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  1. HollywoodTim

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Also: passing on Rick Porcello and drafting Aaron Poreda because nobody wanted to pay Porcello. Never forget.
  2. HollywoodTim

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    It's disappointing to see a Law quote in this thread about draft philosophy still coming from the top. The reinsdorf/williams regime just cannot ever go away. And for all of the crap Law gets here including for his criticism of Sale as a prospect, for the most part I think he's been very correct about our system, and I think he has also proven to have some of the best or most reliable sources about our organization. I remember when it was Phil Rogers just spouting whatever line of bullshit Dave Wilder was feeding him, for a while.
  3. HollywoodTim

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I think Stacey King once said, "If you're scared, buy a dog." If they end up making a safe pick here instead of a high upside risk I'm just going to go ahead and call the guy Lance Broadway regardless of whatever his name is. Then I'll wake up from this trade players for prospects / draft high / sign INTL FAs dream I'm having and realize I'm still a White Sox fan and it's still 2007-2015 or whatever.
  4. It sucks but I'm not sure how much good it does as an organization to hold onto players like this when you (a) aren't going to play them this year, (b) aren't going to pay them much of anything, if anything at all, this year, and (c) if you are looking at best case scenario forcing them to compete in the next ST for bench and pen spots in the low minors against perhaps a great number of UDFAs, and especially all the while knowing that the next 2-3 drafts are going to end up being more talent-rich on the front end as a side effect of pushing everybody back for a year. The 2021 draft crop would be threatening their job slots immediately unless they took huge strides forward, and how likely is that? I hope a side effect of all of this is that international baseball gets a lot stronger. I guarantee I hate owners more than anyone else here ever does, but for most of these guys, telling them to move on probably helps them more than hurts them at the moment. They were on shaky grounds anyway and at least now maybe some of them will move on to other roles that serve their lives better.
  5. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    In the draft you pay for the raw talent / stuff / ability / tools at the time, along with how advanced they are or are not at the time, and then you have things like projected fit and signability and bonus amounts that play into it. I guess my position is that paying for the "advanced" part is fine with a high pick, but I don't want to pay the "advanced" price if there is not some serious ceiling attached also. We can get lesser combinations of ability + advancement later on in the draft, and some of those combinations turn out very well. Hansen was obviously more ability than advancement, and that also worked out for a while. He would have been pretty good trade bait for a period of time, probably not for a great player but I bet there was a point we could have gotten an excellent controllable reliever for him or a fringey MLB position player for sure. Those kinds of players are also available later on. Re: Dick Allen's post above about retrospecting Buehrle, he is correct, but the point is that even if you could do that year's draft over again, with you having full hindsight whereas no one else had any idea what was going to happen, you would rework your draft still to take Buehrle way later, because you would know he'd be available in the 38th round or whatever it was, and you still would take players with more "talent" who rose in prospect ranks and then totally busted over him, but the caveat is you'd trade them rather than keep them. The point is that if you are a good organization from a scouting and player development perspective, you shouldn't really be afraid of missing on a talent like Detmers. But if say a player like Crochet works out as a starter, everyone who passed on him is going to look like an idiot. And if you take him and he gets hurt, oh well, but you really can't say that you weren't "trying" when you took him.
  6. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    ^I actually think SP prices are coming down. Not on the top guys but on the mid-rotation types and back-end types, compared to maybe 8 or 10 years ago or so.
  7. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    I disagree wholeheartedly. If you're talking about Wheeler, they are paying him to be a top end SP, and "dealing with it" if he is lesser. They are paying for top-end stuff and hoping achievement or overachievement, not paying for mid-rotation stuff and hoping for overahievement. **I will say that I actually think of Wheeler as mid-rotation in terms of what he's likely to do on the field, but again, he's a special case due to the arm. If he's healthy and on, in the playoffs, he can match up with anyone.
  8. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    I thought about Aaron Nola. But then at the same time, like everyone else, we waaaaaaaay missed on Jacob DeGrom. He is another one that could have been had by anyone. 9th round 272 overall.
  9. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    ^Actually I think Hector was a 5th rounder or something. But McCarthy was a late pick, Hudson was a later round pick, even Gio Gonzalez was a supplemental pick.
  10. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    I agree but we got Quintana as a MiLB FA. Buehrle was today's equivalent of an UDFA, IIRC so was Hector Santiago. Clayton Richard was a very unheralded prospect, same thing with Chris Bassitt (RHP) and so on. The Sox are pretty good at finding mid-to-back of the rotation types. Garland for Karcher is the kind of deal that theoretically can happen again. At #11 we should take the opportunity to grab a kind of talent that otherwise wouldn't be available to us unless we are putting 100+ million or a trade of an excellent player on the table. No matter where we are picking, we should be able to find talents like those players mentioned above. I have personally thought before, for a long time actually, that the strength of this rebuild could be our RP. Bummer could potentially get us a real nice SP prospect in A ball or something right now. We have a lot of potential setup types that, if enough of them turn out, will be quality trade bait that is under control for a long period of time. Maybe we go around targeting other teams' versions of Thompson and Dalquist, etc. I think that is an approach that should be followed.
  11. HollywoodTim

    White Sox release 25 minor leaguers

    Can someone post the full list? That twitter link cuts off.
  12. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile- Reid Detmers LHP Louisville

    Don't want him. We can sign or trade for a Major Leaguer with this kind of ceiling pretty easily. At #11 go with upside. I will take Crochet or Kelly instead.
  13. This guy sounds good also. I like the prototypical RF power bat, prototypical LH power bat, bat speed and ability to make adjustments combination a lot. I think this is my choice for a position player.
  14. HollywoodTim

    FS: Draft Profile-Garrett Crochet LHP Tennessee

    Fulmer is listed on Baseball Refence at 6'0" 195 lbs and he looks more like 5'10" or 5'11" to me. Crochet is 6'6" legit and listed at 218. I watched the video HOFHurt35 posted and the guys in it say they've heard things about him going as high as top 5. This is my guy also. I hope he's still there at 11 and we take him, and I hope the silence about him is because we don't want anything leaked.
  15. HollywoodTim

    Oscar Colas

    I'm not sure how adding Colas is in any way a bad thing, especially at the amounts listed, and while knowing what we seem to know about our organization, i.e. we will never get the kind of prospect the Yankees just signed because we aren't going to start hanging around the playground soliciting children.