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  1. Yep f--k this game! The Sox sucks and are a embarrassment right now!
  2. No shocker! can't get a two out hit with runners in scoring position.
  3. Let's see if the Sox can get a two out hit for once!
  4. How about a double and then Jimenez homers!
  5. That's a good thing the sox don't do half of what he thinks they should .They would be even worse.
  6. Basabe? He's been hurt half the season it seems. What has he done to deserve a call up.
  7. Go Go Gadget arms Obviously!
  8. Can that hole be any bigger on the right side?
  9. Reed sucks! Why do they keep running him out there?
  10. Always love one pitch outs.
  11. Sox hitters totally bailing out junis that inning!
  12. I was just gonna post the same thing.