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  1. Dickie Kerr

    Kopech hit 100 today

    Just wait until Cooper reigns him in with a 91 mph cutter.
  2. Dickie Kerr

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    He's an unimaginative, big-talking pussy. But that's what his owner demands of him, so what can you do? When this off-season again fails to produce tangible results, I hope the fans of this franchise REALLY start boycotting the horrendous product on the field. At some point, people will HAVE to realize that they are being scammed/played/manipulated by an empty soul who has figured out a new way (i.e., "the rebuild") of maximizing profits and selling false hope.
  3. Dickie Kerr

    Sox make no deadline moves

    What a shock. No creativity whatsoever from the Walmart of baseball management regimes.
  4. Dickie Kerr

    Sox Trade Nate Jones/INTL Slot to TEX for 2 Minor Leaguers

    Good. I was sick of seeing him on the 40-man.
  5. Dickie Kerr

    40 Man Trash

    Why are Cordell and Engel near locks? This exemplifies more than anything why this organization is horseshit.
  6. Dickie Kerr

    40 Man Trash

    The burden of proof is on you. There is plenty of reason to doubt your optimism. And I’m not talking about roster slots 30-40. Note that there are 23 players listed above.
  7. Dickie Kerr

    Covey Optioned

    They spelled DFA wrong.
  8. Dickie Kerr

    40 Man Trash

    Clearly, this organization has a long way to go to even be mediocre. Here’s a list of our 40-man trash that could be released without a blink: Banuelos Cordero Covey Detweiler Frare Fulmer Herrera Jones Medeiros Nova Osich Ruiz Vieira Castillo Zavala Reed Goins Sanchez Engel Jay Cordell Palka Tilson Look at that list. Take it all in. The idea that this team is remotely close to contending is laughable. Thank you JR. You can’t disappear soon enough.