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  1. Good Guys

    A Realistic Offseason

    Teams with good starting pitching usually make the playoffs and teams with the best two or three starters often go to the world series. The white sox scored 741 runs in 2005 and 868 in 2006. Their offense was much better in 2006. Starting pitching was the difference between winning the world series and finishing third in the division.
  2. Good Guys

    A Realistic Offseason

    I agree with you but I find it frustrating because I feel like that's a losing philosophy. It's similar to a NBA team that avoids signing star players or a NFL team that won't invest in a quarterback. It makes winning really difficult.
  3. Good Guys

    A Realistic Offseason

    I would make starting pitching a priority this offseason. Its something both the Nationals and Astros have invested a lot of resources in and look where they are now. If the White Sox are doing some bargain shopping I would be okay if that's in right field or DH as long as 1 or 2 quality starters have been acquired.
  4. Good Guys

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    It was interesting to see that the Yankees will still be paying Alex Rodriguez $5 million in deferred salary in 2020.
  5. Good Guys

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    It wouldn't surprise me to see the Yankess surpass the luxury tax threshold for a season or two but pressure will be on them to deliver a world series.
  6. Good Guys

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    The Yankees might not have a lot of payroll flexibility this offseason if they care about staying under the luxury tax threshold. After arbitration they project to be around $200 million.
  7. Good Guys

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    Marshall was at times one of the best relievers on the team in 2019 so for $1.3 million he's a no brainer.
  8. Good Guys

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    Goins and Osich I'm not particularly attached to but not much risk at a salary of $1 million or less.
  9. Good Guys

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    I would bring back everyone on that list for that price with the exception of yolmer. In 2016 the white sox were just below league average ($134 million) with a payroll of $129 million. They have been in the bottom 5 of payroll the last three years while rebuilding and saved a lot of money. League average in 2019 was $137 million and that's where I would expect the white sox to get back to if they are remotely serious about contending. They are currently dead last in pre arbitration payroll for 2020 with $23 million on the books. There is no reason to save and every reason to spend. I understand that the white sox will never spend like teams such as the Yankees, Dodgers, or Cubs and I don't expect them to. But I also don't think they should be that far off teams like the Mets and Angel's which both had $160 million payrolls in 2019 and are also considered to be the second teams in their respective cities.
  10. Good Guys

    Predict the 1st Free Agent Signed

    I don't understand all the love on this board for Scooter Gennet. He's had 3 good seasons. He will turn 30 next May. We haven't had a great track record with players from Cincinnati. I don't think Great American is all that different from hitting at Coors Field. I understand buying low on a guy but I don't think he's going to give the White Sox a discount with Madrigal behind him and expected up in 2020.
  11. Good Guys

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    The White Sox are in a great position to win a lot of games in the future. If they wanted to they have the flexibility to overpay, get both Cole and Strasburg, and still be an average team in terms of payroll in MLB. Will they do this? NO. But could they? I think It's possible. The question that remains is if and when they will spend to complete rebuild and how far they are willing to go. I don't mind that the White Sox save a lot of money and rebuild from time to time as long as they spend and invest in high caliber players when their teams are in a good position to win.
  12. Good Guys

    Badler 2020 J2 Preview

    Fortunately, draft picks can't be traded. If the Sox ran the draft like they do signing international prospects they would trade their 1st round draft pick for cash and then trade their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks to acquire as many picks in the 10th round as possible.
  13. Good Guys

    Badler 2020 J2 Preview

    I wonder how much cash the white sox could get for prospects or current players? What kind of dollar figure would Robert, Moncado, or Giolito bring back in return? Might be a nice little bonus before selling the team.
  14. Good Guys

    Why Did Covey Start Tonight??

    Good post. Could not have said it better myself.
  15. Good Guys

    Vaughn's first pro season

    How dare you compare our prized draft pick to Jose Abreu. You should apologize!