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    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    Who made you the thought police?
  2. After the Sox failed to sign Manny Machado, I remember Rick Hahn saying that they will continue to be aggressive on premium talent. Well, Rick, here's a news flash: the starting pitching staff on your ballclub needs a major league shot in the arm. Lopez and Giolito have regressed (see my post on Don Cooper needs to go) and for all his talent, Carlos Rodon has been inconsistent. Dallas Keuchel remains unsigned. Kindly ask Mr. Reinsdorf to release the vice grip he has on the team's checkbook and sign Dallas Keuchel.
  3. The great pitching guru Don Cooper has been living off 2005 for far too long. I'm well aware the Sox are in a rebuild, but Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito have taken noticeable steps back this season, and the Sox pitching staff now has MLB's worst WHIP (1.67). Reinsdorf's loyalty (see Gar-Pax and the Bulls) has got to stop. Replacing Don Cooper is long overdue.
  4. I'm all in with the rebuild, but what is so enamoring about Yomer Sanchez that Renteria insists on putting him in the starting lineup every day? Sanchez is a utility player--nothing more, nothing less. His best assets are being the team jester and pouring Gatorade on teammates. Nick Madrigal can't be called up soon enough. Despite his great start offensively this season, Leury Garcia is someone else I'm tired of seeing. He been butchering balls in the outfield and making stupid base-running mistakes for 3 years. It does appear, at least, that the Sox's love affair with Dylan Covey is finally (thankfully) coming to an end. Covey is in the minors where he belongs.
  5. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance, but I'm pretty sure there were a couple of times during last weekend's series vs. the Mariners that fans were throwing home run balls hit by Mariners players back onto the field. C'mon, folks. Throwing an opposing player's home run ball back onto the field is a silly, stupid Cub ritual. Let's not sink to their level.