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    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    It was a 5.90 era to be exact. And he was then traded to the Cubs where his era was 6.89 after leaving the pitcher friendly park.
  2. Good Guys

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Bumgarner had a 5.29 era away from home last year. Oracle is very pitcher friendly park and this benefits Mad Bum tremendously. GR is not a pitcher friendly park. Derek Holland played for San Fran and had a 3.57 era one year after posting a 6.20 era with the White Sox. I agree with a lot of your statement but I would prefer Ryu over Bumgarner. If Mad Bum signs with the White Sox I think his numbers could be similar to James Shields with the White Sox. Who also came from a very pitcher friendly park in San Diego before arriving in Chicago.
  3. Good Guys

    On to Plan B

    Scott Boras? Yeah, the White Sox have plenty of rapport with him.
  4. Theo did a great job rebuilding the Cubs and winning a world series but he hasn't made a lot of moves that have benefited the Cubs since that championship. There's a reason he's not in Boston anymore.
  5. I agree that Schwarber should have been traded to the AL long ago but trades haven't hurt the Cubs as much poor free agent signings/bad contracts have. Heyward, Darvish, and Chatwood are 3 mistakes Theo wishes he could have back. Without the Chapman trade the Cubs don't have a WS ring.
  6. Good Guys

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Yeah, I think close to a 50/50 split with Mccann will be ideal. Grandal is an elite pitch framer but saving his knees and getting him 600 at bats will be better for the Sox IMO.
  7. Good Guys

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Big get for the Sox! Will upgrade catcher and possibly DH. Great price as well!
  8. Good Guys

    What about Collins?

    Compared to a lot other options out there this one is starting to make the most sense.
  9. Good Guys

    A Realistic Offseason

    Right now the White Sox have 3 starting pitchers. 2 previous starters are expected back from Tommy John surgery at some point in 2020. Both will start in the minors for at least some rehab starts and be called up when they are ready. One has yet to pitch 15 innings at the big league level and the other has only pitched more than 150 innings once in 5 seasons. The White Sox might get one quality starter this offseason but if they have the chance to get two I think they should go for it. If at any point the White Sox have 7 starters that are healthy and playing well enough to be on a contending club then the Sox will likely be going to the postseason. I don't see this as a problem.
  10. Good Guys

    Trade Candidates: SP

    I added him because a was a decent pitcher on a rebuilding team. Not sure what their window for contention is. The price tag would be pretty high I would assume if he would be available.
  11. Good Guys

    Trade Candidates: SP

    You don't like him?
  12. Good Guys

    Trade Candidates: SP

    John Means from the Orioles
  13. Lifetime bans for all those involved!
  14. Good Guys

    Potential deals with the Mets

    I know Nimmo has been brought up as potential trade acquisition. What about Dominic Smith? He's left handed, had good offensive numbers in limited plate appearances last year and could fill a DH/1B need. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2861689-predicting-1-trade-for-each-mlb-team-1-month-from-the-winter-meetings.amp.html
  15. Good Guys

    Potential Deals with Boston

    Boston has a lot of what the White Sox are looking for this offseason. Any of their starting three outfielders would be a better fit defensively than any of the options free agency has to offer. If the White Sox swing and miss in free agency the right deal with Boston could make sense for both teams.