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  1. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Am I a jerk?

    Only you can decide who to be friends with. I'm certain you enjoyed spending time with these individuals even though you disagreed with their behavior otherwise you would have stopped it a long time ago. At the end of the day you decided to be friends with them for 10 years and ended it childishly through a messaging system. Even with their behavior you need to man up and talk via call or in person. In time of despair sometimes you need to be the better person.
  2. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Am I a jerk?

    I struggle to understand how he was friends with someone like that for 10 years and accepted it the entire time until now. What changed?
  3. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Am I a jerk?

    If they felt it was worth an in person conversation don't you think they could have felt completely disrespected by you doing it over text? That is a pretty deep conversation to have via messaging with 10 years of friendship. It seems interesting they both reacted the same way though and you mentioned you weren't sure if you handled it the right way. I would imagine most people would be taken back quite a bit by a statement of friendship withdrawal out of the blue. That reaction almost gives me the idea that there was some frustration with the friendship from their perspective.
  4. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    I wonder how they may go about determining who gets ticket access? Based on my experiences I would imagine the average fan has no chance. MLB would likely take over many of the seats.
  5. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Am I a jerk?

    These were your best friends and you did it over a text? I know I am old school but if they were like family that doesn't seem right. If you blindsided them as you say did they even know you were this close to ending the friendship completely?
  6. GoGoWhiteSox1960

    Jeffrey Epstein

    the whole thing is outrageous!