Mastermind of Failure

    Reinsdorf is fond of kicking failed management up the ladder. TLR - president of baseball operations. Let that one marinade.
  12. GradMc

    Rick Hahn - Mastermind of Failure

    Mastermind of Failure. 😂 Bravo!!
  13. GradMc

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    Won't happen until CWS is sold
  14. GradMc

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    This is a dumpster fire. CWS are getting their rears kicked by the Baltimore Freakin' Orioles. Send Sosa back. Don't expose him to this madness.