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  1. All of what you say is true. But it's still amazing to me given most of them were pretty mediocre in Sox uniforms. And I guess that should be expected given they haven't participated in post-season play since 2008 This latest "rebuild" is 11 years old whether anyone in that organization wants to admit it or not. Reinsdorf's Cash Cow Bulls have been rebuilding since Jordan left 20 friggin years ago.
  2. Amazing how much this organization gets beat by its ex-players.
  3. GradMc

    Nick Castellanos

    Agree. Our RF plays for the Phillies.⁰
  4. GradMc

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    If Kenny-Hahn are adamant about turning Eloy into serviceable outfielder, they ought to bring in JDM to compensate during the times Eloy will be on the disabled list. Mookie Betts ? Be still my beating heart.
  5. GradMc

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Chairman Reinsdorf and I see eye to eye on very little. But he was absolutely spot on about Sale's coming breakdown. I believed it too. Horrid timing for Dombrowski.
  6. GradMc

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Dombrowski on the South Side of Chicago whether you like him or not is a moot point. The present owner will have to pay him big bucks, bestow the title of president of baseball operations (which means a complete and total cultural change) and most certainly raising the payroll commiserate with other big market players. Ain't none of the above happening. It will be interesting where he lands. Out West is my guess. He and Maddon might hook up somewhere after the Cubs get rid of him. If my calculations are correct the Cubs lovable should be working on their FOURTH straight world series championship. Things are not quite working out. It's borders on mortal sin to even contemplate it, but St. Theo may be on the hot seat. Tuning into the Cubs dynasty on their new cable access station was going to be all the rage. The Ricketts may have to rethink that. The next World Series in Chicago (whenever and however that happens) will be played at G-Rate Field.
  7. GradMc

    Machado do-over

    Well when I see Halley's Comet more often than I do my favorite baseball team compete for a WS Championship, what else am I to conclude other than this organization lacks stellar decision-makers in the front-office and stellar difference-makers on the field? And in the sports world, the buck stops with ownershipship. The phase "Organizations win championships" was something Reinsdorf whined to Krause when they felt they weren't getting the glory, laud and honor due them during the Jordan years. Well, Reinsdorf, it works both ways.
  8. A manager of that caliber will want full control over the selection of his staff. Reinsdorf will insist on retaining Cooper which would be a non-starter. Of course it's a moot point because Reinsdorf doesn't believe managers have much impact on-field outcomes - translation: he ain't paying the type of money required to lure Girardi.
  9. GradMc

    For the Coop Haters

    Reinsdorf has been in a perpetual state of rebuilding since he bought this team in 1981 team for peanuts - the only way he could have. Then he got into game and realized he was way out of his league competing with owners with REAL money. Even now he would have to sell off his sports assets to even come anywhere close to that paper billionaire status he currently enjoys. The next owners have to be affluent sportsmen for this organization to be the major market juggernaut they should have always been. The Chicago American League Ballclub has not exactly been historically blessed with stellar ownership. Their fleeting success has come despite ownership/management. Had they been better equipped to deal with the Yankees offensively, some of those 26 world series championships they have would belong to us. The White Sox had stellar pitching throughout the years. Unfortunately, this is an organization which has never been to post season in two consecutive seasons. The closest they came was 1917 and 1919.
  10. GradMc

    For the Coop Haters

    It sounds forced - almost as if this sorry ass management put Gio up to it.
  11. GradMc

    Your 2019 MiLB POY is....

    The Sox are fortunate they weren't outbidded because lord knows they couldn't have discovered this guy on their own. He was a known quantity throughout MLB front offices. If the Sox bat Robert behind Eloy they will both have great seasons because Eloy will get better pitches to hit and Robert is an all-around better offensive player. But with Wrong-Way Peter Peachfuzz as the manager, I'm not holding out much hope that'll be the pairing.
  12. GradMc

    Your 2019 MiLB POY is....

    It's Reinsdorf's algorithm....LOL
  13. GradMc

    2020 White Sox Season Ticket Changes

    This team is capable of drawing 3 million a year but remember when the attendance rises so does the owner's rent to the state. He probably has an algorithm that tells him how minimally competent the organization can be to max his profits.. LOL. He has the algorithm well-tuned on the West Side. I pray the next owners are affluent sportsmen. It would be a first in the White Sox storied history.
  14. GradMc

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    And that's your opinion. And just like you, I'm entitled to mine. Unless they plan on signing Max which I seriously doubt, of the pitchers currently in this organization he'll hit 20 victories before any of the rest of them will. Being capable of throwing 105 mph threw a brick wall is not in itself the sign of a great pitcher.