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  1. Good Guys

    Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion

    How many seasons did the Sox wait on Rodon? And when he finally starts to put it together they won't resign him. Not even a qualifying offer. But they give Kimbrel $16 million. When healthy, Rodon was their best pitcher last year and maybe their best player. We'll see where is this year come playoff time? But knowing the Sox he'll probably pitch like this all year. I know it's easy to second guess the front office but I found these moves particularly frustrating. Sorry for the rant.
  2. Good Guys

    Are you in favor of Moncada to 2B?

    Sorry, tried to delete the comment but couldn't. It was in response to a previous post that asked when the last time a chubby guy played second base.
  3. Good Guys

    Are you in favor of Moncada to 2B?

    Mike Moustakas?
  4. Probably a stupid question, but why didn't the Sox plan on using Lopez as a spot starter here instead of Lambert?
  5. Good Guys

    The Second Base Options (as it stands)

    Not a popular opinion but I think the best option might be to go with Leury Garcia at second and see what's available at the trade deadline. The realistic free agent options available right now don't seem much better and I would hate to find out what the White Sox would give up to get McNeil.
  6. I'm pretty sure you could find something close to this on Cubs message boards after the trade deadline.
  7. Good Guys

    Wild Card Thread: STL @ LAD, NYY @ BOS

    He's saving his right arm for game 1 against the Giants.
  8. Good Guys


    It seemed like retaliation to me and pretty bush league if it was. It's one thing to throw at a guy on the first pitch. It's entirely different to throw at someone with an 0-2 count that's protecting the plate. The Tigers claimed that they were pitching inside and Abreu was standing on the plate. Watch the replay. Abreu was no where near the plate. Sounds like a poor excuse to cover up the truth. Teams rarely own up to throwing at a guy regardless if it was on purpose or not.
  9. Good Guys

    Kimbrel to the White Sox

    For Madrigal and Heuer.
  10. True, but the Sox also paid Walmart prices instead of Macy's.
  11. Good Guys

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I can repost the old thread if you want. It was not from that long ago. I said that signing Madbum would be like signing the second coming of James Shields. That offended people. They were upset that the Dbacks got madbum on the cheap. Hahn should have offered 100 million to get the deal done.
  12. Good Guys

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    A lot of posters on this board wanted Madbum if we didn't land Wheeler. I'm glad Hahn didn't do that. That being said I agree with Bauer. Especially on a short term deal regardless of the price. But I'm not as sold on Stroman or Q.
  13. Good Guys

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I wanted starting pitching more than anyone last offseason and that's because we needed it. Starting pitching wins in the postseason. End of story. But what good options are out there other than Bauer? I'm not sold on Stroman. Offer Bauer 40 for 1 year or 70 for 2?
  14. Good Guys

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I thought Dunning was a pleasant surprise. For a rookie to not have a loss on the season, have more strikeouts than innings pitched, and an era under 4. What more can you ask of him?
  15. Good Guys

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    Do we absolutely need to sign a starter? Giolito, Keuchel, Dunning, Cease, and then Reylo, Crochet, Kopech?