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  1. Just an all around great win. Defense was noticeably good today.
  2. Giving Moncada that rookie strike zone I see.
  3. Good outfield defense is just a beautiful thing.
  4. Hit it hard, Laureano will catch that all day though. Good to see from Yoan
  5. sj91

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    Would love to see Robert put a charge into one here.
  6. sj91

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    The bat speed to be able to hit a home run on that pitch is pretty incredible. Hopefully a sign of things to come for the postseason.
  7. sj91

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    Pretty boneheaded play by Baez. I’ll take it!
  8. Buckled his knees on that last one.
  9. If that helps him get out this funk I am going to be extremely happy. He absolutely smoked that ball
  10. Jesus Christ this guy’s stuff is ridiculous.